Thursday, March 08, 2012

Ah, Yes, The Smart-Ass Comedy Tour Continues

     Ron Crawford over at has posted a classic, complete with map.  The reply to his appeal letter from the Coastal Commission hearing today will undoubtedly put the dot on the "i" and the cross on the "t."  And I'm sure he'll post that as well.  Comic snarkery at it's finest and why the Hideous Sewer Wars have always been the ultimate of Mad Hatter Tea Parties. 


Alon Perlman said...

I suppose I should go there first, Rons I mean, the CCs meeting is too far south. But... Before this place degenerates into redundant rabid rantings by the non anoni-that-must-reveal-their-identity-by-their-compulsions-if-not-by-their-names, yes, that Tricky Troika. Those unholy Trinity, The Father, The Son and the Horrid Gossip.
Plugging one of their three and a half current sewer blogs, chestthumping and thumbsupping their own comments…(See Triv, Letters to Ed, 3:7)
I have to say;
Toons - Anyone can and may go to appeal to the CCC, the structure and procedure, were placed there by the wisdom of Mr. Douglas (?), and not necessarily to receive a minority opinion. There was no going behind people’s backs, In fact I may posit that for you to be a Sewer Advocate, possibly a Sewer Crazy, but certainly not a Sewer obstructionist. Ya shodda known this was bound t’happen. In fact to your comment to me regarding the hanging whispering words between the dunes. Yes, any stirring is perceived as supporting. The connection is never made – “This is bad for us…”
I know the people, Attended two of the founding meetings of the LOST G, chose not to try to get in. and gave them some two three pieces of scientific advice, and a caution to not let Al Barrow get anywhere near. (One of them had stated “you simply must get Al to Join this group”). They followed their predictable path… And you know them too… The “behind our backs” (though I get it) is simply…Unsustainable. (Though there was some fodder for you in the radio interview, I’m sure I heard “sewer for less than 30 million”).
Lou; You are beginning to sound a little like ”them”.
Seriously, I am having trouble telling the Anon apart from the Bona parte.
But Lou; “The Mask”… Those piercing eyes… It’s You…
To paraphrase a former CSD director.
“Lou... That’s Hilarious!”

Now to nibble on the other side of the mushroom.

Ann Bad link Alert

Anonymous said...

Blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

Alon: What do you have against LOSG other than they rejected you and your advice? But then who hasn't? Isn't that why you moved? If you find no scientific value in the group's work on behalf of the community you were never really a part of, it speaks volumes about you, your lack of credibility, and your bucket of sour grapes and paranoia.

Anonymous said...

I'm a member of the LOSG. I prefer to stay anonymous because Alon has verbally threatened me and said weird things to my kids on more than one occasion. He showed up to one of our meetings and he told us to not pursue legal action against the County.

Nobody dared to mention that we should count in Al. That was never discussed. Never happened. We know about his feuding with Al. To be fair I did mention that Al's opinions should be considered, but that's outside the purview of our group.

Alon is not welcome at LOSG. Period. We already have one deadbeat drunk (Al). We don't need another one to stink up our message.

Anonymous said...

I would rather use my own name as well but I have to blog anonymously because of stalkers like Alon and Lynette who are married at the hip for mutual support. Thank goodness Ann allows anons otherwise no one would blog here because of those two psychos.

Anyone who practices Freedom of Speech to deny the same right to others is not welcome in Los Osos, the county or the country for that matter and should move back to their country of origin, in Tornatsky's case, that would be Hell.

Anonymous said...

The problem here is that you have a few people, a small group of people who call themselves the "majority" without any statistical backing, trying to attack the "minority." They consider the "minority" to be LOSG, Gary Freiberg and the like.

There is this hypertension, this fear that the "minority" is going to do something so catastrophic to Los Osos that the sewer will magically go up millions of dollars because of it. Look, people need to put down the gas mask and realize that the probability of the LOSG being successful is slim to none given the rigorous criteria for revocation set by the CCC.

So let the process play itself out. There is no need whatsoever to gin up so much hatred for people who are sacrificing themselves for what they believe is for the betterment of Los Osos. Fine. You can disagree with that. But let them be. It is not your place to ostracize these folks to oblivion.

What I saw in the same Letters to the Editor (3/7) in The Tribune that Alon just mentioned was a letter penned by someone who the LOSG spoke with extensively on their web site ( and in person. But she's trying to make the argument that she felt "hijacked" and "betrayed" by LOSG for doing something that she already knew about. That's very deceptive, and it's stoking the fires of hatred. That's irresponsible.

Alon Perlman said...

Ching ching ching sour lemons will tell.
Splish splish splash Rubber ducky rings bath,
Ring ring ring the toll of the bell,
drool drool drool the Cerebrus wags tales.

A trifecta, followed by a bonus anon.
who wins, no one.
There is no payoff in this Pozer Jackpot
Even the fortune guesses your weight wrong.

How many anons on this post section so far.
Only one.

How many LOSG members on this section so far? None. Two have serious talent. All have sufficient dignity not to post like that.

This has been a demonstration of the chumming technique.
Draws in bottom feeders all the way from North LA.
......END DEMO

Anonymous said...

Who are you talking about?

See, Alon, that's why you weren't part of LOSG. Because you don't make sense. You say you're an environment, centrist, scientist, whatever. But you make a lot of assumptions without evidence. You're not a scientist. You're a deadbeat.

I'm really disappointed in you, Alon, that you're posting lies about your involvement with us. We never wanted Al in our group. We never pushed for it. He's doing CLIH. We want nothing to do with him. You're pathetic Alon.

Anonymous said...

I question the opinion that the opinions and activism (pleasant or not) unabashedly offered by the Tornosky's (who too are exercising their rights given under our Constitution) that are critical of other sewer activist agenda and behavior is an attempt to stifle any constitutional rights of those that they criticize.

From the rhetoric being tossed about, not a whole lot of stifling seems to be going on. Indeed, we are flooded with competing sewer agendas.
Have we not heard, day in and day out, for over 10 years plus the steady drum beat of the Sewer Samba (from all sides)? We all know the tune now. Many just cannot get that silly tune out of their heads either.

The fact they the Tornosky's are persistent just displays that they are earnest in what they advocate. How is their persistence any different from the persistent behavior of the activists they critique? None!
No difference at all; other that the 'color of glasses' they view the world thru.

I know some will scoff at this thought, but in a few years most folks will be scratching their heads over what all the fuss was about to begin with.
My head scratches already.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

I just saw (and posted on my blog) the outcome of the County's wish to amend the CDP. It was truly an immaterial amendment. It was clear that amenities to an old project had nothing to do with this project.

Alon, I guess I am just disappointed in the shortsightedness of LOSG. They were almost 2 years late in filing, they must know they haven't a snowball's chance in Los Osos to actually stop this thing, but the only thing that they could do, is, if it goes to a hearing, cause delay. It was mentioned in today's CCC hearing during the ex-parte admissions, how the USDA funding has performance deadlines which could be negatively impacted by delay. And as we have seen, "We Delay, We Pay."

As a side note completely, I thought it was quite odd how a speaker at the BOS last Tuesday complained about the cost of mitigations to the project when this person was an advocate FOR mitigations to the project!

I love your poem!

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Anon, sewer activism that causes the project costs to go even higher than they already are, is very unkind to our community.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Tornatzky,

Yes, delay unfortunately raises costs for all.
I too do not appreciate folks making life more expensive than it has to be; especially when a 'hail mary pass' like the LOSG revocation request will fail while not altering a thing.

However, I have no choice but to reluctantly accept these costs as a cost associated with working through the process.
I think we all have to remember that the process was not set up to be cheap.
The process was set up to make sure that decisions made by our elected representatives are made publicly under the rule of law. There are many laws that the process must follow. Input, review, appeals and the like takes lots of time...and the cost of that time.

