Sunday, May 15, 2011

Your Sunday Photos

Went down to Solvang for a visit a few days ago.  The following were taken at the Quick Silver Ranch ( ) where they raise miniature horses.

Lunchtime at the Ranch

                                                         Naptime at the ranch



Until You Know Who Came Along

Right, THAT guy

Meanwhile, back at the home front, the Mantilija poppies are going berserk.


Anne R. Allen said...

Awwww is right. Is there anything cuter than a pony?

Sewertoons said...

ARA - perhaps a miniature horse!

Thanks Ann! Great shots of adorableness!

Churadogs said...

The pesky little sorrel was really funny. Mr. Full of Beans, just had to go stir up trouble, then dance away to Mommy. And there's nothing sweeter than the sleep-soft muzzle of the snoozing baby. The horses are really quite astonishing.