Sunday, May 05, 2013

Your Sunday Mitzvah

Yesterday was a work day at El Chorro Dog Park.  The park is run by SLO-4-PUPs , a non-profit member of SLOPOST, is financed by private donations and is maintained by many hard-working volunteers. 
On this day, there was a donor bench to be moved, which involved digging its heavy cement footing out of what had now turned into bone dry, cement-like adobe soil, a slow, pick-and-shovel-buckets-of –water project that was headed up by the park’s #1 go-to lady -- Addie.
Dog park, CCC work day, May 13 001
Anthony Aurgnac and Clark Cali, Two young men from Mission Prep School soon arrived to volunteer.  Mission Prep requires that all their students dedicate a certain number of hours for service/community work and we were very grateful to have them come help.  In short order they moved and re-laid pavers and moved a heavy picnic table on top to create a new seating arrangement under the trees.
Dog park, CCC work day, May 13 005
Dog park, CCC work day, May 13 008
Then the cavalry arrived.
Dog park, CCC work day, May 13 006
Yup.  The C’s.  They’re a fabulous group of young people who are training for future careers in forestry, engineering, park administration, firefighting, and conservation , while working like Trojans improving all our wonderful parks and trails. 
 Dog park, CCC work day, May 13 007
They review the day’s plans and soon the heavy lifting begins.  The bench is moved and replanted.
Dog park, CCC work day, May 13 011 
And, of course, had to be given a test drive.
Dog park, CCC work day, May 13 012
And, since it’s the dog park, where the entire area has to be covered with wood chips since there’s no water for grass, the rest of the afternoon was spent . . .
Dog park, CCC work day, May 13 014
Mulch hurling.  Lots of mulch hurling. Followed by a well deserved snack break.
Dog park, CCC work day, May 13 013
And, of course, all work being done was inspected by Lucky, the official El Chorro Dog Park Supervising Beagle. Nothing escapes his placid gaze.  Unless he’s taking a nap. 
Dog park, CCC work day, May 13 003
So, on this beautiful Sunday, grab your dog, or borrow one from your neighbor, and come on out to El Chorro and see some of the changes we’re making, with more to come.


Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Wonderful to see such great cooperation to get a needed job done! Bravo to all those who participated!

Churadogs said...

Yeah, the C's are fabulous, as are the kids from Mission Prep.