Once the revocation request is vented, that aspect of the process will be over and done with.
In the end, the County will proceed as planned having spent a few process-dollars more.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon at 2:42 PM:

Sorry, but activism does not involve calling Social Services to get Julie Tacker's son, Jack, taken away because he "cried too much" during LOCSD meetings.

Sorry, but activism does not involve adopting an anonymous pseudonym for the sole purpose of insulting people like Bo Cooper, who Lynette said is a "dying husband who should be dead anyway."

Sorry, but activism does not involve e-mailing personal attacks and threats to people who you disagree with, despite clearly worded statements asking to stop.

Sorry, but activism does not involve parking out front of a sewer critic's house, knocking at their door and standing in their doorway for an hour while taking photos.

Sorry, but activism does not involve sending your personal friends after people you disagree with, including Mimi Kalland, Judith Reilly, Alon Perlman, Don Bearden, Richard and Gretchen Clark. All of these people have sent explicit e-mails and comments on behalf of Lynette.

Sorry, but activism does not involve writing a letter to the editor and pretending to be blindsighted by information that you already knew about from the very same person you're attacking.

Sorry, but Lynette is not an activist. She is a monster.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Anon 4:11, the issues brought up by LOSG are all old issues that were thoroughly vetted at the Planning Commission, the BOS and the Coastal Commission. To bring them up again now, on the brink of starting the project seems more like not accepting that they were rejected than bringing anything new and relevant to the table.

I also object to their characterization of County staff willfully omitting information or twisting it; they did not.

I do understand the process but find LOSG's speaking about how costly this is out of one side of the mouth while asking for the revocation process that has the possibility of raising costs, jeopardizing cheap funding AND missing the good bidding climate as disingenuous.

Anonymous said...

FYI, revocation requests don't "delay" any project unless the commissioners vote to go through with it. Can't go on hate campaigns based on a "maybe," Lynette.

Anonymous said...

4:21 PM Anon,

Other than yourself, I suspect that the world cares little, if at all, that the Tornatzky's exist or behave as they do.

What I do know is that you do not like them; and offer such opinions often and elsewhere.
That is your right.

But to make an observation, the intensity of your posts suggests a divisive intent.
I do accept your anger as real; just please do not expect or require that I have believe you or have to agree with you.

Anonymous said...

Uh, sorry Alon, you are wrong about LOSG. I know firsthand they wanted nothing to do with you. Your inability to work with others is well known, like Al. Your comments about the group are delusional and very disturbing.

LOSG knows the high cost of the sewer is a bogeyman artificially created by the county by illegally picking the most expensive project almost no one can afford. So the notion of costs going up is a joke.

A better project will drive down costs for all, even for idiots like the Tornatskys.

Anonymous said...

The world doesn't care about a lot of things, but when someone breaks the law to further their activist cause, that's a problem regardless of what that cause is. And about 20+ people believe it's a problem, including the South Bay Police Department and Cal Poly (Dave Christy, Dean of Orfalea College of Business and hundreds of his colleagues).

As anonymous, there is nothing I can do to convince you of my opinions or viewpoints. But keep the following in mind: you don't know Lynette Tornatzky like a lot of people do.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Anon 2:21,

Looking back on the history of the last project, the very same request for a revocation hearing came up and they did get a hearing. The request was filed on 2/14/05, the Staff Report was issued 4/1/05 and the hearing was held 4/14/05. All parties took this seriously, as I'm sure they are taking it now. Fortunately nothing came of it. But as I have no crystal ball, I can't call the outcome, I just hope for the best, which is no hearing or failing that, a NO vote by the commissioners.

A "better" project did not surface to the level of community acceptance in the long process to get us where we are now. A "better" project would not be the result of stopping this one either, only further damage to the aquifers, more debt to pay with nothing to show for it, and most likely fines and CDOs. The Water Board was not kidding last time a project was stopped, some got CDOs, the rest got NOVs. Do you really think that they will be more lenient this time and forget that they can also issue fines?

Anonymous said...

As we watch the hate mongers attempt another assassination of yet another person with enough courage to speak against another delay in the sewering of Los Osos, we have to wonder why the extreme open hatred.

From an outsider's view, there appears a real goal of halting of any waste water treatment in LO. Why? You all seem to be insane.

40 years is to way too long to fight this lost war. If you don't really don't want the sewer, why not move away before you have a heart attack from all your hatred? The sewer will be built inspite of all the nasty fighting.

Anonymous said...

It's disingenuous to accuse people of character assassination when you ignore the character assassinations of the person being "assassinated."

Anonymous said...

One of the reasons there's "extreme open hatred" is because one group of people with a certain set of viewpoints disavows the other and determined they are right. And vice versa.

You can say Lynette is showing courage for standing in the face of adversity, but look at her track record.

She ran in 2006 on a platform that it was acceptable for 45 random homeowners to be targeted for pollution without evidence that their septic tanks were polluting. She even told Bill and Beverly Moylan, in their faces, to "shut up or move."

During that time, she went on the blogs, attacking the character of dozens of residents who never went on the blogs to return the favor. There was no "eye for an eye." She picked a fight with these people, mobilized her base to attack those people personally because she disagreed with their views.

She went outside the bounds of politics and invaded their private lives. She posted their home addresses, went after their family members, obsessed over where they worked, where they lived, who was associated with who etc. None of the people who went after did what she did.

The reason she's not replying to these factoids is because she knows it's true. She's made it her life's mission to "counter the lies" but when the truth comes out, she stays conspicuously silent or absent from the discussion. Isn't that something? For someone who has so much "courage" to speak out, she sure doesn't have enough courage to admit that she has some serious mental problems and needs to admit she's wrong about the way she's treated her fellow neighbors.

She truly is a despicable coward, and so is her husband, who banks $114k a year while harassing people who deserve to speak out about their views as much as she does.

Alon Perlman said...

I have to respectfully disagree, Ann. Even his short one at 9:58 makes no sense in Swahili;

Panya, ambayo hakuna mtu anajua, anasema;

Ni uongo, upande wa mashtaka ya watu wa uongo, wakati huo huo wewe ni kupuuza uongo wa mtu ambaye ni uongo.

SLOTowner said...

My God. This is too sad!

I look at this blog for one second and I see this. I made a big mistake clicking on these comments!

Ann, clean up this poor excuse of a blog! All of this crap says a lot about you.

Anonymous said...

Ann Calhoun is the Rush Limbaugh of Los Osos!

Churadogs said...

Anonymice sez:"However, I have no choice but to reluctantly accept these costs as a cost associated with working through the process.
I think we all have to remember that the process was not set up to be cheap.
The process was set up to make sure that decisions made by our elected representatives are made publicly under the rule of law. There are many laws that the process must follow. Input, review, appeals and the like takes lots of time...and the cost of that time.

Once the revocation request is vented, that aspect of the process will be over and done with.
In the end, the County will proceed as planned having spent a few process-dollars more.

4:11 PM, March 08, 2012"

Ah, finally, an anonymouse who is speaking sense. Thank you. Process. Yep. Accomodates and annoys both goose and gander. Done right, it works well; done wrong it causes projects to go off in a ditch. That's why it's so important to get it right.

SLOTowner sez:"SLOTowner said...

My God. This is too sad!

I look at this blog for one second and I see this. I made a big mistake clicking on these comments!

Ann, clean up this poor excuse of a blog! All of this crap says a lot about you.

12:03 AM, March 09, 2012"

Actually, SLOTowner, you're a regular visitor to this blog. You know as well as I do, the moment I post anything about the sewer, the Crazies will show up to fence fight. You've seen it again and again. You've even gleefully joined in. Yet here you are, clicking on the Comments, and declaring you're shocked -- shocked! Pluuueeze, Towner. Really?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Ann, clean up this poor excuse of a blog! All of this crap says a lot about you.


