Friday, September 17, 2010

Would The Real Story Please Stand Up?

Stories in the Sept 16, Tribune:

Front page headline (McClatchy Newspapers) “Tea party could derail GOP’s bid for Senate.” Then, inside a couple of pages, “Poll: Climate for GOP keeps getting better.” (Associated Press). Uh, O.K. sure.

What Am I Bid?

Headline, “Whitman smashes spending record” and notes that Meg Whitman, who’s bidding like she’s gone on EBay to try to buy the CA governorship, has just upped the ante – another $15 million – which cranks her bid up to $119 so far. The EBay bidding closes Nov 2nd, so stay tuned.

“Warren will mold finance watchdog”

Elizabeth Warren, one of the smartest women in the room, will be appointed to “launch the government’s powerful new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.” At this point, because Republicans will block anybody who might possibly actually set up an effective consumer-protection bureau (incompetent Heck-of-a-job, Brownies would be o.k.), President Obama didn’t appoint her as official director, since that would require Congressional confirmation. And Republicans certainly wouldn’t confirm her!

But, that’s o.k. for now since what’s critical about a new consumer-protection bureau is that it must be set up correctly – you know, so it actually protects consumers, not simply acts as window dressing. Says Rep Bernie Sanders (I-Vt), “The American people are tired of being ripped off by large banks and financial institutions and, in professor Warren, they finally will have someone in a position of power who can protect their interests.”

Naturally, Senator Richard Shelby (R-Ala) opposes the appointment because he feels she’s “not objective on consumer issues.” He's right, she’s not objective because she actually opposes consumers getting ripped off is what Mr. Shelby really means.

I agree. I don’t want a wholly-owned corporate/wallstreet shill heading up the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. I want a very un-objective person in there who actually objects to American citizens being used as suckers so they can legally be robbed. I actually want a totally un-objective Woman With A Gun standing at the door when the thieves in Congress start – once again – to manipulate the laws so their big-money handlers can return to their thievery.

So, good on President Obama and to Liz Warren – you go, girl!

Tea Party Saves The Day!

Tea Partyite, Christine O’Donnell, will be the Republican candidate for Delaware’s senate seat. Let’s pray she wins and soon converts the entire Congress to her strongly held beliefs that there should be no sex before or outside marriage and that masturbation is the equivalent to adultery and should be stopped! Then Congress could stamp out all this self-canoodling by making it against the law and to enforce the new Anti- Onan Recovery Act, Congress will then votefor a new Anti-Self-Stimulus Fund that will be used to hire everyone now out of work and employ them to hunt down and arrest all self-abusers, including themselves, if necessary.

Voi la! Unemployment problem SOLVED! Good job, Christine! And who says Tea Baggers are a bunch of batshit crazies?


Anne R. Allen said...

Love the Christine O'Donnell suggestions. This gave me a much-needed laugh today. Thanks!

Last night my desktop computer died a horrible death, being eaten my one of those malware things that seems like a slow internet connection until it hits your harddrive and eats everything. Sob. No point in calling a guy to de-virusing it, since it's decade old and I can get a new one for not much more. But OUCH! Hope those flashdrives I have my work on didn't get virused too

Now I'm typing on an ancient laptop I think was the one Father Serra used when he was here founding the mission.

Watershed Mark said...

Spectator said...

To Anne R. Allen: Don't buy a new computer, go to the new consumer protection agency and ask for a new one. Obviously the govt did not do it's job to protect you from malware. But of course, churdogs would be the first to admit that you get what you pay for, and you did not pay for a good antiviral malware removal program. No mun-no fun. Some things in life you have to pay for.

Oh? You did not know about these programs? One pays a terrible price for ignorance!

FYI: Stay away from socialist/progressive sites, they will stop your brain from functioning. The only cure is

Spectator said...

I watched the anointed one with his head held high speak about small print and lack of clarity of consumer contracts. Seems that these things are written in legalese. (By lawyers for lawyers). Sort of reminded me of Roosevelt but without the cigarette holder. Afterwords he introduced Warren. I noticed that he did not tell the taxpayers how much this protection agency would cost, and I am sure that the brightest bulb on the tree, Warren, will not disclose what she is being paid or the yearly cost of the agency. But it will all come out. Maybe now we can eliminate the consumer protection agency in California and save some money in taxes. This type of agency is long overdue and can be effective with no more than six people. Wait and see if 2000 people end up in their agency: stimulus! However, she may make an efficient office and that would be a great help to the really dim bulbs on the tree who never got the education to read contracts, can't read, have bad eyesight, and can be impressed by salesmen. You know, the victim crowd! Of course, this is a windfall for the trial lawyers and the printing industry.

This is what Shelby was afraid of, but it is his speculation. Things are not always what they seem, and this administration and congress has lost it's trust from the American people. That is why the anointed one had to take a sneaky back door approach to get this done. He could not let this go through full scrutiny from congress. But wait! The republicans, supported by the tea party, will take the house of representatives in November and Darryl Issa will make sure this agency is on the up and up.

Caveat empor!

Churadogs said...

Spectator seems to think that anti-viral/spyware programs can protect his computer. Bwahahahah. And then goes on to make an assumption that Anne was working on an unprotected computer? And then reveals his true character by his unwarranted snide remarks? That's sooooo John Arcuni.

John, there is presently NO commercially available anti-anything that can completely protect your computer. Most do a pretty good job, but even they fail against some of the newer bugs, all of which are constantly being modified. Hell, even the U.S. gov. is getting hacked daily. There are likely bugs in YOUR computer that you're simply not aware of until . . .

Watershed Mark said...

PC? Be certain to have a quality spy/malware virus protectio software running. Then regularly, use your tools to "Disk Clean-Up" then "Disc Defragment", at least once a week, then restart your computer. Next, be certain to immediately run a full sweep of every file and all disc space on your PC at least once a week. If you are not proactive in this way expect to be reactive.

Or you could get a Mac.

I agree w/Spectator about the progressive/liberal websites, those folks have an agenda that includes wanting to know where you go on the internet...

For some solid news try or or or and if you find yourself wanting to learn something you won't learn anywhere else try

I would give you more but your heads are probably already exploding.

I just can't wait until November how about you?

Mike Green said...

"Or you could get a Mac."

Agree, Was a PC user for over 20 years of frustration until I got a Mac.
Four years running my Macbook Pro, NO virus protection, No crashes, One battery replacement.
I will never go back.

Spectator said...

Mike Green is correct! It seems that window software just keeps getting bigger and slower. Internet explorer is terrible, I use firefox. I have both, but being one of the "cheaper but better" crowd my laptop is a $500 laptop running windows. Next will be a MAC $1500 laptop. The desktop Mac has elder moments regularly, it is 5 years old.

Wmark is also correct. It is a major pain to scan my laptop weekly. McAfee bogs down when it has to deal with compressed zip files.

Ann does not understand sarcasm.

However she is sort of correct that there is no program that can completely protect a computer. One has to be vigilant. I have had no malware or viruses for the past few years. I get regular reports on what to watch for.

Watershed Mark said...

My IT guy has me using

Churadogs said...

John sez:"Ann does not understand sarcasm."

That wasn't sarcasm, which I understand very well. That was pure John oozing out in spite of himself. That "voice" never lies.

Spectator said...

To Ann: Ahh so! Who is John Galt?

Churadogs said...

John Galt is a character in Ayn Rand's novel, "Atlas Shrugged."