Monday, December 05, 2011

Samcro Santas

It was Sunday, the first Sunday of December, so it was time for the 30th annual Avila to Creston San Luis Toy Run.  Along the waterfront at Avila, as far as the eye could see, motorcycles.  Fabulous motorcycles, polished and gleaming. 

And being a very public run, time for some suitable sartorial splendor.

And the showing of colors.

Lots of colors.

Including a Sons of Anarchy look alike.


All you needed to particpate in the run was a toy strapped to your ride. Or, if you were driving up, a toy in your car.  

At 10:30, the bikes streamed out of Avila in an endless ribbon, roaring up the road, astonishing in their numbers, toys and flags and the whole resplendent leather aesthetic on dark display.  It was a prefect day for a ride and in less than an hour, the whole grand parade ended up at the Loading Chute in Creston where the toys were loaded into a huge van to be distributed to needy kids this Christmas.  Then it was barbeque time, beer time (what else on a motorcycle run?) and plenty of music.


All in all, a splendid day with a whole bunch of nice people willing to go that extra mile to lend a hand and make sure a whole lot of kids had some toys for Christmas.
 SAMCRO aesthetic: Death's head holding a child's fluffy sof-sof toy.  


Sandra Gore said...

Darn! Wish I'd been there. Hard core California stuff.

Churadogs said...

They always hold the run the first Sunday in Dec. Put it on your calendar next and we can all car pool with our stuffies in the back.

Alon Perlman said...

Ha- reminds me of the time I parked my 120 HP rice burner at the end of a row of Harlies on the advice of "Tennesee"; To tell a long story short, and cutting right to the punchline... ...and then the biggest of the Ghost Mountain Riders picked up my bike, with me still on it and carried me backward across the foot bridge.

Patrick O'Hannigan said...


Churadogs said...

Alon, Woa, funny now, but I'm sure at the time.. . . . and I'm betting all the other bikers howled and guffawed.

Luckily, everyone was on their best behavior and whilst clutching their stuffies and stuffed with Christmas cheer, wouldn't think of doing anything so crass. If it weren't so cold, I'd think about renting a Vespa and joining the pack for a big laugh. Unfortunately, by the time I got to Creston, the party would have long been over, the Loading Chute closed for the night, and I"d be a solid block of ice. So, think I"ll stick with my little Scion.