Thursday, September 02, 2010

Uh, let me get this straight

O.K., so the Tribune runs a story, "Lottery winner identified," which contains the following interesting information:
1.  Mike Dominquez, owner of Mike's Barber Shop in Morro Bay says that John Davis, who cuts hair in the shop, is the winner of the $133 million Mega Millions lottery jackpot.
2.  John Davis has not been contacted by the Tribune, so the information has not been confirmed before running the story.
3.  The winning ticket, purchased at Bottle Liquor and Deli, has not been validated or verified because whoever won it hasn't come in to validate or confirm it. Until it is verified, there is no "winner."
4.  But that didn't stop the Tribune from headlining this hearsay as if it were an actual event.

Think that's called The New Journalism.


Alon Perlman said...

Nu worl disordah
or mebbe sin-drome
Sum rizzon "Nu Jurornalizem" ain't in Yeller?
Matterafac Theys is all Yeller ceptin one feller.
Looks like good o'l faskind noos-pepper writin-na-mee.

Little Billy Hearst got hissalf a nice spread up ther cost a while, shud be bilt by now. Dooin the same egzack thin.

But gettina gists of dematter-
Nah.... it waz me wot won that ticket.
And I already cashed it in in dollahs.
but thein I gone found out I caint fit myself in the house n'more.
So most of it is naw in black bags by the curb.
Y'all are welcome to help yerselves.
but stay on the County right of way-side of the porpertee.
And dont open theym bags till yu git home. an push yer corfee table out of the trailer so you gots sum room fer countin. ah... nevermine.
Woldun wanna have loose dollahs litterin all of baywood now.
Pickup is after 10 Am Friday.

Wurd verifikayshin is "statin"
As in; Ther lawyer was statin that it was a Mega Millyans LawSuit jis waitenna happin.

Alon Perlman said...

Heck Itizin yeller, ment tar say "Tribune" aintin yellar.

Yeee Haaaw Annie.
Ride that hilighter till it cerlapses.

FOGSWAMP said...

Well, I guess you could call it a relatively true story, using knowledge you have at that particular point in time.

Once yer knowledge of the matter changes and the relative-truth is repeated again and again, then it becomes an illusionary-true story, eh?

Like, I heard the other day (at a bar) the guy was arrested for some kind of offense, shortly after receiving the monies. When I ask him, where in hell did you hear that, he said "I'm just repeating what someone else told me".

The Razor said...

The Tribune has become more of a blog than an actual newspaper. Blogs often don't do their due diligence on news; they leave a lot of questions unanswered.

Speaking of blogs, I think it's about time we get to know some of the bloggers. Click here to watch "Meet Mr. Perlman."

Alon Perlman said...

From the editors of the Rock...

Watershed Mark said...

Hey Alon,
I think The Rock's use of satire and humor is well known, so your point seems quite dull.

The words and wording you used above make an easy target.

I suggest you either "harden up" or quit moving so slowly.

Alon Perlman said...

Pons Asinorum, Marcus.
How about I don't change a thing, and ignore you both, leaving rare responses to a time and a place of my choosing.

TheOpenEye said...

"Waaa-Waaa-WAAAA!" was all he said.

Churadogs said...

Fogswamp sez:"Like, I heard the other day (at a bar) the guy was arrested for some kind of offense, shortly after receiving the monies. When I ask him, where in hell did you hear that, he said "I'm just repeating what someone else told me"."

Hahahahaha. Here's what's weird. The Tribune is supposed to be an Official Newspaper. The Bay News often bungles along in the "Loving Hands At Home Mode," BUT The Bay News had the journalistic credibility lacking in the Trib and did a story on that lottery win BUT didn't release the supposed (alleged) unconfirmed winner's name. So they got the story but did it right. Heh-heh. Good on the good old Bay News.

Alon Perlman said...

Speaking of lady luck-
Do I have a witness?
I SAY! Do I HAVE a witness!!?
(Thumps bible)
Expecting a report Sat?

First there were 46
Today the 44 CDO’s are to be indirectly represented in court.
I wish them all luck.

The CDO’s within the court action
Are few. I know most of them.
I wish them luck.

The complaint itself is not “Brief”
I wish it was.
History has not been kind to Unbriefs

I am not a lawyer.
In that respect, it is my colleagues
Who are presenting today.

Unfortunately in this case.
In spite of the persuasive case
that COULD had been made.

