Sunday, December 08, 2013

Your Sunday Book

Coalesce Book Store in Morro Bay has published a book, an amazing thing to do in this day and age, and it's a book of poetry at that.  Doubly amazing. "Where our palms rest . . ." with poems by local poets, Beverly Boyd, Carol Alma McPhee, Joann Rusch and Bonnie Young, (Coalesce Press)  is available at Coalesce or your nearest bookstore. Christmas is coming fast, and this lovely book would make a great gift for your poetry loving friends.  I've previously posted a poem from two of the poets so you can get a feel for their "voice."  Here's the third (of four), by Carol Alma McPhee and a perfect example of just why poetry matters. And a perfect reason to go buy their book.


Life becomes
a mutter of bones:

a whispering in the desert
after tendon
and muscle lose dominion:

a parable,
to recall the past,

sounding instead
the daily
benediction of the sun.

1 comment:

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

This seems the perfect lament to age and to the relevance of ego despite what we'd like to follow us post life. A look at reality!

Nice to see you at the Central Coast Coffee Roasting Company yesterday! I'm enjoying a cup of their SLO RoastedCoffee right now!

For dinky urban areas, we sure have some excellent resources for necessary goods like books and coffee!