Saturday, July 03, 2010

One More Time With Feeling, Ana-One, Ana-Two, Ana-Three

Some time ago, Sewerwatch watcher, Ron Crawford, asked the SLO County Grand Jury to look into certain odd aspects of the Hideous Los Osos Sewer Project and they apparently replied, "We Don't Have Time." So, this time, Ron's spelled it all out, complete with links they can read, to see if they can answer some of the questions he's raised.  I'm betting their reply is "We Don't Have Time To Read Any Of The Selected Documents."

"O.K, Let's Try this again: The SLO County Grand Jury, Revisited," at


FOGSWAMP said...

Ron sure spelled it out well, time line and all. Perhaps he should have sent an audio version as well, then perhaps they will listen.

I note that Richard, the Solution's Group show host, posted his comment as "ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ".

I think what he is saying to Ron is "speak softly, lest you awaken the Grand Jury".

Richard LeGros said...
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Richard LeGros said...
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Ron said...

Thanks (again ; -) for the link, Ann.

You know what part of my complaint (that I'm sure will be ignored, as usual) that I particularly like?

Where I argue out that the statute of limitations clock on the "Why did the 1998 - 2005 LOCSD waste seven years and $25 million on a laughable, "infeasible," environmental disaster, that didn't even come close to working?" question, didn't start ticking until the Coastal Commission hearing about a month ago.

I mean, think about it -- the Tri-W embarrassment was appealed all the way up until that meeting, so, technically, at that meeting, the CCC could have said, "Ah, you know what? Since we waste... errrr.... spent all that time and money permitting that disaster six years ago, we're going to insist that Los Osos go with it."

It wasn't until the Commission finally threw the last shovel of dirt on that mess, did it officially die, and that was just about a month ago.

So, NOW, we can finally ask, "Why did the 1998 - 2005 LOCSD waste seven years and $25 million on a laughable, "infeasible," environmental disaster, that, in the end (which was just about a month ago) didn't even come close to working?"

What a great question, and, like I wrote (and show) in my complaint, a question that I already know the answer to.

The funny thing? These days I'm just collecting excuses, for a chapter in my book, from various government (and non-profit) agencies, and local politicians, on why they will not look into what happened with the Tri-W disaster.

So far, some of the excuses include:

- "Not in our jurisdiction" (That was from the Fair Political Practices Commission... even though my complaint WAS in their jurisdiction. In fact, it was the FPPC that urged me to file my complaint, and THEN they saw what it was rooted in, and then they just made up an excuse on why they weren't going to look into it.)

- "We don't have the time" (that was from the SLO Grand Jury nearly five years ago, and HAD they had the time, the Tri-W disaster would have died then... five years ago.)

- "Clearly an intriguing question. You'll have to find private representation to get it answered." (That was from assemblyman, Sam Blakeslee's, office, to which I replied, "What? Are there no lawyers in Sacramento.")

Oh, just on and on and on... too many to mention here. It's actually shaping up to be quite the hilarious chapter.

I'm sure the 2010 SLO County Grand Jury will add to the hilarity.

And, don't worry Los Osos, I'll clean up your mess... again!

You guys just a-keep on "Celebrating Los Osos," and sending "checks to Nash-Karner at 350 Mitchell Drive," like it said in the Bay News the other day.

A one, and-a two, and-a...

Thanks again, Ann.

franc4 said...

Way to go Richy,
You're real brave suggesting pushing Mr. Blakeslee to demand an AB2701 audit, because you know he will never do so. Why? Because he would, himself, be implicated in some shady stuff along with a few other "upstanding leaders" you Stosh and Gordy.
And you have the gaul to call others "fools". Look in a mirror...if you have the nerve to do so, because you will see one of the fools in this whole mess, the biggest one.
Happy Independence Day
God Bless America

franc4 said...

...oh yes, God Bless Ron and Sewerwatch, too! The only voice seeking JUSTICE FOR ALL!

Richard LeGros said...
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Mike said...

ron...shouldn't the lawsuit "agreement", between LOCSD and PZLDF also be investigated by the Grand Jury...??? Surely Ann and Lisa would want that finally opened to the public...

BTW, last week's business trip the northwest was relaxing, but it is nice to come back home and read that Ann's blog is still the leading discussion of the sewer issues...

Churadogs said...

Mike sez:"but it is nice to come back home and read that Ann's blog is still the leading discussion of the sewer issues..."

Now THAT's one of the saddest things I've read in a long, long time.

As for all the excuses various government agencies make for NOT doing their jobs, Yep, that's what they do. Our system is set up to ignore then bury mistakes,(and people) not correct or rectify them. That's one of the tragedies at work in Los Osos.

and Fogswamp sez:"Ron sure spelled it out well, time line and all. Perhaps he should have sent an audio version as well, then perhaps they will listen"

Maybe if we set it to music, with dancing, call it "Sewer: The Musical!" Broadway, here we come!

franc4 said...

You are still hopelessly lost in the haze of orange days gone by.
Gee, that's kinda poetic, ain't it?

FOGSWAMP said...

Yes, a Broadway Musical seems to be in order, like "Urinetown The Musical " (off and now on Broadway).

Act one - It's a Privilege to Pee.

Act two - Run Freedom Run.

Sewertoons said...