Instead we have this-
Click on this
Besmirched with a crooked kiss

Justice may be blind.
Unfortunately in this case.
I don’t think it will be that stupid.

I wish Luck was not a factor.
I wish Legal acumen and a focused writ
were present. It is a clear injustice.

Here’s to a long deserved vacation
From that injustice.
May it come, and I be proven wrong.

(previously dropped at Ron's House)

Richard LeGros said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Sewertoons said...

Thanks Richard for the 411. And thanks Alon for the link.

We'll have to wait until October to see the final, legal results of stopping the project. Tied to that of course, is the PZLDF case. There would be no PZLDF case without Measure B - which, in its fallout, caused the bankruptcy. I wonder how many people who supported Measure B are in the PZLDF case?

The brief contends that Governmental Bodies failed to build the WWTF. I don't get that at all. We VOTED ourselves to be a CSD to BUILD a WWTF, we VOTED again to PAY for its design, permits and property. It began to be built - proving that WE could do this - then we VOTED to STOP it because of a certain, persuasive group of renters and owners. They decided that since they were not going to get the project done their way, they would use fibs to obtain enough votes to stop the project. It was a VOTE by the public on Measure B that stopped the WWTF from being built. And ironically Measure B was deemed INVALID by the courts.

So to say it was a failure of government is not correct, unless allowing an invalid measure to go on the ballot IS that failure of government to which they refer.

Sewertoons said...

Also in the brief - The Water Board is faulted for forcing political will - then what were the promoters of Measure B doing?

Again - any supporters of Measure B in the PZLDF case? Well, I can think of one - Ann.

Sewertoons said...

Breaking News:

Richard LeGros said...


The 87 million USDA loan w/ grant has been approved and delivered to the County for the Los Osos WWTP.

Sewertoons said...

We're going to get a WWTF - that should put to rest the angst of the PZLDFers…

The 3 things the BOS wanted to see to accept the project was this above mentioned $87 million, a waste discharge requirement list from the Water Board (in process according to Bruce Gibson at the last Office Hours, due in 30-60 days), and if there were going to be lawsuits (Al - thanks a bunch -- again. NOT!)- so we'll see what happens at the Los Osos update penciled in for September 28.

(Do any of the PZLDFers support Al's lawsuit?)

Watershed Mark said...

sewertoons Today 03:51 PM

No, just $4 million less in debt. The loan isn't as "low-interest," as SRF monies, but it is necessary for funding, as our very broke state cannot issue us $134 million to cover the whole project as it did in the past. We're going piecemeal this time.

The Federal Government is deeper in the red than California.

Here's an idea: Use the technology that is staring you in the face that can be installed for less than the $87 Million.

Vacuum Collection hooked up to a USBF(tm) equipped membrane plant.
The result: Membrane Title 22 water and a sealed system that will not leak or draw seawater into the wastewater to be treated and change back in your pocket.

To make it more palatable for Lynette and her friend Mimi, I will guarantee that I will donate any commission I may be entitled to the LOCSD Bankruptcy settlement.

M said...

Thanks for your wonderful insight Sewertoons. Not.
Sincerely, M

Sewertoons said...

The truth is sometimes painful M.

M said...

I see on the other sites commentators already wondering why they have to pay for our sewer. Simply put, more reading comprehension disorder. It is a "LOAN". Not a gift. A loan for the most expensive sewer per capita in at least the State. One way to look at it is, I guess, we will be doing our part to stimulate somebody's economy. Sincerely, M

M said...

Apparently the truth is not painful for you Sewertoons as you seem to bask in this mess.
Sincerely, M

Mike said...

Hey M... Have you thanked Lisa, Julie, and Gail for their parts in "the most expensive sewer per capita in at least the State."...????

Perhaps you have forgotten that we had a fully permitted sewer project that would have worked quite well without the MTS interference and we had a low interest loan...!!!!! Thanks to the real people of Los Osos...!!!

...and thank you for your part...I'll remember you each month once the bills start coming...!!! ...and BTW, I'm still not who you have guessed...


M said...

Yea Mike, i've moved on. I will however think of Pandora, Stan, Gordon, etc. for taking away the County's much cheaper project and bringing us to this every time I pay my bill.
Sincerly, M

Sewertoons said...

I heard rumor that the PZLDF case didn't go too well today. I wonder if Ann will give us a report?

Richard LeGros said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Alon Perlman said...

