Thursday, May 02, 2013

Pop the Popcorn, Get Out The Nice Comfy Chair

Ah, thanks Ron.  All those interesting dots.  What I love most are so many earnest, honest people saying, Why yes, that's fraud.  You need to contact the authorities.  Bwahahahah.  Or, as the line in Chinatown has it, "You don't understand, Jake.  He OWNS the police." Well, read it and weep, fellow PZers.  At


Anonymous said...

Sorry, Ann, Ron's stuff is totally unreadable and therefore utterly useless. This ain't Chinatown, it's kindergarten.

Ron said...

Thank YOU Ann, for the link.

Fascinating stuff, eh? Tri-W: The fraud that keeps on taking... until the year 2034.

An Anon (of course) writes:

"Ron's stuff is totally unreadable and therefore utterly useless."

That take reminds me of an interview I heard with Michael Pollan, discussing his book, Defense of Food.

He's funny. He was saying that you don't even need to buy his book to get the point, because he condenses the entire point of the book into just seven words, that he puts right on the cover: "Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants."

Similarly (kinda-sorta), Anon, you don't have to actually read my piece to get the point. All you have to do is go to this link:

... type in your (real) name (I'm pretty sure "Anonymous" won't work), and if you're a property owner in The PZ, and DIDN'T pay the entire Tri-W scam assessment up front, you will see this line, "LOCSD WASTE TREATMT $225.52," on your tax bill.

That means you are being fleeced twice a year, every time you cut a check for your property taxes.

Now, if you'd still rather just hate on me -- rather than picking up a phone and actually doing something about the fact that you are being fleeced twice a year... for the next 20 years -- hey, it's your money. What do I care?

Thanks again, Ann. Luvya my sista : -)

Anonymous said...

Ron's conspiracies and diatribes are emblematic of why Los Osos is in this predicament today.

Churadogs said...

Aw, Anon, go ahead, check that link.

Ron, great story. Your journalism Profs would be proud of you. It's fascinating how the Anonymice don't seem to be able to read very well. Even if you reduced the saga to a few words, I doubt they'd get it.

As I said, amazing, fascinating saga, but it's ultimately sad because there were so many key points in this saga where this train wreck could have been altered, but too many entities and people failed or turned away.

But, on the bright side, it's a story not without irony: After all the sturm und drang, the PZers ended up with two out of three wishes: Gravity sewer, plant out of town. The third wish -- affordable -- was never really on the table. So, I guess two out of three . . . not bad.

Next up, The Saga Of We Run Out Of Water Because The County Refused To Put Water Conservation At The Very Top Of The To-Do List. And while the sewer's being built, we're overdrafting away. Imported water, anyone?

Anonymous said...

Say Ann, since your so up on the fraud associated with the sewering of LO, just how is your lawsuit going?

Anonymous said...

2 out of 3? What happened to the STEP dream?

As far as making the sewer -affordable- wow, the MTS team never gave a damn about affordable even though they knew they were blowing the costs skyhigh! That was the "plan" after all, make the sewer so expensive that the State would have to walk away and leave little poor Los Osos alone.

Thanks Lisa and Julie, thanks for that "Plan"! Thanks for the bankruptcy that we still don't know how that "Plan" is going to cost us. Maybe Ann can lead another lawsuit funded by the CSD?

Ron sure better remember he doesn't live in LO and doesn't have to pay the bills. He damn well better remember the leaders who caused the sewer costs, remember Schecker, Tacker, Calhoun, McPherson, and the other thugs! Remember PZLDF and their failures and lawsuits. Remember Al and Joey, quite the freak show!

Bottom line is Los Osos is getting a modern sewer inspite of the obstructionists!

Anonymous said...

Journalism professors appreciate Ron's work? Maybe they appreciate the work in a way that I appreciate Ann Calhoun getting run over by a bulldozer.

Anonymous said...

Crawford is a pulp fiction writer who has never let facts get in the way of his stoned recollection of the past.

Jill'sjots said...

Cowards and bullies hide behind the "anonymous" and Rambo type names. I'm proud to use my name in letters to the editor, blogs et cetera. No need to sneak around, stand by your name and ideas, no matter how contrary.

Anonymous said...

LOL Hey "Jill'sjot", great Ramboette name!

Doesn't that make you a coward and/or bully?

Can't handle the truth, can you!

Anonymous said...

Because Jill's Jots is obviously your real name. What's your kid's name? Toys 'R Us?

Anonymous said...


