Thursday, September 23, 2010

I'm Waiting, I'm Waiting . . .

So Ron Crawford, over at posted several column on the fact that county staff DID NOT present the BOS with complete information they needed to make a gazillion-dollar decision, and I noted how the Tribune reported on the BOS postponing their decision but they also DID NOT report on that missing piece of information (concerning SB959 that allowed the county to utilize home detention for non-violent, first-time, suitable offenders & etc. at a humongeous savings, compared to building (and running) an expanded jail) so the taxpayers (who would be on the hook for running said expansion) were in the dark.

So the Tribune reported again that the BOS put the issue on hold so they could review their options BUT the Tribune AGAIN failed to mention anything about SB959) though it did report Adam Hill pointing out that more attention needed to be paid to various “detox and rehabilitation facilities.” So the taxpayers (and Tribune readers) are still in the dark about a couple of things:

1. County staff did NOT give the BOS the complete information they needed to vote on this matter until Ron Crawford pointed out the oversight and alerted the Board members that they were missing some critical information.

2. The Tribune reported NONE of this, so the public has been left in the dark. Which is how the Tribune likes it.

3. But you, dear reader, can follow the latests little dots over on Ron’s blog at

So, Just How Stupid Are We?

This from the Associated Press recent poll of 1,251 adults found:

Most people didn’t know that the provisions they cared and wanted, are actually in the bill, with many of them already taking effect. .

50% mistakenly believe the overhaul of health care will raise taxes for most people this year.

25% mistakenly believe that there are “Death Panels” in the bill.

81% mistakenly believe that the health law would raise the deficit over time (Correct answer from the Congressional Budget Office: it will reduce the deficit over time.)

These same misinformed/mistaken people are likely set to vote for Republicans who have vowed to repeal the health care law, and they’ll likely be voting based on their misinformation. (“Quick, Herbie, let’s vote to Stop Them Death Panels That Are NOT In The Bill”)

Yes, the sound you may hear in Nov is likely to be the shriek that follows the loud bang that comes after the bullet leaves the gun and hits the foot.

Oh, and you just knew THAT was gonna happen . . .

Because the voters didn’t vote in enough progressive/Democrats/Independents who would have voted for a “Medicare-for-All Public Option” in a real Health Care Reform Bill, what the congressfolk they voted for actually created effectively sold the American people right back into the paws of the Insurance Company Monopolies.

And because the voters didn’t make sure they elected people who actually would be looking out for THEIR interests, (not the corporate masters) it was just a matter of time before the health insurance industry would start manipulating the new rules so as to avoid or bypass those rules to ensure that their profits will continue to bloom.

And, sure enough, step one was reported in the L.A. Times: “Insurers to stop issuing policies for kids.”

Want to buy a separate, stand-alone policy for your sick kid who has a pre-existing condition? Sorry. None available from ANY health insurance company at any price. No longer selling them. Nope, sorry.

Ah, yes, there’s the first salvo. Sans the solid check-and-balance of a solid Medicare-for-All option (which the voters COULD have ensured and that would have been available for themselves, had they voted for the right candidates) we’ll all now have to start a little list, because the elimination of things the insurance companies are going to offer in their policy coverage are going to start coming in, one by one.

Yep, once again, that sound you’ll be hearing from this point forward will be the continuing shriek as one-by-one the bullets keep hitting the voter’s feet, all shot from the gun in their very own hands, bang-Owww!-bang-Owww!-bang.


Alon Perlman said...

Poor Ron, all that pressure...

Re the MEDIocre bills support percentages, wasn't it 67% of drivers that think they are better drivers than avarage.

Nice analogy, but since we are now living in a small dumpster, I think more than feet will be shot;
TING!!! Pa-ting! toomm, ricochet, tang, tic.

Watershed Mark said...
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Watershed Mark said...


The movie will be out on October 10, 2010 just in time for the _________...

Watershed Mark said...


The movie will be out on October 15, 2010 just in time for the _________...

Churadogs said...

