Friday, August 06, 2010

Just Asking

So Senator Lindsey Graham has now joined with others to propose changing the 14th Amendment so somebody born in the U.S won't automatically be a citizen unless his parents are citizens, which caused Screaming "Hardball" Chris Mathews to holler at the bill's co-sponsor, "SO HOW WOULD THAT WORK? LET'S SAY AN AMERICAN WOMAN WHO'S A CITIZEN GETS PREGNANT BY AN ILLEGAL ALIEN, IS HER BABY A CITIZEN??" To which the co-sponsor could only mumble things about having to work out the details, mumble, mumble, mumble.

Our citizenship rules haven't kept up to 21st century realities and through the years, by fits and starts, were changed and modified depending on the prejudice du jour ( No Irish! No Catholics! No Italians! No Chinese! No Mexicans!) and our tolerance of "illegal aliens" also depends on our (wink-nudge) economic benefit from their cheap labor, but this muddle does create problems from time to time, especially during econcomic downturns.

So a serious (stop the faux outrage and wink-nudges, please) discussion is in order and we, as a nation, need to take a serious look at our demographics, our national (real) business policies and practices, and our economic and social realities, then decide on a sane, fair, practical immigration policy, then enforce it. 

But changing the 14th amendment?  Now?  That only begs a question:  Would Lindsey Graham be proposing such a radical measure if the illegal aliens in question were white, English speaking, blond, blue-eyed Evangelical DANES?

No, I thought not.

Well, Never Mind 

Happily, there's no use worrying about any of this stuff since the nation is finished anyway, totally doomed, done, kaput, run out of string, over, dead. A federal judge has ruled that (No Gay Marriage) Prop 8 is unconstitutional since it denies equal protection to gay people by denying them a fundamental right to marry and by doing so sets up a second-class citizenship status for a certain group of people based on no rational, compelling state reason for doing so.

So, it's pointless to worry about immigration since all straight married people will now be so busy getting divorces (remember, gay marriage will destroy straight marriage), their families all in turmoil, children weeping, wives and husbands turned out on the street, bereft, divorced, their marriages destroyed because that gay couple down the street may now have a chance to get married. 

Can Armageddon be far behind?  No, I thought not. Unless, wait, maybe the courts can declare gay people Illegal Aliens, deny them citizenship and either boot them out of the country or put them to work picking carrots for $8.00 and hour with NO OVERTIME PAY until they've worked a 10 hour day.

And a final question: 

Can we stop being stupid and get our addled wits about us?  There's so much to do and so little time to do it in we really can't waste time mired in fear and bigotry and indulging in irrational, fraidy-cat hissy-fits, with too many of us stuck in the Sad Slough of The Dim Bulb Dumb.  Pluuueeeeze.  Snap out of it, America.

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Spectator said...

Ahh, yes! Let us all take another hit from the joint. Let us alleviate our problems with sweet smoke. Feel good!

The government will solve all our problems, after all they are much smarter than us, just look to Los Osos and California being broke.