Gotta be another of the village clown's pseudonyms. LOL

Jill's Jots

Anonymous said...

You know what's even funnier? The village clowns are now saying sewer construction is causing valley fever.

Watch what happens next Tuesday.

Anonymous said...

I just can't stop laughing at those fools. You really can't take any of them seriously.

The sewer is not going to be stopped again. Ann can join all the lawsuits and cheer all the failures to halt/delay/obstruct the construction, but in the end, the sewer is not stopping!

We need a couple billboards with names and pictures of all the obstructionists, maybe even addresses and phone numbers?

Those names are about to be made very public when the final costs of the bankruptcy are billed to us. Maybe they ought to also be subject to criminal prosecution and punishment?

It ain't going away!

Anonymous said...

Having read Crawford's rambling, not sure what the point was, but I've certainly read and written more coherent essays throughout high school, college and the legal world of private industry.

What was he trying to say?

Anonymous said...

Don't know. I can't decipher hieroglyphics.

Anonymous said...

Hieroglyphics? I thought it was typed in Wingdings. What a mess.
Ron, crawl out of the bottle before you post again. It's embarrassing, dude.

Churadogs said...

Ah, the Anon's are at it again. Jill's right. Cowards. But I love the constantly recurring meme that somehow the sewer is at risk of being stopped by "obstructionists?" That's fascinating. What was I writing years ago? About a train that has left the station? Toot! Toot! Remember? I also love that the Anonymice pretend to not understand what Ron has so clearly written. Claim it's all hieroglyphics. That's funny. The image that comes to mind is a handful of folks with their fingers in their ears, eyes scrinched shut, yelling LaLaLaLaICan'tHearYOULaLaLaLa.

Anonymous said...


Has Ron believed in his crap with enough conviction that he has convinced any legal authority to pursue any action?

Has Ann won any of the lawsuits she has been part of?

Of course not! They are only chickens scratching in the dirt hoping for a bug and clucking loudly and often!

Keep trying Ron and Ann, so far you are just making a little noise with nothing to show for it!

Look out your windows folks, the sky did not fall and the sewer is progressing quite nicely. No one is listening to the musing of two wantabe community activists. The sewer is here in spite of the misguided!

Anonymous said...

The words "Ron Crawford" and "clear" don't belong in the same sentence.

Look, just because you had a fling with Ron doesn't make him a journalist.

Ron said...

Ann writes:

"The image that comes to mind is a handful of folks with their fingers in their ears, eyes scrinched shut, yelling LaLaLaLaICan'tHearYOULaLaLaLa.

And the really funny thing -- that I just love -- is, if that "handful of folks with their fingers in their ears" are property owners in The PZ, my story is, like, a VERY good thing for them, because it shows exactly HOW they are being fleeced twice a year.

It's hilarious: They'd rather just hate on me, instead of actually looking at the primary source documents I provide, that shows exactly how they are being ripped off every time they cut a check for their property taxes.

Too damn funny.

I'm kinda flattered by it... I guess. I mean, really? They'd rather just hate on me -- rather than save nearly $5,000 bucks ($220-something a year for the next 20 years)?

They hate me THAT much? I'm not too sure what to make of the situation. It's so nonsensical, that it's funny. Uh, I'm flattered... I guess?

Anonymous said...

No Ron, we do not hate you............
WE PITY YOU as you waste your life on nonsense.

We pity Ann too as she is so gullible as to believe Ron's nonsense as well.

Anonymous said...

Nobody is going to go through a landfill to find a few shiny toasters, Ron.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

It has gotten so boring to respond to Ron. You put up information that clearly refutes his so-called "points" and he never responds, just turns around and churns out more of the same regurgitated effluvia.

But for those of you out there who may be newbies:

We are paying this first assessment, the one Ron whines about, for collection system plans, and the Mid-Town property, which is mitigation for the current project. What we lost out of that money was the money spent on the permits for the old project.

NOW, to look at a CURRENT tax bill, the most glaring amount is the SECOND sewer assessment that I get to pay for, the one we are getting right now, IN ADDITION to the one Ron shows:


This is the amount I would NOT be having to pay for (and in addition, I would NOT have a $25,000 lien on my property) for this new sewer, had the old project NOT BEEN STOPPED by a bunch of lies.

