Monday, November 24, 2014

Creepy Comic

Here's what I find the most puzzling about Bill Cosby's decades-long sexual proclivities:  The pills. 

If these women's reports are to be believed,--and there's so many of them it's impossible not to believe what they're describing -- then Cosby had some of them at "Hello."  So why pills?

I mean, famous star, willing dewy-eyed sweet young things, (or ambitious sweet young things with an eye on the main chance and a head full of fake promises), a trip to a hotel room, a dreamed up affair, "true love," and/or a good career move dancing in their heads.  A cocktail or two to loosen everyone up. That's the stock scenario for sweet young things, philandering old coots, smarmy lotharios, and Bill Cosby.

But. . . knock-out pills?  Is the guy into necrophilia?

If that's the case, while his career as a comedian is apparently tanking, perhaps he'll consider a few guest appearances on "The Walking Dead."That might be a more apt role than Cliff Huxtable.

So sad. 

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