Saturday, September 02, 2006

Elections! Elections! Elections: Here’s the candidate statement for Maria Kelly, who’s running for the LOCSD. As noted in my previous blog entry, for those wishing to send them in, I’ll be posting candidate statements for those running for the Los Osos CSD Board in November. The posting are for information purposes only and do not constitute an endorsement of any kind.

Campaign Statement for candidate, Maria Kelly, Los Osos CSD

Strengthen local control of financial issues:
Ensure that a forensic audit begin immediately after the election to resolve financial conflict and proceed accordingly
Work towards restoring the Districts financial credibility by hiring qualified professionals who understand our unique challenges and our community’s financial needs
Hire professionals who support the concept of global community through local responsibility and COMPLIANCE WITH THE LAW
Restructure management at the District level that will allow for effectiveness and frugality

Create positive working relationships within the community, the District’s staff and other governmental agencies:
· Establish a professional and positive relationship with all outside agencies
· Support District staff by ensuring stable budgeting, providing equipment needs and adequate staffing
· Engage in ongoing dialogue with any outside agency who may be vital to resolving our community debts

Progressively support needed services for our Community’s evolving needs:
Work with community members, grant writers and the county to help us establish;
· Parks and a pool
· Funds and guidelines for our neighbors who need financial assistance for services
· Address and create a plan for potential ongoing water issues including aggressive conservation and continued exploration of all options

I believe in the Constitution of the United States of America and the State of California. I believe in the Democratic process of government entities and the trust that they hold. I believe in the prudent use of our burdened judicial system. I believe that it is the duty of an Administrative Agency to uphold the public trust and respect the responsibilities that the community has entrusted to them and to behave accordingly.

Respect for Local Control
Environment and our Future
Sensibility and our Safety
Order of Business
Reliability of Representation
Elect Maria Kelly for Los Osos CSD Further info:


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Churadogs said...

Think some SPAM just got throught he blogsites filter. Please ignore and I'll check with Greg to see what happened.

Anonymous said...

Dear Ms. Kelly,

Thanks fors your candadate statement. Your statement,along with your questions and comments at the last board meeting, have secured my and my spouse's vote in November. You will be an wonderful CSD Board member.

Good Luck!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



*PG-13 said...

Cute. But weak.
Lots of fluff, little substance.
Lots of good well-meaning sentiment which might play well in saner times and more normal conditions. But is this platform sufficient for here and now?

Granted, one political axiom says never say too much least you stand for something people will vote against rather than for. Still. Here and now, in Los Osos, campaigning for a lead role in the great LOCSD comedy. I think candidates should bring their best stuff to the audition. Hopefully each candidate will, eventually, make their positions clearer than mud. This is not the time or the place for timidity. If you're gonna join this game ya best be wearing asbestos skivvies.

Anonymous said...


I just heard that you are running for the CSD Board....and I couldn't be more thrilled!

We met at a PTA meeting. I will not write who I am; but my hubby and I know you would serve us well on the CSD.

Los Osos, Vote for MARIA KELLY !

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous 5:57 PM is WEAK

Anonymous said...

What do you do Maria Kelly? This all means nothing if you do not have a substantial Thing to say about what you do in your life. We dont know you and these statements could be made by anyone with the intention of flipping and betraying Los Osos. Tell us about you!!!

*PG-13 said...

Without this becoming too personal, I myself am less concerned about what YOU DO than what YOU PLAN TO DO. Having some knowledge of who you are, what you do and what you have done is certainly helpful in considering whether to vote for you. As Anon 1:47 implies, if we don't know anything about you how can we feel secure in whether you are the best candidate to represent our interests on board. Unlike Anon 1:47 I'm not sure how to evaluate betrayal. I'm sure all the board members of each board configuration thought they were doing the right thing for Los Osos. And most of them have been pretty up-front and transparent with their perspectives about the sewer. But I can't discern any of that from your platform statement. That's why I labelled it weak. I can read your platform and I can read a lot into it. But there isn't a clear statement about what you think and how you will address the imminent emergency you will face if elected. I look forward to hearing more .....

Anonymous said...

Where do you want your sewer Maria? Where do you want your sludge? Where do you think the wastewater should go? Are you polluting? Just what kind of park do you think you can pull off in this community that can't get a bike path for 16 years of trying? How about expanding the library instead remodling? What a waste of $200K! Can you get the County to move the HCP forward so the library can be built? So roads can be improved? Did you even know that that's the hold up? You're new here honey, you've got a lot of learning to do, I'm afraid you're in over your head.
Answer the questions, then you might get some support.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ms. Kelly hello. The community is waiting to hear your responses.

Sewertoons said...

xfzskisUm, maybe Ms. Kelly does not read the blogs…? Just because she e-mailed her campaign statement to Ann Calhoun, doesn't mean she has to participate here - or any of the candidates for that matter.

Why don't you talk to her in person? I saw her at the Farmer's Market today at a table with campaign stuff, maybe you could catch her next week?.

Anonymous said...

The CSD ain't the PTA.
You can list a million things that you INTEND to do or work can anyone. The question you going to do all these things.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon above,

You wrote> "The CSD ain't the PTA."

Your right....the PTA is a much better funded, organized and operated organization than our current CSD.

Anonymous said...

Back at you annon above,

You are entitled to your opinion....even if you are angry and can't resist taking shots at the CSD. Feel better now?
That isn't exacally what I meant by compairing the two organizations, but you don't get the difference....I guess.

Anonymous said...

Anon above,

LOL....I'm way past being angry. Now I am just dazzled with the amazing incompetence and folly of the CSD Board (and their supporters).

However, I am very sad for those folks who live in the PZ. Those folks will have to eventually pay for the actions of the current board, including $40,000,000 in fines and debt, $10,000,000 in project cost inflation costs,$20,000,000 invested in the old project, and increasing debt of $1,000,000 per month. Poor souls: they will pay through nose.

Anonymous said...

Annon again above,

If you can stop with the poor pitiful me having to pay all them fines thing, please tell me how much cash has left you bank account thus far?

You're so friggin' out of control you can't think straight.
Did you ever hear the phrase, "it over 'till it's over"?

You'rs so busy echoing all the critic...who, by the way, don't know what they are yapping about either, that you aren't thinking for yourself. I question if you are capable of having an original thought.

It's very "in" to jump on the "let's bash the CSD" band wagon. I doubt if you even were aware of a sewer project or anything else going on in Los Osos

You are just another pathetic know nothing.....probably support the TW, to boot.

Anonymous said...

Hi Anon Above,

I am the senior financial analyist for a major investment corporation, you asshole.

I know EXACTLY of what I speak of. I can easily reconize the finacial train wreak that is the CSD.

Anonymous said...

Senior Financial Analyst? You're kidding me! Wouldn't someone with such a lofty (phoney) title know how to SPELL?

Anonymous said...

Typing when angry results in spelling errors, as my response to
Anon 11:39 shows.....he/she teed me off.


Anon Senior Financial Analyst

Anonymous said...

Annon Senior Financial Analyst


That doesn't mean you have any common sense....just a what does that prove? So you know how to juggle numbers....just like another person who likes to throw numbers around....with no basis..


Annon Rocket & Space Engineer