Re Ron's jail story, New Times missed it also. No mention of the info Ron posted to 'splain the BOS's backpedaling and no stories asking the key question: What happens when "staff" doesn't give the BOS accurate, FULL information?

Ron said...

Ann wrote:

"Re Ron's jail story, New Times missed it also. "

Yep. They sure did. A big swing and a miss by Rigley.

The interesting thing there is, I told a New Times reporter all about my story and gave her the link to SewerWatch four days before Tuesday's meeting, and they STILL missed it by a mile.

Good lord.

Then there's ol' CalCoastNews. They didn't even bother to take a swing. Nothing. Zip.

And they're the ones that seem to love it when things go south for the Sheriff's Dept.

Plus, they are also the "news site" that published my original story from 2008 that started all of this.

Oh, I get it... they didn't break this story, so now, they're just going to pretend it doesn't exist, like the rest of the local "media."

Yeah... that's a pattern that I am VERY familiar with.

Ya know, had the local media followed-up, in the tiniest bit, my excellent 2000 New Times cover story, where I was the first to show how the "better, cheaper, faster" DOA project that the Karners used to start the Los Osos CSD in the first place (for no reason whatsoever), was on the verge of failing, and less than a month after my story was published, their fake project collapsed, without question, what would have happened is that the people behind that project, which were the EXACT same people behind the Tri-W disaster, would have been run out of town THEN... in 2000... and the Los Osos sewer project would have immediately turned back to the County's "ready to go" project from 1998... that WOULD have happened starting in 2000, HAD the local media simply followed-up on my unbelievably newsworthy story.

But NONE of that happened, because there was ZERO follow-up to my excellent 2000 story.

And lookeee, what we have here today, Trib reporter, Bill Morem, who completely failed to follow-up on my excellent story in 2000, is in today's Trib propping up the very person that was directly responsible for the "better, cheaper, faster" DOA project, killing the county's "ready to go project" in 1999, AND wasting six years and some $25 million on the Tri-W disaster -- Pandora Nash-Karner.

But there they both are: Morem and his longtime good friend, Nash-Karner, all buddy-buddy in TODAY's paper.

Los Osos, I feel so sorry for you guys.

So, I guess my point is, in a way, I AM responsible for the Los Osos disaster, because when I break a story, which was just about ALL of the Los Osos stories over the past 12 years, that means that the other local media will now refuse to cover that story, and that means that people like Nash-Karner get a free pass. (Pandora, you're welcome.)

And now we're seeing the exact same thing with the women's jail story.

(Chief Deputy Reid, you're welcome.)

Mike said...

Silence speaks so loudly....

The people of SLO County have chosen and they've chosen not to be sucked into giving credence to another of ron's hot flashes...!!!!

Churadogs said...

Once again "Mike" misses the point and misses the boat. But he still hangs on to his four exclamation points with which to point up -- loudly --his boat-and-point-missing. That's soooooo Mikeeee.

Ron said...

Gotta call my shot here:

"Bouquet" for Pandora in this week's "Bouquet's and Brickbats" (or whatever the Trib calls 'em).

I can smell it already.

Wow... the Trib, KCOY, and KSBY (both with reporters and camera crews) for a litter clean up?

Ahhhhh, that's the good ol' P, I remember.

Ya know, the last time I cleaned up litter with friends (because I HATE litter), I don't remember contacting ALL of the local media and making a HUGE photo op out of it.

That seems kinda weird. Just sayin'.

Alon Perlman said...

I havn't read it.
Putting together the Questa Clean-up was a major undertaking and a long term process, and requires publicity and funding, by it's very nature. Part of the publicity is necessary in order to recruit volunteers, and is also a way to reach the boat owners so that they know how to protect their property and share in using the inlet responsibly. There are more things to be done so the publicity will pay off come november.
As for the HuniHut debacle- no argument there. I said it myself probably not knowing you said it earlier Ron but the HuniHuts resulted in at least 3 individuals switching their votes and at least six individuals signing on to vote in - when was it '04?
Off to check on the Triv.
Grizzly Academy (?)and others did a lot of the Heavy lifting.
they deserve credit and it is a way to ensure their future participation. Just sayin'.