Sunday, May 12, 2013

Your Sunday Miscellany

Does Los Osos Now Have It’s Very Own Watts Towers? 

Tree trunks, Sage nursery 002

And from the Department of HUH?
The White House released a “national strategy for the Arctic” in time for Secretary of State John Kerry’s trip to Sweden for a conference with eight polar nations.
The conference is set to discuss, among other things, the opportunities of getting at MORE oil and gas to burn that’s now accessible only because the polar ice will soon be gone. And the polar ice will soon be gone because of the CO2 emitted by. . . .  burning oil and gas. 

And from “Poetry 180” edited by Billy Collins, this from Bill Knott.
Advice from the Experts
I lay down in the empty street and parked
My feet against the gutter’s curb while from
The building above a bunch of gawkers perched
Along its ledges urged me don’t, don’t jump.


Anonymous said...

In a day or so a motlety crew will flit in cloudless skye
A raucorus nesting of murderous crows will fly in bye and bye
Will hum and buzz amd hack and haw into the forest of masts
As yards of timber hit the deck, this vision will not last.

Alon Perlman said...

Mother’s Summer Sunday Trifle Pudding Trifecta

And in a day or so a motley crew will fall and flit from cloudless sky
A raucous cawing murder of un-nesting crows will fly in bye and bye
Will hum and buzz and hack and haw into the maze of mizzen masts
As yards of timber spill to deck, this splintered vision’s not to last.

I do recall upon my facebook wall, a photograph-hed group
A brick sidewalk, road textured wall had framed this reclined troupe
Though they lay arrayed upon the ground, the picture tilted halfway round
So full upright they appeared to be found, betrayed by a suspended hound.

On social media too, I do recall, my many protestations of man’s ungainly graceless fall.
“The Poles” proclaimed I, “will now go fast, for in the looming end will be at last; No ice at all”
And from my Soapbox laptop inches high, “beware! Polar albedo is not there, no more escaping to the sky.
I told you so and so said I; When arctic drilling starts; The hyaline transport’s still beating heart will die”.