Sunday, December 15, 2013

Your Sunday Poem

And, finally, the fourth "voice" from the wonderful new book of poems by four local poets, "Where Our Palm Rest, Beverly Boyd, Carol Alma McPhee, Joann Rusch, Bonnie Young, " published by Coalesce Press and available at Coalesce Bookstore and other local bookstores.  Christmas is coming and this would make a fine gift to put under your tree to enjoy and to support our local poets and Coalesce's publishing venture.  This lovely sample is by Bonnie Young.

At Home

Dear God, meet me in the backyard.
Come quickly but do not disturb
the chickadee, so sure she sits on a branch

of my acacia tree.  Bless me, please,
with her peace and surety this day.
Perhaps if I chalk my hair yellow and black,

fluff my arms wide in adoration,
welcome jackrabbit and quail before
taking off, I'll fly home with you.

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