Hi Toons- Woe onto anybody who thought good stuff would come, while AL/Gail were still grasping around. By '08 the dust had settled.
The CDO's were used TWICE. They are not a group other than was created by the waterboard.
There are some distinctions you are not making.
Neither you nor I experienced a CDO.
PZLDFs are a small set, and your classifying of them creates more fog than clears. You don't know them nor can define them.
I'm a little surprised that some Individual CDO recipients remained with Gail.

I didn't “Analyze” the brief entire.
It gave me an instant migraine. And since I’ve been tested in the real world by occasionally crafting legal documents that flew through Legal departments in large Corps, it's NOT because of me.

I saw, with my nascent legal acumen that it was overloaded (as usual). there may be a core winning argument. Of course – direct prima facia logic needn’t apply. precedent and interpretation, may take things elsewhere. Semingly minor Procedural matters may have much more sway then larger issues of ethics and morality -JUSTICE.
The link is what is posted on the CCW site. I have not reviewed other materials

The key injustice is in the selectivity, additional proof is in the “teach a lesson” comments.
The Measure “B” issues included may matter in terms of the statements of intent by the waterboard officials.

What is the agenda promoted by the brief ? If it is simply to vacate the random CDO's due to the recognition that they are selective, then I'm all for it.
That's not how it reads to me.

I don't think CDO's were designed to apply to individuals. Will this brief /case take care of that?
That's not how it reads to me.

Is it “simply” to overturn 83-13
Yeh right... Lets call them Dreamers
The unfairness inherent in the process? Sure. Right idea WRONG people.
When you are done move the morro rock over to Cambria for a couple weeks, just to see how it looks.

Your issue with measure “B” seems to be that you feel that individuals may be punished due to their “intent” even though 49 plus percent did not vote for measure “B”.
If that's not exactly what you are saying, it's still how it will be interpreted here.

The county should now procede so that the Lawsuits can "Mature".
Thanks for the update richard

Mike Green said...

Alon. I was for suing the waterboard until I read the Sullivan Brief and the PZLDF lawsuit.
If ever a good deed should go punished, well.
Mcphearson should be on the gibbet with Karner.

Churadogs said...

Mark sez:"Here's an idea: Use the technology that is staring you in the face that can be installed for less than the $87 Million."

But Mark, you keep forgetting. This community doesn't want to save $87 million. They WANT to spend MORE for the system of their choosing. It's worth at least fifty bucks MORE a month to them to get the gravity system they want.

FOGSWAMP said...

The Friday Tribune article about $87 million federal stimulus funds for our Waste Project was not long on in-depth reporting.

The stimulus strings, which may well form the rope to hang us all out to dry, were invisible in the story.

When do the folk of Los Osos get to read the Letter of Conditions from the USDA, or are we bound under AB2701 to just depend on our wise County officials who seemingly spend like grasshoppers to look out for our best interests, as they have done in the past?

Before any county official signs a Letter of Intent to comply with each string, hopefully the folk of Los Osos will be given the right to oppose some item, or even add another string.

Some may even want to know whether we are trading our birthright for a pot of stew.

Opposing some of the strings doesn't necessarily preclude taking the money.

It will be interesting to know if one of the strings has the same requirement as the SRF Title 11 grants program requiring the applicant to study innovative and alternative treatment technologies in the project design.

But, as we all know Mr. Gibson can find a way to tune that string.

Sewertoons said...

FOGSWAMP - what is our birthright? What did you mean?

FOGSWAMP said...

Toons ---- I was just expressing myself with an idiom;

Using, the definition "Sell your birthright for a mess of pottage" reads "If a person sells their birthright for a mess of pottage, they accept some trivial financial or other gain, but lose something much more important". Sell your soul for a mess of pottage is an alternative form.

In many cultures the firstborn son holds a very special position in a household. This birthright gives him a great advantage over family members in family financial settlement matters.

Today, it seems that the US & Canada are the only developed nations of the world that offer birthright Citizenship to babies of tourists & illegal aliens.

Losing that alleged 14th amendment birthright or defining it is being addressed with HR1868 (maybe).

Sewertoons said...

Hi FOGSWAMP - I meant birthright used in your sentence, "…trading our birthright for a pot of stew." I gather that the "stew" is the USDA money.

Watershed Mark said... One problem with this Wiki Post is that Presidents by law do not create budgets, they either sign or decline them. A Big problem is that Pelosi’s Congress hasn’t issued a budget for 2010, she is running the Federal Government on a continuing resolution.

