Friday, March 02, 2012

Question of the Week

     So Don Imus, joking around on the air with his pals, refers to some young female college basket ball athletes as "nappy 'ho's" and is booted off the air. Rush Limbaugh, THE de facto head of the Republican Party, goes on the air and repeatedly refers by name,  to a young Georgetown University law student who testified before Congress on the health care, birth control issue, and calls her a slut and a prostitute and demanded that, "If we are going to pay for your contraceptives and thus pay for you to have sex, . . . we want you to post the videos on line so we can all watch." 
     Not a single Republican Congressperson declared that Rush's comments crossed the line, were unacceptable, were despicable.  Clear Channel has not removed him from the air, or fined him.  Our own local station, KVEC, still carries his program.  Local businesses still sponsor comments like this. And otherwise decent SLOTowners remain ardent fans.  Even decent SLOTowners with college-age daughters of their own, will scramble to excuse his despicable comments.  No cognative dissonance for them. Only glowingly unacknowledged hypocrisy.  
     But there's an upside to all this.  Thanks to Rush's latest and deliciously unconscious true confession on air, we now know that this creepy drug addict, who needs Viagra to have sex, likes to watch.


     To my previous posting about Andrew Breitbart's sudden passing, I would like to add a post-script observation.  He did get the Anthony Weiner story right and that time he actually hit the right target for the right reasons. Which begs a question: Is it possible that with time, maturity, a few critical epiphanies, and perhaps a better understanding that journalism, even the self-aggrandized "new media" journalism, is still a sacred calling and that facts and getting the story right really do matter?   Given his obvious talents and energy, that he chose to ignore that holy calling and then ran out of time, is a shame.


Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Excellent question and addendum. I heard the clip on the radio and was appalled.

Churadogs said...

Rachel Maddow went on in detail something odd I noticed in Limbaugh's tirade: He doesn't understand how birth control pills work. He thinks they're like Viagra. (Or very expensive condoms?) You have to take a pill every time you have sex, hence his crank about all these sluts going broke buying pills because they're having lots of sex.

Pretty funny. As a Viagra user, he's muddled Viagra (have a lot of sex, go through a lot of expensive pills, one pill per encounter.)with birth control: 1 prescription, lasts 21 days, have as much sex as you want per day on the same daily pill.

Jeesh. But, as the True Voice of the Republican Party (or what the Party has become) it's nice to hear what these guys REALLY think of women. Talk about Freudian Slips. Eeeuuuuu. I just hope women are paying attention.

Alon Perlman said...

Didn't someone say that you just have to "place an aspirin between your legs" or something? As for who listens; Willful ignorance crosses party lines and planetary divides (Mars and Venus). People can choose the no choice option; it happened in Iran, it happened here.

Changes to verification; Now I have to prove I'm not a Robot; But I am that I am

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

How many kids does Limbaugh have? None? Think any of the ladies in his life used birth control pills?

In any case, at 3:45 pm according to the L.A. Times he apologized. Wonder who made him do that?

Anonymous said...

WOW! I haven'tbeen on this site for a long time. I can't belive these people!

Lynette TorNAZI writes: "I heard the clip on the radio and was appalled."

And this...

"[Lou Tornatzky] was eerily fixated on Mrs. Tacker. Unlike the punditry on television where people discuss their opposition of politicians based on their positions, Wonky1 limited his opposition to trivial assessments about her clothes, her weight, and alleged promiscuity. Intertwined with trivialities were statements that accused Mrs. Tacker of criminal impropriety. In one post, Wonky1 described Tacker as a “pond scum bitch” who deserved to “get blindsighted and porked.” The comments came after Tacker moved in with Jeff Edwards, a local developer with whom Tacker had a relationship. The relationship spurred a series of accusations involving conflict-of-interest violations. Wonky1 wrote several sexually-charged parody lyrics to make light of the accusations, and implied that she would be raped once she was behind bars. Mrs. Tacker did not face any criminal charges as a result of her tenure at the LOCSD."

At the next meeting, standing at the back of the South Bay Community Center where the meeting was held, Mr. Tornatzky turned to then LOCSD Utilities Manager George Milanés and criticized Mrs. Schicker as she spoke.

“Someone should hit that bitch with a hammer,” remarked Milanés.

Mr. Tornatzky laughed. “Sure, sure,” he replied. “Maybe some poison instead. Don’t worry. We’re working on it.”


Alon Perlman...

"Mary Fullwood is not an environmentalist. She is a weekend environmentalist. She is a slut." - Alon Perlman, Los Osos Farmer's Market (July 8, 2008)

"Lisa Schicker is a fat bitch." - Alon Perlman (South Bay Community Center, November 8, 2008)

Many people heard these remarks.

Alon Perlman said...

The apology is part of the pattern toons, now you will have talking heads talking about "was the apology enough?" and a female sharp featured commentator will come on, and say that there was no apology needed, and who do they think they are and Yada Yada. He will be more important than any other American, including his younger buddy who just keeled over, and, including all overseas service people combined for at least 15 more minutes tonight.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

I agree with you Alon and it is a sad comment on what drives this engine..........$$$$$$$$$$$.

Anonymous said...

Wow. What an indictment. Link clearly explains why Alon skipped LO and Tornatskys are now community pariahs. These people are very sick. This must be their last sanctuary. Why give them any?

Anonymous said...

Here is the Tornatsky's sewer blog:

You won't believe the nerve of these community saboteurs.

They also have a comments section.

Let them know how you feel about their poisonous mission to divide the community.

Give back for the community. It will do your heart good.

Churadogs said...

Once again, you anonymice might as well be typing in Swahili for all the sense you make.