Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O.K. Muslims, It's Your Turn In The Stupid Barrel

            Has Lowe’s lost its marbles?  Some little band of idiots, the Florida Family Assn, “a Christian group that lobbies companies to promote ‘traditional, biblical values,” decided that TLC’s new reality show, “All-American Muslim,” DIDN’T show the muslim family as violent jihadis, bombers, child-rapers, wife-beating religious fanatics  and so they threatened to boycott Lowe’s.

            What’s that you say?  Yes.  A show about an All-American family living in middle America, shopping at, well Lowe’s, or WalMart, going to school, sitting around the dining room table, attending mosque, all typical shots in a “reality show” that has cameras living with someone in their home, and apparently those perfectly nomal, boring, everyday scenes didn’t jibe with spokesperson David Canton’s ignorant and bigoted ideas about Muslims, and he objected because the show conflicted with his belief structures.  So, of course, the show had to go.

            And Lowe’s, being apparently headed up by IDIOTS, caved into the opinions of this small wackadoodle group.

            Really.  Has Lowe’s lost its marbles?  It’s embarrassing to see a huge, national Company behaving so stupidly.  Some small, bigoted, ignorant group calling itself “Christians” has its bigotry challenged by a TV show, so it whines and threatens, and Lowe’s caves. Pathetic.         

            Well, push-back came soon enough.  Jon Stewart had a field day.  The required Famous Celebrity (Mia Farrow) started a Tweetathon and California State Senator, Ted Lieu, demanded an apology from Lowe’s, pointing out, “The show is basically about Americans who happen to be Muslim.  For Lowe’s to say that the show is dangerous, or agree that it’s dangerous or somehow showing anything other than American Muslims as normal, is quite outrageous.”  He’s planning a boycott of his own and is drafting a legislative resolution denouncing the company’s action.  (Oh, yeah, like elected officials would sign on to anything that might indicate that they believe that Muslims are anything other than terrorists out of fear that some bigoted “Christian” somewhere might object?)

            And a petition on has showed up so people could send a messge to Lowe’s that they’re IDIOTS.  And so it goes. 

            All of which is yet another reason why most of the rest of the world thinks Americans are complete fools, knuckle-dragging xenophobic Christers, uneducated, paranoid, bigoted fools.  And when you read of idiot stuff like this, it’s hard not to agree.

            Really.  Embarrassing.  When did we become such cowards?  And so pathetically ignorant?  And, sadly, where are the real Christians when crap like this happens?  Their voice should be leading the pack in denouncing their fellow co-religionists as the bigoted ignoramuses they are.  Were I a “Christian,” I’d think it was paper-bag-on-the-head time.  Again.

Happy Solstice

Longest day of the year and Hanukkah begins.  So, light the lights.  The season of cold and dark and glowing candles begins!



Mike Green said...

Just when you thought the bar had been lowered to the bottom.... Lowes is lower

Churadogs said...

As Asif Manvi on the Daily Show pointed out, Lowes is really missing the boat. Since this looney group seems to think all muslims are terrorists, Asif asks, rhetorically, Where would all these All American Muslim Terrorists get the stuff needed to build pipe bombs? Right,Lowe's, which is full of pipes and wires and timers and . . . .

Yup, Lowe's double stepped in it. Pissing off Muslims AND losing a great selling opportunity to same.

You're right, just when you think Stupid can't get Stupider . . .