LT, Why don't you confer with Mimi K on Walker Ave. to be sure? Ask her about the difference between a check and a bi- “valve” won’t you?

BTW USDA doesn't have any money...

FOGSWAMP said...

Toons-----Yep, ""stew" as in the shortened version of the Scottish name "Stuart".

A fine one pot meal eh?

Alon Perlman said...

Fogs You may want to go to CalCoast news for Julie’s comments re Strings in stewpots

Good connection re the birthright law, I don’t think many undeveloped nations allow it either.
But as to Feudal inheritance; The king of Ossosonia had many sons and daughters and upon his death, they all inherited fair plots of land. Several generations later, non had but a sliver of an acre to grow a single row of carrots on. The Briggs and doom of the Water lords took heed…

As to selling birth rights;
Oh you gentle folk, gentiles. Forgive them Lord, their heresy, they mean well
Going to Wikipedia is too easy

Let's dredge up some 4000 year old Memories
(40 years in my counting)
Abraham begat Isaiah ( Izeah Yitzhak
Yitzhak's begotten two sons birthed as fraternal twins
Esau the hirsute one came out first with Jacob the second born grasping to Esau’s heel Esau =Eisav language root of Hairy
Ekev=heel, therefore Yaakov was his name. As they grew older Esau was a hunter and took long journeys and Jacob stayed close to camp as a Goat herder and possibly a tiller of the land. On one occasion Esau hungry and with no luck hunting was hungry enough to agree to trade his birthright for a pot of soup that Jacob was cooking. Beans and possibly Goat in the pot, Grains? maybe some greens of the field for zest and roughage. The contract was not honored by Isaiah, so on his death bed, blind with age, his wife got involved. (who may have had an involvement in the original birthright agreement, and seemed to have an agenda like the Smothers brother’s mother)
The pot now thickens, as Jacob is brought in wearing a sheep’s coat to fool the blind man.
Who identified his elder son by touch.
Pull the wool over his eyes? A blessing is made, that cannot be retracted and Jacob becomes part of the three Father’s lineage, Esau splitting off to be the nexus of the Aramaic people and travels north to a mountainous area (Jabel – Mountain, that one I would have too look up) a place now holy to the Druze. Previously by one generation; Sarah’s son came to her late in life therefore brought happiness (Isaia=Itzhak=Shall laugh
Abraham’s older son by Sarah’s maid, was no longer the firstborn due to status of the mother and therefore to avoid the conflict, was sent away-had split off to form the nexus of the Arabian peoples.
Back then the right for Everyone to acquire and OWN property was not well established.
BTW this is not the WORD, this is my recollection. The WORD is in THE BOOK, (which i did not consult)

The right to have clean water.
The right to be involved in local government decisions, and more so, those directly affecting property and well-being.

Spectator said...

I do not think we will ever have a sewer within 20 years. Too many poor people cannot pay for it, and those with any sense despise progressive socialism. The state and feds are both broke because of grandiose socialistic programs.

We will see what happens in November!

Sewertoons said...

The right to have clean water must also assume the obligation to clean up the mess one makes in it.

Sewertoons said...

FOGSWAMP - yes! With some 3rd Street bakery bread and wine (or beer), yum!

Churadogs said...

John, speaking of socialistic programs, have you formally renounced and signed off on your Social Security and medicare benefits? I assume you qualify for and possibly are getting either of them?

I have noticed something weird about the vocal tea-partier folks: I don't see a massive movement to relinquish their SSI & Medicare benefits. You'd think there'd be a line out the door or a least a bill before congress to make relinquishment easy? Something?

Bev. De Witt-Moylan said...

When I lived in Central America between 1969-1971 tax law stipulated that after 18 months a person working outside the U.S. did not owe federal income taxes. I had the double advantage of being a maestra, a teacher in a K-8 school. The country I worked in considered teachers at that level so valuable that they were subject to no income tax. After 18 months I owed no taxes to either government. I wonder if the 18-month rule or an equivalent is still in effect, allowing expats to escape U.S. income taxes.

Watershed Mark said...

Ann, Al Gore hasn't giben up his jet or mansion, have you given up driving your car?

Democracy is hypocrisy without limitation.
Iskander Mirza

Beheading people and posting it on YouTube is a hate crime. Burning books,although stupid and in some cases insensitive, not so much...