Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Grab Yer Dog(s)!

Saturday, June 5th at 11 am  will be the official grand opening of the Jody Giannini Family Dog Park (Morro Bay, at Del Mar Park in North Morro Bay. ).  There'll be hot dogs, buns, beverages, dogs and fun.  The opening ceremonies will be near the dog park entrance. For further information, call Mary at 772-8259. 

The beautiful park has been open for some time while some additional work was being done, but now it's all gussied up and ready for it's grand opening. It's a beautiful grassy area with a separate section for large dogs and small dogs.  So, grab your best buddy and come for a romp. (Above is The Mighty Finn McCool deciding whether to run left or right or around in circles.)  

And While You're At It 

Check out a new national organization that helps people who can't afford to spay/neuter their pets.  It's at www.imom.ort/spay-neuter/financial-aid.htm .  There's a form you can fill out on line and the imom committe will consider your request and if you qualify, can either pay your vet or help pay the vet's bill.  So if you know anyone who needs spay/neuter help, please pass this information on.

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