You can't blame Ann for what she doesn't know. Bloggers are always trying to slip a fast one past her.

For example:

I took a year of Swahili at UCLA as part of the Asian Studies program so I was disappointed to see Alon's comments of 11:09 PM, March 08, 2012.

People who wish death or make death threats against others in the community, like Alon and Lynette have and continue to do, should be turned into the police, arrested, tried, and put away. There is no gray area here.

That Alon can tool Ann and get away making death threats on her site in a foreign language is something for her to contemplate.

That Lynette has wished death on others and Reilly hails it as Free Speech, and that these three obviously unstable people commonly use this site to justify their evil is something we all should contemplate, not just Ann.

Unfortunately, they feel so comfortable and at ease broadcasting their hate so freely here -- and on The Tribune -- it leaves the rest of us having to look elsewhere for solid feedback minus the mental illness and hate, which is a real loss.

Good luck and goodbye.

Churadogs said...

Anonymouse (one of them) says "Goodbye." Do you promise?

Each posting speaks to the character of the poster. Anonymous people have no credibility. The quality of the postings on Sewerish Issues is a perfect example of the quality of what has passed for discourse over this issue for years. There's a few sane people who are willing to identify themselves and stand behind their comments. Then there's the others who simply fence fight and in their rage, out spills all their inner demons and looney-toonness. It's fascinating. I know a lot of people who read this blog get a huge kick out of the Sewer Crazies' comments, but the downside of those people is that they too often set the tone for this issue which causes officials to roll their eyes and dismiss everyone in Los Osos as "crazies." Which does a disservice to serious, sane people who have been working on this project for years in an attempt to keep it on track and help make it the best project as possible. In short, you "Anonymice" aren't doing this community any favors, though I'm sure you think you're "in the right."

Some of you Anonnies need to go back and re-read what's been posted here and ask yourselves, "Are these the comments of rational people?"

What's also amusing is this: All of you completely missed the point of this original posting: Ron's exquisite Hoist-by-Own-Petard letter. It was a sly masterpiece.

Anonymous said...


You invite the "Sewer Crazies" onto your blog by enabling the "Anonymous" option, and you coddle the "Sewer Crazies" who occupy this blog. In fact, there were times when you actually encouraged their insane behavior.

For one, you delete some comments and allow other personal attacks to remain on the site, no matter how nonsensical those comments are. You keep up the comments made by frequent bloggers on your site. Two of the people you protect ran for the LOCSD and lost because of their extremist, incoherent views. The only avenue left for them is to use your site as their bully pulpit. Every other opportunity for them to broadcast their opinions has been stripped.

The problem with Ron Crawford is that his life literally revolves around the 2005 Tri-W project. Promoting someone who is stuck in the past is, in my mind, the behavior of a "sewer-crazed" individual.

The only other things you do are post photos of sick dogs and puddles; post poetry and wax on about the state of national politics like millions of other bloggers. I believe you are an abject failure in the community for giving people the golden opportunity to smear fecal matter of hate on your site. You're actually worse than a lot of the people here.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

It's alway odd to see someone protest hate while spewing it.

And if the Anon above were actually serious, he/she/it would use his/her/its real name after carping on Ann because she allows Anons.

Anonymous said...

Why should any one chose to put their real name on here? Aren't you and your husband being attacked by at least one very dangerous individual? You could be in physical danger by that individual. Lou is certainly being attacked at his job by that person.

Ann encourages the extremism and even rewards that outlandish behavior. Character assassination has long been the modus operandi of those violently opposed to a sewer in Los Osos. Their goal has never been merely to move the waste water treatment facility out of downtown, but to halt any sewer by any means.

As long as Ann wants to continue her game of cheering on the few crazies, indeed she is a crazy also as witnessed by the one-sided posting of sewer issues and her participation in sueing to halt the sewer. Of course she will once again tell all she can that she doesn't want to stop the sewer, just wants see the process drawn out until she's dead.

BS! She is still cheerleading and lying both to herself and the remaining extremists! Apparently she loves stirring the pot of dissention. She really doesn't want to stop the personal attacks or the anonomus writers.

Anonymous said...

Spewing hate, Lynette? You've been doing that since you moved to Los Osos.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous at 4:39 PM,

I think it's intellectually dishonest to make the argument that "character assassination has long been the modus operandi of those violently opposed to a sewer in Los Osos" because there have also been character assassinations coming from you guys.

I'm just laughing at what you said right now. I can recall many examples and flip it. Take Richard LeGros, for instance. Every comment he wrote on Calhoun's Cannon was either derogatory, bitterly sarcastic and vitriolic. This guy was actually an elected official for a while, and that is how he spent his free time: cursing at his former constituents.

But somehow that's never discussed. According to the Anonymous sewer folk, that example doesn't count because he was on "their side," that he was just being passionate, not rude in the slightest. How come LeGros is never talking about... mister "I-have-f$%#%$-balls" LeGros.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Anon 4:39,

I thought the way you do for a while on Ann's allowing the verbally abusive anonymous posters. But then I thought about it. The monikered version was no better! Remember Howie? TheFacts? Metatron? Osos_Change? (Some of these names have been found in the Trib and CalCoast too.) There were a string of moniker cloaked verbal abusers, (likely one or two people), so really, there is no difference, Anon or not.

This is my imagination talking here, but maybe there is an opportunity for others to chime in who might not otherwise do so if they had no "Anonymous" to use for a name, so maybe this is a good thing.

Ann has been trashed too which I actually find far more rude than the trashing of me, as this is her blog.

It's impossible to have any kind of discussion over here much of the time as many of the posts with Anon for a name just do name calling, which is really boring. They have really just painted themselves into a corner with the black personal attack brush. It sure shows what trying to stop a sewer will do to a brain.

Anonymous said...

I don't normally blog on here so I don't have a bunch of nicknames to use. I don't even post on this site because every time I go on it, I see all this silliness from all sides.

I look at this site and a few others that talk about the sewer, and I'm horrified. We should talk about the 5,000 homeowners who are in danger of losing their homes over this sewer. We should talk about the money. We should talk about the water basin. Not this "I know who YOU are and you are [blank]." This is too much.

And Lynette? When you make another nickname on the blogs somewhere, please leave my husband out of it. We have no dog in this fight with you. He's been through enough. With all the stress that you people put him through, you should pay some of his medical bills. Then maybe you'll begin to understand what pain feels like.

Anonymous said...

Ah yes, Anon 10:14

You and your husband are exactly the fools who partake in character assassination. If you actually have a medical problem, then you brought it on only in your mind.

Los Osos is going to have a county designed and built sewer inspite of your pitiful postings and lies. Accept this reality or move. Plain and simple.

Anonymous said...

WOW! My husband and I have not attacked anyone. We have never assassinated anyone's character. Seriously people! I just got on this and spent 20 minutes trying to recognize the words that I have to type in to post. I didn't attack anyone.
I'm anonymous. You don't know me or what I've done to help Los Osos. I don't know you, and you sure as heck don't know me. Just so you know, my husband is recovering from cancer. It's not "in my own mind," as you put it.

I'm really disappointed in Ann that she would allow this behavior to persist. Where's civility, people?

Alon Perlman said...

