Wednesday, September 20, 2006

LAFCo Hearings on the Dissolution Petition for Los Osos will be held in the Board of Supervisors's Chambers, Thursday, Sept 21, starting at There will be public comment on that agenda item. I encourage all interested people to attend. Even though the Staff is recomminding denial of the dissolution, it is the Board itself that will make the final decision.


Mike Green said...

This should be interesting to see how the supporters of T.W. spin this into a victory.
Personaly, I have no respect for anyone that supported the CDO plan (the first one) I know some of the doomed 45 and I believe they have been egregiously abused by the Water Gods.

Anonymous said...

The Water Gods.

Give me a break. All this baloney about water gods is bordering on pre-school. Please be advised that Los Osos is a small municipality, subject to the governing of state and federal regulations, and, as such, we must adhere to those regulations, or, by golly, be FINED!!!

Did you just fall off the turnip truck? This was spelled out all along. It is just that Gail and Julie and Lisa spun a totally different tale: One of no fines, a state water board TOO BUSY to enforce codes on little dinky, stinky Los Osos; One of a SRF fund easily obtained AGAIN, and all the time, insinuating, NO MUSS, NO FUSS, NO BOTHER!!


This was the biggest snow job this side of the Rockies! These gals fed this to you guys like you were a bunch of know-nothing dorks.

And, you swallowed it whole.

How could you be so naive?

And now you complain about CDO's?

Get real.

Anonymous said...

Civilized people recognize that state and federal agencies will indeed regulate a small municipality like Los Osos.

To refer to state and federal agencies as Water Gods, sounds like you live in some primitive culture, like the one in the movie, "The Gods Must be Crazy"
wherein a Coke bottle was discarded by a plane, and the simple natives decided to worship it like some God.

Los Osos, please understand that there are no "Water Gods". There are only state and federal agencies that are operating according to law, and who will regulate Los Osos.

Los Osos does not have the option to refuse, nor rewrite laws, nor scoff the law, or declare themselves as an independent nation.

Los Osos does not have the option to accept the County of San Luis Obispo picking up the pieces of your tattered and worn Sewer District, wrecked by those foolish five, voted into office by fools who were hoodwinked by liars, reinforced by bullying psychotics, after accepting the bill signed by the Governor, today.

So, get a grip, Los Osos, and to the BOD: accept defeat.

This community has (THANK GOD) handed over the control of the WWP, and GOD WILLING The County will see fit to carry out the already approved plan for the WWP to go in to the TRI W site. and be DONE WITH IT!!!

Fortunately, the County does not have its head in a *very* dark place, and can see the wisdom of taking up, where others left off.

Thank you Arnold!

FBLeG said...

To the two anons above:

Sounds like sour grapes to me. LAFCO did the only sensible thing it could - deny the petition to dissolve. TW are the big losers here and the community the winners. Building at TriW is not going to happen in my opinion. There is too much resistance to that location. Since all but the few truly devoted TriW fanatics just want a sewer built somewhere, I believe the county will ultimately build elsewhere.

And let's see - talking about false promises: TW watch says give us money to support our just cause to dissolve the CSD and that will solve all your problems. What can they say now? Something like, we're sorry we wasted $35,000 on such a boneheaded idea, we didn't even get a chance to show you how right we were - but we have many more great ideas - please send check to ...."

Mike Green said...

The reason I use the term "Water Gods" is because I fell off a turnip truck when I was three and never progressed from there!
Realy its because of the nature of unelected commissions that in my opinion have too much power, and I thought it was catchy and a little funny.
If that bothers you too bad!

Anonymous said...

Mike, get yourself checked for toxoplasmosis. Or perhaps the wack on your head from the frying pan has rattled your brains!

You are right about unelected comissions, mostly composed of lawyers perpetuating the living of other lawyers.

Shark Inlet said...

I think that Mike's use of the phrase "water gods" is very appropriate. After all, in this situation, the RWQCB has pretty much all the power.

The sad thing is that the LOCSD and many of our residents don't seem to recognize that the RWQCB is, indeed, in a position where they can play god.

Dating back to 1983 when the discharge prohibition came into existence, they've had the right to essentially close up shop on everything inside the PZ (except for Monarch Grove and Sea Pines who have their own sewer system) at will.

What I do find odd about this all is that some folks are surprised when the RWQCB feels the need to take action at all.

From the RWQCB point of view, they've seen little effort to move forward with a solution that hasn't been been fought tooth-n-nail. This is dating back to the 1980s. Most recently, the LOCSD board was elected on a platform of continuing pollution for an undetermined timeframe because they don't like the location the previous board chose. The RWQCB felt the need to take action to make the point that continued pollution is out of line.

If you have any doubt that the RWQCB will act, just look at the fines they imposed on the Monarch Grove homeowners. Relative to the amount and type of pollution, the fine was higher than imposed on anyone else polluting. This was to send a message to the community of Los Osos. The sad thing here is that while Monarch Grove was fined for minimal nitrates and turbidity of the water applied to the golf course, the rest of the community continues to dump massive amounts of nitrates into the ground.

Anonymous said...

Yea, the RCQCB is so rightous and powerful they did nothing for 23 years. They allowed the County to continue issuing permits. They allowed a group to take over the project from the County, which had been dragging it's feet. Allowed this knowing that the plan the group had was not in accordance with their wishes.
Should I respect a group like this?

Shark Inlet said...

I'm not saying that anyone should respect the RWQCB ... when you look at the shameful way they've treated Monarch Grove as horrible polluters when far greater pollution by the City of SLO is "forgiven" it is clear that they don't deserve respect.

However, you've got to admit they've got all the good cards in their hands. The current CSD board has pretended they have a royal flush but they've got no better than a pair of threes.

The facts here are that the CSD has chosen to spit in the face of the folks with the power to make our lives difficult. Not smart and not a good way to represent us.