So slice it and dice it however you like. Because we did NOT get the old sewer project for a shortage of 21 missing votes, we all get to pay a whole lot more. Granted, the average monthly rates are lower because the payments stretch out a whole lot longer, 40 years on USDA loan shown above, and 30 years on the State Revolving Fund loan, which will show up on our tax bills later. So to summarize, when both new loans show up, at around an average of $165/month for 30/40 years, vs. the old project's average of around $200/month (including rates and charges) for 20 years, you pick—oh wait, it's too late!

I am very, very grateful to the County for picking us up out of this mess of our own making and think that they have done a stellar job, but we would have been flushing and forgetting for the past 5 years has the recall not happened. And we would not have THREE assessments to pay for our sewer, just one.

Anonymous said...

Hi 'toons

When will the cost of the bankruptcy hit?

As I understand it, at least one contractor has bought up the outstanding bills from 2 or 3 other contractors which adds to his bill, but that bill has not been settled. LO/PZ is still on the hook for that settlement. We don't get a free pass on those costs.

Churadogs said...

Anon sez:"No Ron, we do not hate you............
WE PITY YOU as you waste your life on nonsense.

We pity Ann too as she is so gullible as to believe Ron's nonsense as well."

Ah,yet here you are, like Pavlov's dog at the ding of the bell, knee-jerk commenting, commenting, commenting, obsessively commenting. Ding! ding! ding!

Anonymous said...

Old Woman, YOU are too old to complaining about the goings on in Los Osos! If YOU don't like the comments, then stick to dogs and poetry.

YOU can always shutoff the comments section. Why haven't YOU?

Since YOU can't accept any opposing view than your very personal narrow view, YOU have no room to be concerned. Yet YOU like to continue to bitch and moan over other views! Time to face reality Calhoun, the sewer IS being constructed and will NOT be stopped this time! YOU lost!

Anonymous said...

Ann can't help but plagiarize from Howard Fineman columns on Huffington Post and recite poetry by copy-and-paste. Pretty useless person if you ask me.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

You anons are being really mean. Ann can have her views if she wants them even if we totally disagree with them. This is her blog after all.

And like it or not Anon 9:45 AM, SHE IS a good writer. I completely disagree with your Fineman assessment.

Hey, I'm glad she hasn't shut off the comments section - how else would we be able to talk sewer? (I could whine about no one commenting on my sewer blog but I won't.)

Nothing wrong with educating and entertaining us with poetry either Anon 9:45 AM, your comment makes you look anti-poetry. But then, maybe you are. Let's see what your blog site looks like, shall we? ............Oh, you don't have one?

The sewer is going in, we all can see that and we should all send a note of thanks to the County. It is a sad comment that we were not mature enough to do this ourselves, but that is the way it went. Maybe someday we can handle things like that, if we recover from the bankruptcy.... I need to research to answer your question May 4 Anon 5:54 PM, I have forgotten where we are it has dragged on so long!

I take offense to the sexist, ageist comment Anon 8:35 AM, as like Ann, I am also both; are you mad at me too? Please, just disagree with Ann because of not liking her viewpoints!

Ron is another topic altogether. He does not live here and spouts truly irrelevant stuff because he for some reason needs to be "right" no matter what the facts are. There is a reason no one responds to his query letters because the word is out he will take what you say and wrap it around his personal theories. I guess he is overly repetitive because he knows he has not convinced us, but we have to give him credit for keeping trying, no matter how boring the repetition is.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Bankruptcy. With Ann's indulgence:

It is unclear where we are now as nothing is public. The Los Osos bankruptcy case shows up on the BOS agendas, the LOCSD agenda and the RWQCB agendas. But we know nothing beyond that the bankruptcy was upheld March 26, 2012 by a federal judge and then appealed on May 9, 2012 by Monterey Mechanical.

Under the ruling now appealed, the LOCSD must pay in full the bond holders (mentioned in this thread) and the loans on district improvements such as the 16th Street tank project. However, what Monterey Mechanical is grousing about is the 35-40% they will get on the dollar. The case, (obtainable for a small fee per page if you sign up for a PACER account), seems to rest on seven statements beginning with, "Did the Bankruptcy Court err on...."

My favorite one is:

"E. Did the Bankruptcy Court err in rejecting Appellant's confirmation objection that the plan is not in the best interests of creditors and was not proposed in good faith in violation of Code sections 943(b)(7) and 1129(a)(3) because the County and the residents of the District's Prohibition Zone are getting special substantial benefits, the County by being insulated from liability for the District's debts through confirmation of the Plan instead of dissolution of the District, and the Prohibition Zone residents by having the value of their real property protected and enhanced, even though neither the County nor the residents are contributing anything directly or indirectly towards payment of the District's prepetition creditors?"

