Thursday, April 17, 2014

Calling all Citrus Trees

A nice lady named Cindy, from the County Dept. of Agriculture, stopped by the house a few days ago.  For several years, the Ag folks have hung bug traps in the eucalyptus trees on the corner, looking for crop-damaging pests. Which is why Cindy was back again, this time looking for citrus trees to decorate.

Seems the citrus psyllid may be in the area, a nasty little bug that carries citrus greening disease that has the potential to wipe out the citrus industry in the state.  What she was looking for was citrus trees with easy access so she could hang some traps and change them out regularly.  And she needs to hang the trap on the tree, on the south side of the tree, actually, because apparently these bugs don't travel far so, even though I offered to have her hang the trap on the fence sort of near my lemon tree, that was a no go, gotta be on the tree itself.  And coming and going into the  yard was also a no go on account of the dogs.  So I was unable to help since she needs a tree in a yard without dogs, and a simple way to get to it without necessarily bothering the owners too much.

So, if that's something you can help with -- citrus tree, easy access --  give her a call at the Ag Dept, 781-5910.

Musique! Musique!

Cafe Musique is giving a concert on Saturday afternoon, April 26, at the Methodist Church on LOVR to kick off the release of their new CD.  They've added some more musicians, including . . . a tuba, which makes this a concert you can't possibly miss. So hurry over to and hope there's still some tickets.  (They're also performing in other venues that weekend.)

Go Fly a Kite 

And on the same weekend (26-27), kite flyers will be gathering in Morro Bay, near the rock, for the Morro Bay Kite Festival, kicking off at 11 a.m. both days Professional kite folks will be on hand to bedazzle, but everyone's welcome to come fly their kites.  Sky confetti for all!

Go See a Play

While down in Santa Maria, PCPA is presenting a classic, screwball comedy, "Noises Off."  I've read about this particular play for years, so here's a chance to go see it.  Check it out at  


Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Our lemon tree was picked out to accommodate a trap some months back and I guess it passed inspection as we got a very nice thank you from the SLO County Ag Department and no request to chop it down!

Churadogs said...

Toonces: I guess now they're looking for the bugs and if they find some, then they'll look for signs of the disease, I guess. I wished I could help, but there was a problem with no access without the dogs getting loose. Fingers crossed the disease hasn't arrived. Understand farmers in Florida are busy creating disease resistant hybrids now since they may need them further down the road.