Saturday, July 17, 2010

Draw The Dog

Ran into a wonderful new website that you can sign up for (link in the sidebar to the right of the blog under other blog links or it's  Site is drawn by Jim George, " . . . one of your typical ex-Disney animators who lives near the beach in Venice . . ." with Bruce Kasandoff doing all the rest of the site work.  Jim gets stories or photos from readers of "pet tales" and makes up a cartoon based on that which is "revealed" as if it's being drawn while you watch.  Like all Disney animators -- actually animators in general -- Jim is a hell of a draghtsman!  You can sign up to get his cartoons delivered right to your email box (it's free!) and can send in photos and cartoons of your own.  Great way to start the moring from Monday through Saturday -- new cartoon each day. 

Movie Alert!
"Cyrus" is playing at the Palm.  Don't miss it.  It's an edgy, pitch-perfect dramedy that teeters dangerously from laughter to cringe to pity and back again, and never once misses its footing.

"Eclipse," playing everywhere.  Miss it.  If the gimmick books nowadays are of the ilk as "Pride and Prejudice With Zombies," then this film should have been titled "The Bataan Death March With Vampires & Werewolves."  You will die of boredom waiting for endless pauses between lines to end, and die of banality over the lines themselves. The true horror of this movie is if that dialogue represents what's inside young women's heads, then there is no hope for the Republic.  Worse, our heroine is so vapid she lacks the energy to even keep her drooping jaw closed so lord knows how many flies have lodged in her gaping mouth, complete with rabbit teeth. That Mr. Vampire and Mr. Wolf apparently have the hots for her is inexplicible since she has zero sexual heat.  Of course, Mr. Vampire and Shirtless Mr. Wolf look so gay themselves I kept wishing they've move to Massachussets and get married and raise a litter of blood-sucking puppies.

Fervent Prayer Of The Day

The AP reports: "Whitman attacks on nurses part of strategy," as megagazillionare Meg Whitman, who so far spent $90 million trying to buy the governorship, has made the Califonrnia Nurses Association her target-du-jour for her general platform of "all union bashing."   Naturally, the CNA is fighting back.  But here's my fervent prayer:  Meg Whitman loses all her money in a Stock Market Ponzi Scheme, has a pre-existing condition so she can't get health insurance, has to go on Medicaide, gets sick and ends up in a hospital under the care of nurses who are members of the CNA. 

Have a nice Saturday.


M said...

I don't think prayers are supposed to work that way Ann.
Sincerely, M

Alon Perlman said...

I hear you M.
Let's pray the voters wake up.

Churadogs said...

Dear M, Ah, but this is a prayer asking for enlightenment. I'm just saying that Meg might get a whole different persepctive on how valuable nurses are, how hard they work, how overworked they are, how critical they are to our health-care system if she were in bed on Medicare in a public hospital and had to depend on them for everything, including life itself. Maybe then she wouldn't be so quick to use them as a political football. It'd be a karmic lesson that might be very valuable.