I'm a little disappointed in you both. Lynette and 4:39
Though Lynette no argument, good exposition, except for the conclusion. Are you sure you watched that egg lay that chicken?
You have both confused a Blog with a Ballot box (It’s just an imperfect example, get my drift here, moving on.)
Whatever the similarities the population of Los Osos, or the subpopulation of civically active, or the subpopulation of sewer obsessed or even the subpopulation of which this blog “Favors” are NOT represented here. “We” (us 3,4) however are here because we want to be.
And Lynette; I told you this with evidence. This is trolling, not activism. Certainly it has a focus, why not?. But specifically in regards to 80 to 90% of the anon words on the last 7 days, they are produced in the same manner as that person’s relationship with previous NON-SEWER BLOGS. It is a pattern inherently different than what you see before the SLO BOS, however tempting it is to think otherwise.
The hijacking of the comments section of this blog is not the same as any hijacking of sewer processes. And there clearly multiple hijackings at many levels, including by supporters who wanted to lead their leaders, although some may argue that any change brought about in the ballot box cannot be a hijacking
(Sonny, back in ’18, I saw a bar eat the whole camp and the ballot box included, and we found a discarded hunny pot, in the bushes, so we knew thar shere wernt no coincidince)
(Mr. 4:39, I hope you are not affronted if I take the personal liberty and call you 4, even though there are other 4s flailing furiously around, which could lead to forbidden confusion. But, for me furthermore , it is as if we lived in the same forgotten paradise or forsaken little frontier town before and I knew you before and called you Four to your face before in friendliness or conversely in confrontation I forget which came first, perhaps first on Fourth street or after, before Minors and behind and left of Carlock’s, but I shall digress further nevermore.)
4, my presumptive friend, Public work projects are very complex and proceed from words to paper to shovels and perhaps to words again, but no matter what technology is selected, result in Earth being moved or in some cases not moved. But nothing written on a comment section in a blog is going to influence any of that. Not one grain of sand. Certainly not now. And you oh so clearly know that.

Alon Perlman said...

And a point I didn’t make but hinted in the previous sewer related posting by Ann; The Coastal commissioners each may have read Ron’s material in its entirety, and each may have determined immateriality at any moment within (notwithstanding mirthfulness, may I mention). But six inches of stacked compressed dead tree material submitted to the CCC is Guaranteed not to make an impact. because that is more material than each of the Commissioners will read in their tenure for the entire state of California (Those beaches, that is their purview). And it is immaterial if one member of CC Staff is statutorily required to read every page (I’m fairly sure; “not”, but that is moot). In fact the fact that commissioners don’t read entire EIRs is part of the LO sewer EIR Appeals and I put it there. So if anything were to come of it, would be from political positioning outside of the stack of dead trees. I suggested to a couple members of the LOSG while we were busy writing (LOCAC) specific FEIR responses-“Don’t fall in love with your own words”. If I had read in the Tribune “60 pages of concise material”, well, that would be a Story.
There is little to nothing more that can be done to help the homeowners and residents, not only because there is little more that can be done, but also because too much has been done already.
But this point is now buried within a comment within a string of trolling.

The words you are reading now don’t even exist other than as electrical signals in your head. And O.K. I left out some photons flying, and perhaps a few magnet flips or a sliver of plastic in one orientation or another. It’s all ones and zeros, my friends, ones and zeros.

Don’t feed the trolls.

Anonymous said...

Who is Alon Pearlman and why is he not in a straitjacket locked in a rubber room somewhere?

Alon Perlman said...

Don’t feed the trolls
Don’t even acknowledge their existence.

Anonymous said...

I heard they (trolls) moved out of Los Osos. Even the clown moved to Morro Bay and married a sugar momma to support his "music".

incredibly the magic login robo words are: rsgail and ronsis

Coincidence? A good laugh anyway.

Anonymous said...

Again Alon, you don't make any sense. I'm not a "troll." I was linked to this comments section. That's how I found out about it.

I'm still hung out about the whole illness being "in my own mind" thing. Wow. What have we ever done to you people? I would love to know.

Do you encourage those comments, Lynette? Do I really have to go to the next CSD meeting and read off these comments? People would be shocked to know who's making these god awful remarks abotu people.

Anonymous said...

and your name is?

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Alon, I was referring to the nasties right here on this blog painting themselves into a corner of tedium, not any prior skirmishes of years past. Thanks for the good read and the video link!

This link is to a video that can be applied to Los Osos. In this case, it is taking the basic premise of a very old fable and applying it to the need of making defensible space around one's home (which as been a topic of late at the CSD and in the Emergency Services Committee), but it certainly applies to other topics as well.

Anonymous said...

Anon 2:23 PM,

Sorry you have stumbled on the horror. Alon, Lynette, Lou and Reilly are sick garbage. They've been beating on the community for fun and profit for years.

Yes, by all means go the the next CSD meeting and read off their names and comments. Each has a long history of harassment, stalking and hate, and each deserves whatever karma is coming to them. The community wants and needs to know...

Know that you are what's good about Los Osos.

Anonymous said...

Okay, would someone care to educate me to WHY these people are so hateful when they are getting the sewer they wanted? It makes no sense. I've read nothing here that explains it.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

The makers of such comments as, "Alon, Lynette, Lou and Reilly are sick garbage" did NOT get the sewer that they wanted, so they vent their frustrations in words such as those shown in this example.

Anonymous said...

Tom here from Oceano. Having seen your Jeff and Julie in action, we can only imagine what they did to Los Osos. Good Luck and continue to oppose these nasty activists.

Is it true that Tacker had an affair with Edwards and left her husband and children? What a moral community leader she must have been.

Anonymous said...

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said... The makers of such comments as, "Alon, Lynette, Lou and Reilly are sick garbage" did NOT get the sewer that they wanted, so they vent their frustrations in words such as those shown in this example.3:31 PM, March 11, 2012

No, Lynette, you don't make sense. I want to know why you, your husband and friend object to protesters when the dye is cast?

What is so objectionable when you know or believe their efforts will be futile?

As best as I can identify, this hysterical over-reaching is your responsibility.

Am I wrong? Have I missed something?

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Firstly, I can only speak for myself. The "die" is not cast. I am hoping that Charles Lester finds no "intent to mislead" as the petitioners assert. But the one reality is, if this revocation request does go to a hearing at the Coastal Commission, we could get a delay that would be damaging to our financing. THAT is my concern. That would be a real disservice to the community.

BTW Anon 5:55, you are the one labeling what I say is "hysterical overreaching," and yes, you have missed something.

Anonymous said...

See, this is what I don't understand -- and I would love someone to explain this to me.

For the past week, there has been this hysteria made by only a few people over the LOSG petitioning the CCC to go revoke the permit. The same people who are so upset over this revocation hearing also say confidently that the LOSG will not prevail -- so why talk about this at all?

From what I understand, the LOSG has been extremely vocal about their concerns. Larry Raio reached out to Lynette extensively (as you can see here), but in her latest move, she says that she feels "betrayed and hijacked" by a group that talked to her about their reasons for seeking a revocation.

Again, if the sewer is coming, why not pull up a chair, sit back, and enjoy a fine cigar? Why go through all the trouble to paint the LOSG as a bunch of troublemakers who are "anti-sewer" and are seeking to "betray" the community? What's the point in that? Answer: there is no point.

I don't care about Lynette's behavioral problems as much as the smoke and mirrors she's creating. I think there's a lot of radical social engineering going on from her and her supporters who are riding on the backs of The Tribune to oppress people. Is that a crime or a character assassination to point that out? No, not at all.

Anonymous said...


Yes, it is hysterical over-reaching on your part, and you know it. I'm very surprised you are only hoping. You should know what Lester is going to do. It shows some ignorance on your part when it's quite clear. Come on! Pour yourself a glass of blood, sit back and relax. It's just a gig, right?

Have you ever stopped for five seconds to *consider* that all your words have only served to provoke the community to take the very actions you have campaigned so relentlessly to stop??? What has your fear-mongering, saber-rattling achieved for YOU? A faster car? A better lover?

The sewer isn't your full-time job, is it? I hope not.

You remind me of people who own auto glass shops going around smashing car windows when business is slow.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Anon 6:16, 6:20,

Hysteria…well, you are entitled to your opinion, of course.

