Monday, December 06, 2010

Upcoming Doings

Vicky Kastner will be speaking on Hearst Castle and Christmas and other things at the Hearst Cancer Center at French Hospital (1941 Johnson Ave, Suite 201A, to the left side of the hospital as you enter the parking lot)   Vicky wrote the book on Hearst Castle.  Literally, the gorgeous  “Hearst Castle, the Biography of a Country House and her talks are always interesting. 

The Hearst center is hosting a day long open house from 12 – 6, Thursday December 9th.  Vicky will be speaking about 12-ish, then again at 3-ish and again at 5-ish. Refreshments will be served and I have no doubt there will be other speakers and activities during the day-long event.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Resource Center, here’s a great chance to get acquainted with all the amazing classes, support groups, information and programs they offer. For further information on the all-day event, or if you want information on this amazing Center, call 542-6234

Parade! Parade!  

Yes, Saturday, December 11th, starting (maybe) at 10 a.m. and stomping right down the middle of Los Osos Valley Road is our very own Christmas Parade.  Last year the thing got rained out, so the Chamber of Commerce is keeping the same theme (so folks who got themed and gussied-up can use the same costumes).  So, better hurry up and decide if you want to be the half of the town IN the parade or the half of the town WATCHING the parade. 

Apres Parade

And after the parade, please come by the South Bay Community Center on LOVR from 10-a.m. to 8 p.m. It’s the 5th Annual “Needs ‘N Wishes Holiday Fundraiser for the Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter for the Homeless.

Santa will be there for the kids, there’ll be a gift boutique, baked goods for sale, a silent auction, raffle baskets, food and refreshments, folk dancing, music, school choirs. Santa’s Toy Store will offer over 400 toys at below retail.  The money goes to the shelter and, best of all, you can buy a toy then turn around and donate it to the Marine’s
“Toys for Tots” or the Cal Fire Department’s “Operation Santa Clause” bins nearby.  Talk about a win-win.

And most important, two huge big 5-gallon jugs just waiting to be filled with ALL YOUR COLLECTED CHANGE.  They hold $1,000 when filled and the challenge to all Los Ososians so to get those jugs filled.  And this year, with such hard times and so many people hurting, getting those jugs filled is really important.  And, if you can’t make the event but would like to donate, please send a check made out to:  Maxine Lewis Memorial Shelter and mail to P.O. Box 6721, Los Osos, CA 93412.

For further information or to volunteer to help, please call 528-5800

Uh-oh, Is That A Lump of Coal?     

Uh, I think The Razor has just put a lump of coal into the Taxpayer Watch’s stocking over at  Oooo, bad Santa. Well, all you Sewerville Ankle Chewers, please take your comments on that topic over to the Razor and start chomping.  Don’t do it here.

Here, I want to hear how many of you are gonna help out at the Maxine Lewis fundraiser or, equally important, Ya gonna be in the parade? 

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Alon Perlman said...

The whole world's a parade.
Theme of Today's x-mas parade is Wild Wild West.
I couldn't crank up my Steam powered mechanical spider, so instead I'm going as "Spirit of Conservation".
South Bay Blvd Roadside Entry to LO is Sparklin clean, hope that it stays that way, till Santa Gets here
Los Osos Community Advisory Council will air out their new banner, for the first time.
Also happening 9:00 till 12:00 a Sweet Springs preserve planting party.
And there is a gun show in Paso all Weekend long, if that is what dries your powder.
Then on the 14th; Another Parade at a BOS Chambers near you.