Thursday, August 11, 2011

Uh, Wanna Run That One By Me One More Time?

If all six Republican apointees to the New! Improved! Super Mini-Me Congress have signed Grover Norquist's Blood Oath to never, ever raise taxes, and this super committee is supposed to be one of those "Let's Solve The Budget Deficit Problem Committee Wherein Everything's On The Table," how's that gonna work?

Shall we start taking bets now?


Anne R. Allen said...

Oh, good, we're going to have Zombiepocalypse II! 6 terrified wimps, clinging to the memory of democracy, and 6 brainless zombies who have vowed allegiance to the Emperor Norquist and the corporate overlords. More looting of America, pressing onward to toward a one-party totalitarian regime that will make the Taliban look liberal. Get out your burkas! Sounds like more fun and games!

Churadogs said...

There's a poison pill in the "budget deal:" Failure to pass whatever comes out of this Mini-Me Congress of 12 will result in automatic further deeep, deeeeeeeep cuts across the board, including the sacred cows of the Conservatives: The Military. Deep cuts and NO tax increases, not even for the super rich.

Maybe those poison-pill deeper cuts will finally get the attention of the American people? We'll see.