I do not say confidently that the LOSG will not prevail. I HOPE that is the case, but have no magic glasses into the future. What others say—well, they can answer that for you.

LOSG HAS been extremely vocal in their concerns, at the Planning Commission, before the BOS, AND before the Coastal Commission. Speaking their concerns at those times was appropriate. But to take up CC staff time on old points that have already been vetted—throughly—AND to accuse County staff of providing inaccurate, erroneous or incomplete information—TWO YEARS after the permit was issued, AFTER all the funding is in place, AFTER contracts let for the various parts—and RIGHT BEFORE the project has been scheduled to start this summer, well, it just looks like they don't really care about what happens here financially.

Fear mongering? Saber-rattling? Does anyone think that losing this financing is a good idea? Bruce Gibson was VERY clear about the deadlines that even a minor time change could screw up (moving the generator building) with the USDA financing at the Coastal Commission this week. Sure, the sewer is coming—but with WHAT financing? Will we have the cheap financing we have now—or something else? Time delays will not help with the good bidding environment that we have now either. Time delays are not helping our water supply. If you don't care about those things, your prerogative.

The decision was made years ago to go the way we are going. To hold things up now on the eve of starting, when we will pay for what has been done now anyway (remember those liens agains our houses?), it is, in my opinion a betrayal.

I didn't say they are anti-sewer, they did. They want the low-lying areas collected only. The rest on a septic management plan. Well that idea came and went in 1999, shoot down by the Water Board.

I'm entitled to free speech as much as LOSG, only my talk is in pixels, not dollars.

Provoke? Four, maybe five people are writing and reading on this blog. You are ascribing to me things that are both ridiculous and impossible. Why you have this creepy obsession focusing on my every word is an enigma.

Anonymous said...

My opinion? Sure, but a lot of what I say is backed with facts.

Lynette, you've stated many times in many ways that you believe the County plan is impenetrable. You've also reiterated what The Tribune wrote, which is that chances of revocation actually happening are very slim. So what's the big deal?

Politically, it's unfeasible for the Coastal Commission to reverse course. The pressure from the County to push forward with funding time constraints helped justify the CDP. They're not going to go back and withstand the backlash of going through with revocation, especially when the odds of success are practically nonexistent.

You clearly don't understand the process here. Even if the commission went through with a revocation hearing, that would not delay the project. The actual revocation will. Once that CDP is revoked, then you can be concerned about the financing. Right now, it's inconceivable to be so hysterical over a "maybe" hypothetical.

I think that by using the words "hijacking," "betrayal," and having an "anti-sewer" blog with your husband in a gas mask creates an appearance that you're doubling down on your toxic rhetoric, stopping short of calling for violence. You're talking about "obsession" and "creepy" when you took several notable steps to suppress people -- including, most recently, a blog that cheers the failures and shortcomings of those who are "anti-sewer" (your words, not theirs).

Also, you just don't tell the truth, and that's what adds insult to injury. The LOSG never said they were "anti-sewer." Each individual mentioned in The Tribune has stated their support for STEP/STEG, gravity-vacuum hybrid systems, and low-lying collection only. Second, it takes several months of working with the CCC to even schedule a revocation hearing -- meaning the LOSG could have filed their paperwork a while ago, but the CCC has started to put things into motion now.

You're clearly unfit for any sort of debate. Get out of sewer politics, and fly a kite.

Anonymous said...

Member of LOSG again. We did speak with Lynette and The Trib. Unfortunately they seem to care about inciting a flood of death threats than serving the community.

Anonymous said...

this is the first time i was shown this blog. i have to say -- people like alon, lynette need to be in a mental hospital. can we send them in now???

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Anon 10:04 PM,

I'm curious Anon, how is NOT sewering the entire town NOT anti-sewer when that very same plan LOSG has now, put forth back in 1999, was shot down by the Water Board? It didn't fly then and it isn't going to fly now. Here is a quote from an LOSG letter sent to the State Water Resources Control Board dated December 12, 2011, urging them to not fund the present project with SRF monies:

"If a program were implemented providing nitrate, septic system, and storm water management, along with conservation, nitrate treatment at the well, and shifts in pumping—it would save our basin—keeping us from relying on over taxed outside sources of water—costing only 1/10th the wastewater project."

Do you see any sort of "sewer" in that statement?

Why isn't that LACK of a plan, coupled with LOSG's spending of State money going over mountains of documents that will not do anything at best, but at worst delay the sewer, NOT any of concern to you, but my writing on an obscure blog is SO IMPORTANT to you that you need to spend paragraphs explaining why I am wrong?

Why aren't you writing LOSG telling them that their revocation hearing is a waste of time, as you yourself say it is inconceivable for the CCC to reverse course? LOSG claims to be on this blog—don't you believe the poster below? Or do you only allow them free speech but not me? I doubt that anyone is panicking about my words other than you. Again, the creepy attention thing.

I don't know what the Coastal Commission staff or the CC itself will do and neither do you. The point you seen to be avoiding is the timing on the financing, or do you think that we are not paying enough already and should forgo USDA money for something more expensive? It is hardly prudent to be concerned about potential financing problems when they suddenly happen—in case things do go wrong.

To quote you, "Second, it takes several months of working with the CCC to even schedule a revocation hearing -- meaning the LOSG could have filed their paperwork a while ago, but the CCC has started to put things into motion now."

Well the timing is perfect for a hearing! Summer, when the project should start! The draft cover letter and the summary outline for revocation was sent to the CC on January 27, 2012, almost TWO YEARS after the permit was issued. The last project also had a revocation hearing, but you knew that, right?

Anyway, thanks for giving me the opportunity to thoroughly clarify each point so our few readers will know, quite specifically, why a revocation hearing is a bad idea. I truly believe for the good of the community, the revocation request should be withdrawn.

Anonymous said...

The reason why Lynette is the only one that speaks up publicly is because she isn't afraid of the words that get tossed around on the blogs. I applaud her starting a blog that supports the sewer and the process. There are too many blogs with erroneous information including the LOSG and the new "non-affiliated with any group but sign this petition because the sewer is a bad idea based on information from the LOSG"...

Good for Lynette and in regards to her casing people's houses I call b**ls**t. Someone mentioned awhile back about running and letting the LOCSD board know what she does - what a waste of time. They have no authority and besides, I didn't see Lynette even get appointed to a committee. While you are at it, call the thought police to make sure no one is really thinking what jerks you are being. Yes, I said jerk which is a he** of a lot less than I have seen that woman called in the last several weeks.

Talk about taking down the community, some people appreciate Lynette and all the others who point out the inconsistencies of "sewering low lying areas" when that it completely unfeasible. Yes, it is a delay tactic. Yes, it can jeopardize the funding. Many of you have been told for years and absolutely refuse to believe that the property owners in LO DO NOT want the liability or responsibility of the step system. It wasn't rigged, it was anyone who actually cared to share their thoughts, shared their thoughts and yes, the LOSG is hi-jacking by trying to go back and re-introduce ideas that have been vetted, voted and voiced.

No, you didn't get your way so stop jeopardizing the rest of our assessments with your revocation crap.

Anonymous said...




Anonymous said...

Lynette, I wrote a few paragraphs to explain why you are wrong because you're personally leading the charge against the LOSG, and have used incendiary language to achieve your goals.

I don't know if LOSG members are on here or not. It's not my place to make guessing games, but what I do know is this: the rhetoric has gotten so poisonous in Los Osos, and you're one of the only people that has proudly put your stamp of approval on it.

That's creepy.

You can say people are "creepy" for dwelling on personal scrutiny of you, but that's because more people are aware of your dog and pony show now. It's not just "one person" or a "few people." It's a lot of people. I really do not have to say much anymore. Your words and actions speak for themselves.

