Friday, September 08, 2006

Be There, Part II

Thursday, Sept 14, 6 pm in the South Bay Community Center, a CSD Workshop on “Water.”

This will feature the Cleath & Associates most recent studies of the upper aquifer, including information on the “emerging contaminants,” i.e. “trace elements” found in the upper aquifer. I for one am very curious about those tests and will be asking how the numbers of those trace elements compare to those found in State Water and SLO City Water.

Another question to be covered, Can we use the upper aquifer now to blend and use for drinking, thereby relieving some draw on the lower aquifer, which would help with salt water intrusion. Rob Miller, LOCSD’s District Engineer will be presenting various water conservation plans and upper aquifer use options.

Ron Munds, the City of San Luis Obispo’s Utilities Conservation Coordinator will present SLOTown’s Water Conservation Program with a discussion about how a conservation program for Los Osos can benefit from what SLOTown’s learned and is doing.

In short, it’s all about water, so I hope folks will show up with questions and will go away with some answers.


Anonymous said...

Sounds like more froth on the apologetics for the boards stupidity.
1. Should have done this before they stopped the sewer.
2. Should have had a member of the staff of the CCRWQCB talk to the community about the consequences of stopping a sewer.
3. Should have had a review of the Proposition "B" by a retired judge before submitting it as "salvation" to the community.
4. Should have checked out the law against "gift of public funds" before settling with their own pre-election attornies after the election.

Is this meeting just another part of the LOCSD BOARD'S attempt to vindicate themselves, like the Ripley contract?

Too little positive too late! Immediate destruction early on!

Can't trust these people with anything. They lied early on, and have never stopped trying to cover up their lies.

It is the cover up and the Ricoh act that will put these 5 fools in jail. Hopefully the supporters will be conjoined into the conspiricy. Former criminals such as Joey and Gail belong with them, and their press mouthpiece, Calhoun also. Ann Calhoun has been nothing but a press mouthpiece.

Joey Racano said...

Ann writes:
"Me? I see some really critical lawsuits that need a full hearing, for the sake of this community and the citizens that Mr. Sargent claims have been betrayed. As for “brazen,” “misled,” "reprehensible fiscal conduct," and “betrayal,” the betrayal and reprehensible fiscal conduct I’m seeing in the lawsuits listed above is of a far different sort than Mr. Sargent is alluding to. Far different."

You are absolutely right Ann. There is no doubt in my mind that the current LOCSD board did everything right to protect the people of Los Osos. They had nothing to do with the bankruptcy. The coffers were empty when the former board handed control over. The previous board caused this problem by caving in to the corrupt CCRWQCB.

The former board three were scumbags, and never cared for the property owners of Los Osos. The new board hired previous legal advice to set them on a course to show the wrongdoings. They were right! Property owners will benefit! Appeals courts will show this to be true!

The corrupt LAFCO soon will make a decision on dissolution. The corrupt CCRWQCB will influence that decision. The corrupt county will influence LAFCO. The whole thing is corrupt!

Then there is the corrupt bastards at the Taxpayers Watch, property owners who have caused all of the problems. Fuck them for their greedy concepts! I do not care if the property owners will pay the bills, I pay sales taxes. I do not pay income taxes because I am indigent. The government pays me, and rightfully so, I am a human being. Rich people make far to much, and I should have some of their money: They owe it to me. The government does not give me enough to live in a nice house and drive a fine car. I am OWED! Take it from the rich! Make everyone earn the same! Ann, can I move in? The government is corrupt and will not compensate me for inability to make a living. I need money to survive! I believe in you, and you have listened to me, and taken up my cause, Help me!

I am sorry that I have a criminal record. This is not my fault. It was an oppressive government that caused this.
I read your writings before I moved to this area, any you were the reason that I came. I saw brillience and clear thought: move the sewer, prop "B" will save all, the site has nothing to do with the low interst loan, everything is wrong with Tri-w. You have been absolutely correct, and nobody has paid a dime yet regardless of what the regulating boards have demanded.

You have been absolutely correct. The bankruptcy of the LOCSD as not caused any property owner a dime at this time.

All that has happened is that real estate in the PZ is not selling. Since people are sticking with their values, there is no loss. They are not selling their property, however.

I am glad that I entered the frey to protect the people of Los Osos from a rediculously priced sewer system in a bad place and have fought government.

Believe me, along with the LOCSD board, we will have a sewer system at an affordable price, and that will be less than $30 a month, and it will be out of town. I guarantee it!

Those that I support, Cessna, Senet, and Sikes think it will cost nothing, after legal suits prevail!

Support the lawyers, because they know best, and your brillient elected board
because they know far more than you do.

Remember, Calhoun is right, she knows far more than you do, and within her and my anon writings is the truth and salvation!

Joey Racano

Churadogs said...

Anonymoose sez:"Is this meeting just another part of the LOCSD BOARD'S attempt to vindicate themselves, like the Ripley contract?"

Uh, actually, it's a chance to hear some updated water reports. One key one is from Cleath & Assoc on the upper aquifer. Should be interesting.

As for the phony posting by "joey", oh, please. I hope anyone reading this blog and the various postings has more intelligence than you apparently give them credit for?

Joey Racano said...

Phony posting? Not so! I support you Ann, and everyting you have said. You have been totally correct through the years. Perhaps things have not worked the way you wanted. Who cares how much the fat cats in Los Osos lose? We are on the shining path of rightousness. We have just been fucked over by corrupt government and taxpayers who want to hold on to their wealth.

Anonymous said...

The phoney "Joey" postings are obviously made by someone who is losing it. They are angry at what is happening (many of us are) so they resort to stereotypes and so on. The next thing you know this poster will be saying that "liberals" caused this situation. Got news for you "Joey"...Los Osos caused this. If you didn't have enough people vote your way don't blame Joey!