They are not happy at the transference of properties to the County too.

So all I can recall as to a timeline on this was what was mentioned at a CSD meeting last year, we would know more by the end of 2013.

Just as a monetary footnote, the CSD is paying the BK attorney $395 an hour and District Counsel, who is assisting, $176 hour. Cha-ching! The District will also be losing $166,000/year by selling the garbage franchise fee to the County to be able to pay in part this BK debt. (Thanks Lisa, Julie, Chuck, John, Steve. An apology would have been nice.......but oh, well.)

Anonymous said...

Didn't Lisa or was it Julie state that the people of Los Osos would never have to pay the contractors?

Those legal costs could also amount to a very large sum? Did the District sell the garbage franchise?

Anonymous said...

No one comments on your blog because you're an obsessed fruitcake, Lynette.

Anonymous said...

Julie said it. She says a lot of things with her forked tongue.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

The legal costs are being paid out of what is left of the old project's SRF monies. When/if that runs out—who knows about that!—then the District will have to find the funds elsewhere.

The garbage franchise is being sold to the County for $2.8 million to help pay off the creditors in the bankruptcy but it hasn't happened yet. It will be processed through LAFCO.

Anonymous said...

If Lynette's an obsessed fruitcake, what does that make Ron? He calls himself an investigative journalist and connects the dots he wants to and thereby missed the entire picture.

Many are glad that Lynette provides the facts versus Ron's machinations.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Lynette!

Anonymous said...

Lynette provides facts? More like diarrhea.

Churadogs said...

Anon sez: "YOU lost!" Ah, proof positive that this Anon hasn't been paying attention to what I've been writing about for years: Chinese menu, remember that one? That's what I wanted and, by gosh, that's what I got: The community got to vote to assess themselves for a reasonably estimated total amount (i.e. completed project best guestimate), they got to chose the kind of sewer they wanted (gravity) and where they wanted the plant located (out of town.) THAT menu choice should have been done years ago and was what I was calling for years ago, back when it became clear that the original Ponds of Avalon were DOA. So, "lose?" Nope. I got what I was calling for. Something you'd have known had you been paying attention instead of just making stuff up.

Toonces sez:"You anons are being really mean."

Well, sure, that's what Anons do. It's also what they are.

And Toonces also sez:"I take offense to the sexist, ageist comment Anon 8:35 AM, as like Ann, I am also both;"

Well, sure, that's what Anons do. It's also what they are.

Toonces also said:"The sewer is going in, we all can see that and we should all send a note of thanks to the County. It is a sad comment that we were not mature enough to do this ourselves, but that is the way it went. Maybe someday we can handle things like that,"

Actually, "maturity" had nothing to do with it. The original "Ponds of Avalon" which were linked to the formation of the CSD, were based on a lie -- the Karners, for example, knew before the election that the Ponds would never be allowed, but failed to tell the community that little fact. Furthermore, years later, at a public workshop, shortly after taking over the sewer project, Paavo Ogren said (absolutely correctly) that a major reason for the ultimate failure of the project was that the CSD never had the financial resources to do the project properly, i.e. what the County did, i.e. TAC evaluations, let the best project come forward, let the community "vote" on their choices, etc, all the things the county did. So it wasn't "maturity" it was the lack of resources to to it right, which, along with some critical missteps, guaranteed derailment since, even with the county plodding along with The Process, (remember that?)it was still a reasonably close call on the final survey, for example. So, there was no way the CSD could have managed that. And Paavo should know since he was the CSD's first manager, present at the creation, so to speak.

Anon sez:"

YOU can always shutoff the comments section. Why haven't YOU?"

I love that one. Yet there he is, obsessively showing up, again and again, like Pavlov's dog, ding, ding, ding. Gosh, Anon, if I shut off the comments section, I'd miss hearing you panting, ding, ding, ding.

Anonymous said...

Ding ding ding? Pipe down, you old bitch.

Ron said...

'toons writes:

"Ron is another topic altogether. He does not live here and spouts truly irrelevant stuff because he for some reason needs to be "right" no matter what the facts are."

Well, again... again... if you tiny, TINY handful of PZers would rather hate on me, instead of saving $5,000, hey, it's your money, WTF do I care?

As for the more than 4,000 other PZers that are being fleeced every time they cut a property tax check, I have an idea: When your next tax bill shows up in October, simply don't pay that 225.52?