The timing of the financing will not be affected by any request for revocation or revocation hearing. It's just a hearing, and according to PRAs, staff is going to move to deny the revocation. So why the squawking? I'm asking this not because I'm somehow denying you "free speech." It's a philosophical question more than anything.

Also, the more you "clarify," the more holes I can poke in your case. You cited a letter by the LOSG from 12/11, but did you also know that the author of that letter has also endorsed STEP/STEG and gravity-vacuum hybrid collection at BOS meetings last year? It's on tape.

Anonymous said...

Yeah... Lynette Tornatzky is no different than Sarah Palin. Palin used imagery of targets and bullseyes to "take out" Democrats in certain areas. In this case, Lynette puts up a blog with her husband in a gas mask. She is not someone who I want to be around.

I used to tolerate her at CSD meetings, but when I found out she was attacking my wife and I on the blogs, I could no longer look at her face. There is evil in her eyes.

Anonymous said...

"There is evil in her eyes"

WOW! Now there is proof positive of a person's character! and you don't think YOU are practicing character assassination? YOU are just another crazy with NO FACTS! Just "evil in her eyes", what a nasty creep you really are!

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Thanks Anons 9:42 and 9:49 for the support. And it is good to know someone else out there also sees what is going on with LOSG and their agenda.

Anons 10:46 and 11:10,
"Evil in her eyes" - ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Hey, whatever name calling makes you happy. But really, with a comment like that, aren't you GLAD that you are anonymous?

So, you think I voice poisonous rhetoric and incendiary language? Look at the Los Osos Sentinel website, the most anti-sewer website in Los Osos. Or do you only criticize people who want a sewer? How about a paragraph or two on that website—you know, for balance.

"According to PRAs, staff is going to move to deny the revocation." Can you please cite your source for that information? I'm sure that we would all be glad to see for ourselves that this is a non-starter—AND please explain how you have information that the rest of us are not privy to? So, IF that is the case, why do you condone wasting staff's time on this revocation request? Why don't you urge LOSG to drop it?

LOSG and STEP/STEG? That is so "last year." That is not what LOSG's current communications show is it? Look at the LOSG support website, the alternatives page. You will note that not even a low-lying area collection system is mentioned there.

Speaking of a sewer Anon 10:46, do you live here? Do you support getting a sewer?

Anonymous said...

You know, I'm glad I'm Anonymous. By not revealing my name, I can have a sigh of relief that I won't be targeted by Lynette or Lou. My friends and family have received threats from those two. Tired of it!

Anonymous said...

It's important to identify evil in modern society. The devil is no longer seen carrying a pitchfork or having a red tail, and is not as easily recognizable...

Today the face of evil looks something like you and me, but is different inside. Evil today is a hateful neighbor who harasses, stalks, wishes death, and tries to get their neighbor fired because it fills a hole in them. Evil today is the monster of oppression, selfishness and denial that seeks to ruin our community by working tirelessly to force our families from Los Osos so they can have it all for themselves, their clique and cronies.

Evil today is Lou and Lynette Tornatsky, Judith Reilly and Alon Pearlman. Until these demons are exorcised from the community body, they will live only to devour and destroy everything that was once good beautiful about our town... all because we didn't recognize evil when it crossed our path and didn't do anything about it... because it didn't have horns and a red tail.

So here we are stuck living every day with them in this HELL they created, left to pray they move to SLO, Syria or Lebanon, or wherever evil masses, and leave the rest of us alone. Until then we'll just have to learn to cope with evil in our midst.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for bringing up the Los Osos Sentinel. There is plenty of ad hominem attacks on there. A whole wealth of them! Also, the message is incoherent.

But your message is incoherent as well, Lynette. What you're saying is, "It's awful that the LOSG is pushing for revocation two years after the CDP was granted!" and you've stated repeatedly that the revocation is not going to go through -- so why the hysteria? A hearing will not delay the project or jeopardize funding. An actual revocation will.

Not even the County is sweating it. If your concerns were actually valid, you'd see Public Works launch a preemptive strike on LOSG in Tribune viewpoints. In fact, County Counsel seems to be very confident that the CCC will not find any reason to revoke the permit. So why the hysteria?

Your behavior, on this issue, comes across as tyrannical. You're angry that these people are even bothering to challenge a project that many believe to be problematic. When someone dares to even discuss the merits of challenging the project, you've jumped down their throats like Joseph Goebbels on downers. You try so hard to oppress people with harassment and yet you play the "free speech" card when people criticize you, and tell you that you're wrong.

Look, the only reason people are criticizing you is because you're the only one who has stuck their neck out there and made inflammatory remarks about people who would never dream of doing the same thing to you -- because they know that arguing or disparaging you will not advance their cause. Someone said that already on here. I agree with that. People are irritated with you not because of politics, but because you've hurt people personally. It's not about politics. It's about respect. Same goes with Rush Limbaugh and his character assassination of Sandra Fluke.

Anonymous said...

I dont "blog" but I was told to check out this section and write about what happened to me.

It was last year and I was shopping at Ralphs by myself. Sharon Fredericks recognized me, came up to me and was yelling at me for opposing the sewer. I told her let's agree to disagree and she spit in my face.

Couldn't believe it. Then Lynette went on the blogs saying I was mentally ill. She wasn't there as far as I know.

Anonymous said...

Lynette is obviously mentally ill. Wouldn't it be ironic if Julie called County Mental Health Services and had her committed???

Anonymous said...

The problem with mentally ill people like Lynette or Al or Alon is that you can't shut them up!!!! First it was CSD meetings, then RWQCB meetings, then BOS meetings, any meeting they could find a microphone that amplified their voice.

Do you realize what kind a toy a microphone is to a mentally ill person? They think it's a lollipop they can talk to like a new best purple friend!

Now give them a computer and a blog anyone can write anything on... You think a microphone is a trip for a mentally ill person? Try the blogs! It's like Christmas morning to a six-year-old!

Everything would been fine if there was a single blog just for the mentally ill, so Lynette, Alon, Al, Lou and Judith can harass, stalk, debate, and hopefully eventually cannibalize each other.

That's what the community would call a "Happy Ending".

Until then, friends, just remember you're arguing with retards.

Anonymous said...

Lynette never called Social Services and if she had, it wouldn't be for his crying it would be for seeing Jeff, on more than one occasion, take a swing at the then very little toddler.

Funny thing, no one can recall seeing Lynette or Alon at the mic recently but we sure do see others tramp up there week after week - funny thing is, most of them own rental properties, cheap skates.

Anonymous said...

Chuck owns rentals, think there might be a reason he doesn't want a sewer that he would have to pay for?

Anonymous said...

Hm, let's see what we got here. Somehow, this conversation has become all about Julie Tacker. I have no idea how Julie became part of this conversation, but one thing I do know is: if you're bringing up the kids to use as political weapons, you lose all credence.

Jack has to be at least three years old now. It says a lot about an "adult" when they try to pick a fight with someone who is learning how to walk. I love the part when the anonymous tries to step in the shoes of Jeff to determine what Jeff "really thinks" about his kid.

See? This is what these conversations morph into, and Lynette is always in the middle of them. I don't know who her anonymous cheerleader is, but you're actually doing a disservice to your friend. It looks to me like she conveniently steps aside so you can say something vicious. Then she steps back in the discussion and is like, "Hateful? Me? Ha-ha-ha! You're creepy for saying that!"

I don't know a whole lot of people in Los Osos who would even entertain the thought of taking one's child away from someone who they disagree with. I would love The Tribune to read this current exchange, and THEN see who is "nothing if not wily."

Anonymous said...

I can tell you that Tom Tacker feels much better off without Julie. Jeff has gotten exactly what he deserves!

Anonymous said...

And George Berrier Sr. is much better off without Judith. You see, Judith is just jealous of Julie because the old goat shoved off and left the family thievery operation to George Jr. and not Judith because Judith is, ya know, DING-DONG!.