Look What's Floating In Dinner

One Flew Over The Poo Poo Nest

Million Dollar Manure

Forrest Sump

A Clockwork Yellow

The Eternal Sunshine Of The Polluted Mind

The Treasure Of The Septic Tank

M said...

The Los Osos version of Running With The Bulls, "Running with the Sewage Spills!"
Sincerely, M

Sewertoons said...

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under The Pee?

Alon Perlman said...

Oh, I get it, it's a game.
Take the name of a movie, and change one word to a similar sounding word from the Sewer issues.
Kinda like Phrase from column "A" and an Appetizer from column "B"

I wanna Play!, I wanna play!

For my movie I pick:
"On Golden Pond"
and for...


Churadogs said...

hahahahahah. Yep, the most fun Sewerblog around. Just loaded with creative readers. Next up, The TONY's!

Sewertoons said...

What happened to Alon's post - On Golden Pond?

GetRealOsos said...

At least we have a true friend on the Grand Jury now. And a person who knows all about all the corruption too. Finally!!

Sewertoons said...

Grand Jury members are supposed to be impartial, they are not "friends" to anyone.

Alon Perlman said...

Yeh, Wahappen to "On Golden Pond". Enquiring minds want to know.

Churadogs said...

On Golden Pond? I don't know. Blogger in general has been acting up recently. I think I deleted some spamish weirdness but didn't delete "Pond." It's a good one. Also thought, "Pee" a TV series/hit about a high school singing club?

Churadogs said...

P.S. re missing comment. Mystery solved. Read on some other blogs that Blogger was doing weird things and comments were disappearing or appearing then disappearing, or never got posted for days then appeared. So I guess Blogger was having some kind of Sun Spot breakdown. Hope it's fixed now.

Ron said...

'toons wrote:

"Grand Jury members are supposed to be impartial, they are not "friends" to anyone."

Oh, I'm sure Panodra is first-name-basis with someone on the GJ, she's always first-name-basis with someone in every agency that matters.

In case you haven't noticed, that how she rolls.

DA's office: Gerald Shea (check)

Sheriff's office: Martin Basti (check)

Board of Supervisors: Every single one of them (check, check, check, check, check)

RWQCB: Roger Briggs (check)

Tribune: Bill Morem (check)

Bay News: Neil Farrell, Jack Bearwood, etc. (checkity check, check, check)

Etc... etc... etc...

Instead of making up names for Sewer the Musical, maybe we should start guessing which excuse the GJ will use this time for not investigating the Tri-W disaster, because Pandora's (I'm sure) on a first-name-basis with someone on the GJ... she always is.

My guess, they'll go FPPC: "Not in our jurisdiction."

Churadogs said...

Since, to my knowledge, the Grand Jury does not have subpoena power, they serve as a sort of Governmental Cover Your Ass mechanism. They "look into things," can be lied to with impunity, cannot drag anyone kicking and screaming and force them, under oath, to testify truthfully, so they write their reports based on what they could get access to, whether it's truthful or complete or not, the report is delivered to the agency in authority which publicly and loudly announces Many Thanks, then promptly deep sixes the report and when accused of "doing nothing," can blandly reply, "The Grand Jury looked into the matter and made their recommendations and those are now under review," a review than can last for centuries. But the bureau under question now has cover. They got a report. Requring that the report be acted on is a whole different matter. And if some "criminalness" is uncovered, the info will be passed to the DA who will "decline to prosecute" or "decline to investigate." Subject closed, time to move along, nothing to see here.

Ron said...

Ann wrote:

"And if some "criminalness" is uncovered, the info will be passed to the DA who will "decline to prosecute""

You mean, Pandora's first-name-basis DA friend?

And, if "criminalness" is uncovered, AND a potential conflict of interest exists BECAUSE the "criminal" is on a first-name-basis with the DA, the case goes to the State Attorney General's office for prosecution, however, in the Tri-W disaster case, the State illegally funded an illegal project, so the AG's office, who is sworn to represent State agencies in State Agencies v. People of California cases can't prosecute that case, so, Pandora wins.

She's figured it out... perfect impunity.

That's WHY she can develop "strategies" to have Los Osos "fined out of existence" one day, and then turn right around, and have her "tools" in the local media tell its readers to send her checks another day, and they (both the media AND its readers) do it.

Amazing. Best... story... evvverrrr!

By the way, that reminds me. I found a web site that makes it easier for dumb Los Osos to send Pandora money at "350 Mitchell Drive."

It's at this link:

And you better "pledge" at the "Patron" level, you cheap bastards.

"Celebrate Los Osos"... until it hurts!

Alon Perlman said...

Wow!!! The On G-Pond post resserected!
There it is with a correct posting date!
The Internet Gods must be smiling today!

Verificata Diem EST: bratom

Sewertoons said...

It's interesting to see over on ron's blog that only the Chinese have anything to say to him. And that they say it in Chinese. Ann seems to get one of these odd postings every now and then, but pays enough attention to her blog to eliminate them.

FOGSWAMP said...

I was under the impression (perhaps mistaken) that matters going before the State GJ must first be passed by the DA for screening.

Should that be the case, I doubt that due to the political sensitivity of the sewer issue in Los Osos, chances are remote any DA would even give it a cursory look.

The GD system came to the America's from England with the colonists centuries ago and even they abandoned the idea in 1933.

FOGSWAMP said...

Oooops ..... I meant to scribble "The GJ system" came to the America''s and not the "GD god d...." system.