In other words, pay all of your tax bill, but just subtract that $225.52 (or whatever it will be in FY 13/14) from the total, with a note saying something like, "I refuse to pay LOCSD WASTE TREATMT 225.52, because it was based on fraud, and will never exist."

And then just include the link to my story in your note:

Problem solved.

And, the beautiful thing about my idea is, like I show in my piece, Art Bacon, the SLO County Tax Collector, is a PZer, and (a little bonus reporting here) he REALLY didn't sound too happy about the fact that HE's paying for a miserably failed public works disaster/fraud, that will never exist.

So, if a PZer were to do my little "don't pay the Tri-W assessment scam" protest, they would be doing it to a tax collector that already knows I'm right.

Stop paying for the fraud, and then just sit back and see what happens.

I mean, what's he gonna do? Take your house because you refuse to fund a fraud for the next two decades?

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Ron, you are advising people to do something unlawful. NOT a good idea.

Please respond to what the money is going to pay for: mitigation for the current project and the collection system. Please explain how the refurbished Tri-W site and the pipes going into the ground right now do not exist. Did you forget that AB2701 told the CSD to turn over properties and plans to the County?

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

So if the CSD never had the resources to do it right and the County did it right, why was there so much protest at the results that we finally did get?

ALSO, I wonder just where the County would be right now if the many lawsuits filed agains the CSD's sewer had not been settled - in favor of the CSD? The remaining things that could be sued over were so weak for the current project, they never made it out of the "planning stage" and into the courts.

Had the recall election been held earlier, we would be flushing and forgetting right now I am sure. 20 votes for Measure B, the illegal Measure B as you recall, was hardly a mandate to stop an $134 million project, but the Lisa board ran with it and here we are today with a $173 million project. Had there not been the lawsuits from the beginning (which were not supported by many) the project would have cost $84.6 million in 2001.

So pooh on the naysayers who still trot before the BOS weekly to pi$$ and moan about the present project. I guess they still don't think that we are paying enough and clearly they don't care what the majority thinks either.

And I don't want to hear any whining out of them when LOVR is torn up for the pipes from the plant out of town to in-town where the bulk of the reclaimed water will be returned. Out of town is where they wanted the plant so they just better keep their mouths shut.

Anonymous said...

Lou hasn't spanked you today, I see. He's falling behind.

Ron said...

'toons writes:

"Ron, you are advising people to do something unlawful. NOT a good idea.

So, your advice, 'toons, for The PZers is that they should continue to fund a fraud for the next two decades?

Odd advice.

Me? I say the situation screams for a little civil disobedience.

But, AGAIN, it's your money, what do I care?

'toonsie also writes:

".... the money is going to pay for... the refurbished Tri-W site

[Insert buzzer sound here]

'toons, as usual, you couldn't be more inaccurate. (Uh, do you do that on purpose, or are you really THAT stupid?)

If you could read, 'toons (boy, I write that phrase a lot), you would have noticed one of my favorite little twists in all of this, and this... is... great:

The 2005 LOCSD Board deliberately sets their own recall election date at one of the latest possible dates, and that buys them the extra two weeks they needed to rip up the Tri-W site (at an enormous cost, and, for no reason whatsoever, other than political), and then the County, five years later, is forced to use PZ tax money from the SECOND assessment -- SLO AD-LO SWR (USDA) 711.80 -- to restore the Tri-W mess that the 2005 LOCSD Board, which included Gordon Hensley and Richard LeGros, created solely due to a political ploy.

AWESOME!: The PZers (and the State of California) pay to rip up the ESHA at Tri-W for no reason whatsoever, other than political, and then, five years later, using a completely different assessment, The PZers have to shell out ANOTHER fortune just to clean up the gigantic mess that the 2005 LOCSD deliberately created at the ESHA-filled Tri-W site, solely for political reasons.

I LOVE that chapter so much, that I exposed it, of course, at this link:

Tell ya what, 'toons, you and Lou KEEP paying that $5,000 for a fraud that will never exist (hey, it's your money, what do I care) and the more than 4,000 OTHER victims in the PZ, and I, will try to figure a way to FINALLY get some justice for The PZ -- a process, by the way, that would be MUCH easier if Pandora's "tools" (like Morem) in the worse-than-nothing local (so-called) "media," weren't SOOOOOO worse-than-nothing.

Fair enough?

Works for me, and it's so simple: Simply don't pay that $225.52 come October.

Justice doesn't get much easier than that.

Anonymous said...