At least Judith has a cold septic tank with an Obama hat on it to keep her warm and whiskeyed these wintry nights behind Sweet Springs Saloon.

Now don't be mad, Judith. Remember, we're your neighbors!!!! And we're just like YOU.

Churadogs said...

"True terror is to wake up one morning and discover that your high school class is running the country." Kurt Vonnegut.

In this case, it's grade school children posting neener-neenerisms here and at other sites. Interestingly, there's a few new (sane) voices logging on. Welcome.

You can tell they're newbies because they ask reasonable questions, thinking they'll get reasonable replies from some of the very few mentally ill "anonnymice" who regularly lurk and monitor and leap out to quarrel and snark and neener-neener whenever I post something remotely about the sewer (you note, they never show up to share their wonderful thoughts on any other topic. Obviously they're suffering from an obsessive, pranoid Sewer mania. Sad.)

So, Errrnnnk, warning to Newbies. You're dealing with one or two seriously ill people here. The rest are immature jerks and bully-boy wannabes throwing dog poo at one another.

Oh, and one really ugly-souled Anonnymouse who thinks trashing a three year-old kid is an o.k. weapon to use in his quarrel with adults? Now what does that tell you about HIM?

One of my biggest fans (he's obsessed with this blog, monitoring and lurking endlessly.) takes me to task for allowing these anonnymice latitude to post their spewing, but my take on this is as follows: I want my readers to take a good look at the real dark heart of some members of this community (and some who no longer live here -- heck we even had a nasty poster from an Oceano mouse who thinks he knows what he's talking about!)who can speak their truths without fear of being held to account. You want to know how these people REALLY think? And feel? Take a look.

And you wonder why this sewer project, which was never rocket science, had such a terrible time getting solved? People of good will, people working for solutions, were not simply disagreed with, they were demonized and trashed and discredited (Criticize or even question one thing about any project and you were branded an ANTI-SEWER OBSTRUCTIONIST! and dismissed as a crazy. Hard to get community input or any kind of reasonable discussion going with that kind of coordinated, organized disparagement.)

Take a read through the postings above and ask yourself, Are these the postings of rational, mature people?

Alon Perlman said...

Amazingly simple. Lynette finds that the nasty postings reflect the craziness of the people who oppose the current project and Ann finds that the nasty postings reflect the craziness of the people who opposed those who opposed the previous project. Thus the sky is above and the water is below and all is it balance, and one canceled another and all is well in the world.

Not exactly what you said? I agree. I actually agree with you both. But the postings here are really not about the sewer or even Los Osos.

When I was active in stopping the first project and then in the citizens input to the current projects design, eventually reaching the point that I publicly stated that the die was cast and that the current project cannot be improved without increasing its cost. Along that path, plenty of people disagreed, most of them became or were my friends. The only threats I got were from Al, and those were due to his positioning of himself. Nothing personal. Remember WE were on the SAME side.

The blog craziness started for me when someone criticized one of my blog comments years ago, “Go read it again” I wrote. That person then has made me one of their life obsessions. Proof above.

We don’t know that Anon x is from Oceano.
We don’t know that anons A, B, C, who seem to be agreeing with each other are not one and the same person, or have not shared their comment strategy over a breakfast table in a north LA suburb.
We don’t know that anon N. who appears to have insider knowledge is just mimicking anon M who lives in a yellow submarine with a periscope dead center of 11th street.
We don’t even that anons E, F, G. who profess anger at each other, and are arguing from different perspectives, are not one and the same person.
We do know that those who express hate in their words (but not their “alleged”, “quoted out of context”, “I heard so and so say that they said” words), it is absolute they have hate in their hearts. And it happens to be that “the Sewer”, and “Social injustice” is a great canvas for muck slinging.
There was a lot of infighting among those who attempted to change projects. The “Let the project be what they tell us it is” folk, had less details to fight about.
But blog nastiness aside, the “Move the sewer movement” was sabotaged from within, many times. Which is only one small reason of the “why there is no cheap sewer”.

In truth the only thing we know as far as the current postings, that most of them reflect that profile we have seen before, here and on other blogs, and sourced by no more than three people, who we know well.

So feed the trolls or dont feed the trolls. It has nothing to do with nothing.

Anonymous said...

Um. This is my third post on this site. I'm just really shocked at the behavior on here. FYI, I live in Los Osos, not in oceano or north LA Suburb, or "with a periscope dead center of 11th street," Alon.

Ann talks about rational, mature people, but Alon you're not one of them. You're definitely not my "friend." You're not right in the head.

Anonymous said...

Gee, thanks Dr. Pearlman for pointing out who the sewer crazies are here. Now take off that doctor's coat and take your anti-psychotic medication. It's nap time for noodle brain.

Anonymous said...

Alon Perlman in a nutshell:

"I'm not crazy, but I know who everyone is and they're after me!"

Way to distance yourself from the "mentally ill" people on the site.

Anonymous said...

Amazing how Alon jumps on Ann's comments and analyzes everyone else's behavior except his to make himself look NOT GUILTY of being the worst offender of them all!~~


How transparent is the naked fool!?~~~ What a joke! Pathetic loser. Somebody pull the flush lever on this bad turd!~~

Anonymous said...

At least I live on 11th Street, not under it.

Anonymous said...

I like Alon's posts and I don't think he is a loser.

Anons 11:13, 11:23, 11:24, 11:39 and 11:42 should all talk before they all post and then just blog ditto but you are being kind of harsh and cruel when he is just stating his thoughts.

Why be such a bully(s)?

Anonymous said...

How can you "like" something that sounds vindictive and doesn't make sense?

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

"Vindictive" is in the eye of the beholder and not understanding the sense of something applies to the beholder too.

Anonymous said...

Alon lived in a rental when he was in Los Osos. He didn't vote on the assessment because he's a tenant, and his claim to fame was misquoting Dr. Kitts' 2002 Shellfish Study in hopes of advancing the 2005 Recall cause. If Lynette had a checklist of things that disqualified people from talking about the sewer, Alon would meet all her requirements: he doesn't live in Los Osos anymore, is a renter, and fueled the "anti-obstructionist" ire.

It's ironic who comes to his defense, and it says a lot about the person who does.

Anonymous said...

I was told to post here because I had an encounter with the people being scrutinized.

I am a regular speaker during public comment at LOCSD and sometimes at the Board of Supervisors. I went to a web site that covers the sewer and read a comment by Alon Perlman. He called me some very crude names. He called me a "slut" because he wrongly assumed that I did not submit a speaker slip to the chair at a BOS meeting.

I am very disturbed by his disdain for women. It comes as no surprise to me that he chooses to express his vitriol on sites like this one. "Freedom of speech" is an issue that I'm strongly in favor of, and I also believe that people who use crude language to describe one's gender should not be part of any civilized discussion with grown adults.

My two cents.

Anonymous said...

Alon gives me and my friends the creeps. Lynette, you defend him because you are an outcast also, just like Alon. I wouldn't let him anywhere near my kids. I heard he is a pedofile and I believe it. You two need each other desperately. Only in your dreams have either of you contributed anything but pain to the community. Shame on your lies and slander!

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Anons 6:49, 8:10, 9:03, what does your nastiness get you? What are you helping to make better? Why do you feel the need to make things up to smear people?

Anonymous said...


You don't get it.

People who discuss their personal experiences involving you and Alon on here aren't necessarily "nasty" or "smearing." Similarly, it's not like victims of crimes are "nasty" or "smearing" a suspect.

What I find troubling is that you assume people are simply "making things up." How do you know? I don't know if people are telling the truth or not, but what I do know is that you and your proxies have done a lot of harm to the community.

Take, for instance, you trying to get Mark Low fired from his job at ECOFluid. You e-mailed his employer and said he was personally harassing you. He wasn't. He sent you e-mails since you wrote to him at his address. The president of ECOFluid even told YOU to stop e-mailing him because YOU were harassing him and smearing his employee.

