Monday, August 29, 2011

Your Government At Work Part 1

To date, only 22 people dead in a massive storm that raked the entire east coast. Even Republican governor Christie defended the pre-storm measures and dared his fellow anti-govnment types who will start whining about overkill to shut the f--- up; the "overkill" prevented deaths and Christie was firm that that's what government supposed to do -- protect life and limb beforehand, then stand ready to help dig out when terrible things happen.

After all, imagine what things would have been like if "heck of a job, Brownie" was still heading FEMA?

Your Government at Work Part 2

A drone strike killed Al Qaeda's second in command.  Buh-bye Atiya Abdul Rahman. 

Our County Governmnet At Work, Part 3 

And then there's our own SLOVille.  See "Warren Jensen, Please 'investigate' Your Own Clients, And Lemme Know If You Find Any Wrongdoing" at

Bwa-hahahah.  Yup.  Chinatown.

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