Ron, narcissism is not a substitute for journalism. Put together at least a few coherent sentences without talking about yourself or shut up.

Anonymous said...

I assume Ron knows that failure to pay taxes, or any portion thereof puts one in default, making said person liable to seizure and sale of his/her house?
Oh, yeah, I'm sure you will find a few whackos willing to do that, but the majority of people in LO just want to get on with it. Enough already. Squawk again when the Santa Margarita sewer comes around.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Ron, 20 votes....

Anonymous said...

Lynette, fuck you.

Anonymous said...

I do believe a little boy is giving Ron all the "legal" advice.

Neither live here, neither will be paying the tax bill.

Calhoun's "blog" has sunk to a new low!

Time for Ann to block all comments, but she can't she enjoys trying to stir and cheer, and let's not forget her favorite: sue someone!

Maybe Ann can lead the insurrection by not paying the sewer and tax bills! You do agree with Ron, don't you Ann!

Anonymous said...

When someone like Ron has their head so deeply up their ass, they're not taking anyone's advice.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Wrong Ron, they didn't set the date late to be able to rip up Tri-W, but to get the project far enough along that stopping it would seem really dumb.

And stopping it was costly if costly counts as dumb. We now pay for new land out of town, we'll pay to ship the contaminated water out of town, we'll pay to ship the cleaned up water back into town. We have lost more of the lower aquifer due to salt water intrusion because the water conservation measures are happening now in 2013 instead of 2006. And we get to pay for the bankruptcy too.

The old project failed because noisy people were persuasive (by 20 votes).

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:03- fuck you infinity + 1. If juvenile is the game, I just won! You are a dick.

Churadogs said...

Juvenile. Yup, that's an apt word here. Juvenile.

Anonymous said...

The juvenile always ruin it.

This is what happens when they let Ron and Ann venture too far from the playground.

Anonymous said...

Dick? I don't think Lynette has ever been in contact with one except her own.

Ron said...

'toons writes:

"And stopping (Tri-W) was costly if costly counts as dumb. We now pay for new land out of town, we'll pay to ship the contaminated water out of town, we'll pay to ship the cleaned up water back into town. We have lost more of the lower aquifer due to salt water intrusion... The old project failed because noisy people were persuasive (by 20 votes)."

'toons, your "friend" Pandora's deliberately false narrative has you so confused, that it's embarrassing.

You don't even realize that both the County AND the Coastal Commission, years after 2005, could have simply said, "Look, there was a reason we originally approved the Tri-W disaster back in 2003/04, and, by god, we are going to approve it again."

So, 'toons, if you want to blame someone for not building that embarrassment, blame Bruce Gibson, from 2007 - 2009. After all, there was absolutely nothing (other than common sense) stopping him from demanding, and then voting, to go with the Tri-W disaster.

Incidentally, 'toons, I don't remember you at the BOS, from 2007 - 2009, saying this:

"If you, the SLO County Board of Supervisors, don't select the Tri-W project, we will pay for new land out of town, we'll pay to ship the contaminated water out of town, we'll pay to ship the cleaned up water back into town, and we will have lost more of the lower aquifer due to salt water intrusion."

Which means, you are WAY late with your whining. You had your chance to take that whine to the BOS from 2007 - 2009, but you didn't. If you've got a problem with the County's reality-based project -- and it sure sounds like you do -- hey, that's your fault. You shoulda whined louder, from 2007 - 2009.

By the way, that "$5,000" that I'm about to save PZ property owners ($225/year for the next 20 years), is only if a PZer owns just ONE property.

As I show in my piece, the Karners own multiple properties, and are in for nearly $1,000 a year on their OWN Tri-W assessment scam/fraud.

That means I'll be saving them somewhere in the neighborhood of $20,000.

Pandora and Gary? You... are... welcome!

An anon writes:

"Squawk again when the Santa Margarita sewer comes around."

Promise : -)

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Wrong again Ron, Tri-W was not brought to the Coastal Commission by the County, so there was no reason for them to comment on the old project.

By then, the damage had been done, the project was socially infeasible. People wanted to get SOMETHING FINALLY BUILT, so something new it had to be. So they assessed themselves ONCE AGAIN to finally get a sewer, despite the efforts of Lisa, Julie, Linde, etc. to stop it.

No one is going to agree to your scam to not pay their taxes. Look how your last idea for going to small claims court went down in flames! You had only one taker at that and it flopped miserably.

Anonymous said...

You had only one taker at that and it flopped miserably. Like your credibility?