Sunday, May 08, 2011

Your Mother's Day Poem

This from Carl Dennis from his book, "New and Selected Poems, 1974 - 2004," available in your local bookstore now.


Spring, I remembered you all these months.
I spoke of the green yard under the snow
To my slumped visitors.
I sobered the giddy neighbors.
"You may think you're happy,"
I cautioned, "but recall the tea roses,
The lost leaves of the dogwood tree."

But now you have fallen upon us, Spring,
Without warning,
So much greener than I remembered.
Friends I kept from forgetting
Laugh at me as they run outside
For falling so short in your praise.


Anne R. Allen said...

A good one. I don't know Carl Dennis. I'll have to check him out.

Alon Perlman said...

Interesting poem. Not as existential as the Dennis poem of two Sundays ago.
I'm having trouble reconciling the second paragraph's laughing "friends ... kept from forgetting" with the "Slumped visitors/giddy neighbors" discordant contrast in the first. Perhaps it reflects the poet's recognition that the remembered description fails in the face of the actual experience.

Good Mother's day to all, including Earth mothers, and thanks for the Bouquet of Mantilja poppies.

Sewertoons said...

Thanks Ann for the poem and the beautiful fried egg flowers - a feast for morning eyes.