Sunday, June 27, 2010

Your Sunday Poem

This from Ted Kooser's book, "Flying at Night." Mr. Kooser's collections are availabe in paperback.  Do yourself a favor; buy one or two and dip into them every few days for some real treasures.

At the Center

In Kansas, on top
of an old piano,
a starfish, dry
as a fancy pastry
left sitting there
during a wedding,
spreads its brown arms
over the foam
of a white lace doily,
reaching for water
in five directions.


Alon Perlman said...

Unlike Earth Wind Fire and Water,
Poetry is free.

And Mr. Kooser’s accessible Poetry, as you describe it, is made more accessible.
Thanks for posting it.

Mike Green said...

In Kansas we felt the wind
No let up for two days
We had great speed, I wondered at Conastogas.
Pussy, I thought as I sweated at the wheel, dodging trucks laden with treasure, bound where I don't know.
Camels, Conestogas, Motorhomes.
Simply enduring the wasted plains.