Then you isolate a few anonymous people from the pile and ask them, "Why do you feel the need to make things up to smear people?" What about that comment made by one of your anonymous cheerleaders, which threatened Julie Tacker's four-year-old son, Jack? I see there's another comment that accused Jeff of beating him.

Heck, you went on The Tribune not too long ago and openly mused about reporting Julie to Child Protective Services. Please explain to me how advocating for a sewer in Los Osos is relevant to having one's child taken away from them? I just don't see how that's advocacy.

I have acquaintances who are the sons and daughters of "Save the Dream" and Taxpayers Watch members. They seem fine to me. Wouldn't dream of sabotaging their personal lives for the sake of my cause. But you've not only dreamed it, you've done it several times.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Anon 11:33 PM says:
"Take, for instance, you trying to get Mark Low fired from his job at ECOFluid. You e-mailed his employer and said he was personally harassing you. He wasn't. He sent you e-mails since you wrote to him at his address. The president of ECOFluid even told YOU to stop e-mailing him because YOU were harassing him and smearing his employee."


"What about that comment made by one of your anonymous cheerleaders"

Those disparaging comments were not made by me. I don't control what people say.

"Heck, you went on The Tribune not too long ago and openly mused about reporting Julie to Child Protective Services."


People know who I am - I will talk to anyone about this. But no one can come to you so you can explain your reasons for believing what you do. You are just an anonymous mud slinger on a blog. See the difference Anon? You do not have the courage to stand behind your words with your name.

Churadogs said...

Problem in a nutshell:"You do not have the courage to stand behind your words with your name."

so, how's about it all you Anons. Maybe if you had to put your name to your statements, you'd all clean up your acts. Give it a try. It's easy.

Anonymous said...

Give it a try. It's easy.

No it's not. Who wants to be slandered by people who use their own names? Lynette and Alon use their names and haven't cleaned up their acts so what incentive is there to use my name? None. When this site is cleaned up of the sickness you enable, Ann, maybe people can blog under their own names without getting attacked by you and the sickos. Until then you're just as lost and hopeless and in denial as they are. Too bad for everyone else.

Anonymous said...

So by Ann's logic, if you put your name on your rant, and harass and stalk people and wish them death, it's all good to go.

But if you are anonymous in fear of those who harass, stalk and wish death, then you are unclean and without courage.

It clearly explains why only a handful of the same hateful people use this site and the rest of the community just shakes their heads in disgust.

You always get the last word, Ann (like the Board of Supes), but anything else you will surely add is just another poor excuse.

Anonymous said...

Actually, the reason people prefer to write anonymously is two-fold. One reason is, like Ann said, that people want to express their inner-most thoughts without repercussions -- and Ann has beautifully provided a glimpse into the "sewer crazy" underworld.

But there's another reason. People also post anonymously because they fear retaliation by the people they're scrutinizing. When you objectively look at what Lynette, Alon and their sympathizers have done to other people, one would think twice about posting as themselves.

To criticize the anonymous for "not having the courage to stand by their words with a real name" is like criticizing victims of crime (i.e. rape, incest and assault) for not disclosing their identities in a court of public opinion. Similarly, the people who are being criticized here have actually committed crimes.

Anonymous said...

Believe it or not, Alon (you can't obviously), some of us actually communicate outside (in the real world) beyond this little non-factual "exchange" between you and the Tornatzkys. The fact is that word circulated regarding the content you and others were posting here and it was suggested we add our two cents based on personal experience. Interesting how you choose to ignore that kind of eyewitness testimony. I was never a fan, and I know with complete certainty I speak for others who feel the same way I do. The best advice I can offer after many years of experience with people from all walks of life is this: Figure out a way to grow up very quickly. You are running out of time to fix what's broken.

Billy Dunne said...

Jon Stewart did a hilarious bit last night about FOX News’ response to Rush Limbaugh’s woman-hating diatribe last week, and their constant whining about a double standard in the media.

I couldn’t help but think of all the no sewer/move the sewer/not THAT sewer folks who are constantly whining about how victimized they are by the mean old rotten, lovers of gentrification, poor people hating and probably satan worshiping supporters of the county project. Like there’s absolutely no evidence at all that those on the other side haven’t done or said some pretty rotten things themselves over the years.(There is)

Unfortunately, as much as I love all her (non-sewer related) stuff, Ann helps nudge along this notion, this double standard as it were. For goodness sake, many of the anonymous folks on here, obviously not happy about the sewer, are spewing some really hateful stuff, and worst of all they just make up stuff and throw it out there and hope it sticks. Then they complain about all the rotten things the other side says. Huh? Ann of course smells this hypocracy a mile away, but can't help to nudge with this response: “Criticize or even question one thing about any project and you were branded an ANTI-SEWER OBSTRUCTIONIST!”

Well, sure, you’re right Ann. But how many times have you referred to the community as “asleep at the wheel” when the outcome of a sewer-related vote or action didn’t result in a favorable outcome in your opinion? Are there people in this community who are asleep at the wheel? Absolutely. There are also many, many, many people who are smart, educated and very informed of all things sewer and continue to support the county project. Are all those who oppose the county project anti-sewer obstructionists? Absolutely not. Are there anti-sewer obstructionists within the no sewer/move the sewer/not THAT sewer movement? Absolutely.

The whole victimization thing is just embarrassing. At the end of Stewart’s rant he yells: “FOX. Shut the F&%k up about how victimized you and you alone are. Nobody cares!!!”

Amen Jon Stewart. Amen.

Anonymous said...

I agree with that, except that nobody said anything about "mean old rotten, lovers of gentrification, poor people hating and probably satan worshipping supporters of the county project."

There's an interesting dynamic in Los Osos. Everyone has a part. Everyone has a role in the bigger scheme of things. There are the haves and have-nots. There are the supporters and opponents. There are extremists on both sides that cater to the lowest common denominator.

If you exclude the extremists from the discussion, that may be a desirable short-term outcome, but they've already poisoned the debate. The solution? Just drop it. Let the chips fall where they may, and allow people to have a conversation instead of harassing people, period.

Anonymous said...

Are there anti-sewer obstructionists within the no sewer/move the sewer/not THAT sewer movement? Absolutely.

This is a ridiculous statement written by yet someone else desperately seeking attention as a result of their hypocritical behavior here and elsewhere. Get it through your thick head: There is no such thing as an "anti-sewer obstructionist." That's just in your head. It's a label you invented because of your problem. Get help.

Let the chips fall where they may, and allow people to have a conversation instead of harassing people, period.

Yes. This would have value only if Ann adopted it as a code of conduct and it was followed by ALL, no exceptions for poetry buffs. Obviously if Ann ever thought it was the right thing to do she would have done it long ago.

Personally, I'm pessimistic. There are pathologies at work and, from what I can see, no desire or ability to stop the harassment.

Anonymous said...

Yeah Billy Dunne! Agree with you on all point 110%. Collaborative decision making means that those who can't or won't come to a decision or block any decision being made actually rule themselves out of the decision. It's part of the process. The entire: there's something better around the corner and in the future, has held the community hostage and there are many intelligent and community loving folk who balk at this senseless drivel. People voted: no step. People voted: assess us and we'll pay. People voted for decision makers who supported the process. Yet here many "sewer victims" claim they have something better and the process is flawed. The question is for who? Them? That's life. I'm for affordability but more for cleaning up the water and NOT using sea-water intrusion as a scapegoat to stop or slow down. Sea-water intrusion will stop or slow down when the sewer is in and the recycled water program is online and denitrification can complement other pumping.

Train off the track - not from where I'm standing.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'll be glad to take you up on that, Anon Alon. What exactly did you have in mind?