Saturday, December 24, 2011

Dear Santa

I know you're busy packing, the sleigh jammed with toys and goodies, but I wanted to add a couple of things to my list before you take off.

Please bring some brains, or at least common sense, to the Tea Partier Grover Norquistian Republicans in Congress.  For some reason, they've all lost their marbles.  Come to think of it, most of the world seems to be in the same condition.  So, can we have some brains all 'round?

And while you're packing some sense, please send some to our own district 1 Supervisor, Frank Mecham.  He popped up in the Dec 22 Bay News commenting on the recent expenditure of $7.68 million for contract management on the Hideous Sewer project.  Frank is quoted in the Bay News as saying he "would continue to support the project only if the construction bids are low."  He's been saying that for several years now, right before he votes on what is now one of the world's most expensive sewer projecst, one that is likely to force a good chunk of the community to sell and move because they can't afford it.  Right now the costs are pegged at $155 a month. 

Apparently, Frank must think that price is "low" because, so far, he keeps voting for every step of it, no matter how much the price goes up.  And since he's only one of 5 Sups, even if he decided that $155 a month is now too high, his "no" vote would meaning nothing. So I guess his support and comments are just another meaningless mantra that makes him sound concerned without requiring that he actually do anything about those concerns. Typical Pol.

So, let's see, brains and common sense.  That's a start.  In Washington, a sufficient number of Pols came to their senses and voted to give working people a few more pennies in their pockets via the last minute continued tax cuts, so maybe more little kids will have that the toy they wanted will show up under their tree. So that's good.  Unfortunately, those same nincompoops will be returning to Congress after the holidays so the level of mean and stupid will rise once again.  Maybe you've got some Sugar & Spice & Nice pills in your pack that you can sprinkle all over Washington?  Worth a try?

Come to think of it, some Peace & Goodwill to all the nations of the world would be a great gift.  Not sure your sleigh is large enough to accomodate the sheer amount of Goodwill that would be needed in a world hell-bent on self destruction, but every little bit helps, so give it a go.  I know, I can hear Rudolph grumbling already.  It's is a heavy lift.  Promise him more cookies when he gets home Sunday night.

In closing, I want to thank you for all the gifts you've already brought me--  My dogs, my friends, my family.  I am truly blessed.

So, have a Merry Christmas.  And look out for all the jets planes getting everyone home in time to celebrate.  It's a zoo out there.


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Doris said...

Couldn't agree more Ann. Hope you get your Christmas wishes.