Saturday, September 16, 2006


Ah, well, ya can’t change human nature, that’s for sure.

When Greg first set up the News Mission blogsite, he intended it to act as a forum for community discussion and information and opinion, a sort of electronic cracker barrel around which people could gather to jaw and whittle and yak. Such cracker barrel gatherings can be informative and useful things when people who so gather are known to one another and so are encouraged to Mind Their Manners.

Alas, in the e-version of the cracker barrel, lots of “Anonymous” people show up and like “Anonymous” people everywhere, the social restraints are missing, courtesy and respect go out the door and too often you end up with Sophomoric Japery – the equivalent of a moronic tagger with a spray can standing next to a blank wall under cover of darkness.

Well, you get the drift. The comment section of this blog has attracted such moronic taggers. While their often weirdly psycho-sexual postings have been really, uh, “interesting,” the foul language being deliberately used (It’s the old epater les bourgeoisie ploy.) is becoming an annoyance.

I’ve asked the children nicely to mind their Ps & Qs, but like children everywhere, they don’t listen since their game is all that matters to them. So, Greg has added a little Trash Can icon to my site and when anyone posts stuff that’s just a curse-filled waste of everyone’s time, I can click on the little trash can and Poof! their postings will disappear. The trash can icon won’t be activated to delete or censor ideas, just eliminate postings that are nothing but foul-mouthed rants of no purpose. The posters are perfectly capable of making their points without all the Bleeping Bleep-Bleep Bleep-Bleeps.

To blog readers, please know that I actually have a busy life outside this blog, so I often don’t check in a gazillion times a day. So, the Sophomoric Sillies can still log on and do their childish routine. Indeed, that’s part of their game, trying to get a rise out of Mommy & Daddy. So, Please ignore their postings utterly and when I get a chance, I’ll be hitting the Trash Can icon as much as I can.


If you want a creepy sense of déjà vu, click over to Ron’s and read it and weep. Alas, Los Osos is not alone.


Anonymous said...

What makes me feel secure in that you will only delete comments with bad language? Why do you not delete comments with bad ideas, untruths, and speculation.

Write to yourself Ann. By the way, your opinion is NOT opinion, it is pure propaganda. You omit more facts than what you use. You and Ron twist speculation for your own purposes, and that is PROPAGANDA.

Mike Green said...

I wonder what category the anon above would label this slogan under?:
"Cheaper, Better, Faster"
Well My OPINION is that it was pure Propaganda!
(I just looked up both words)
It's also my opinion that Ann wont use the trashcan much (also my hpoe)

Anonymous said...

some more opinion or propaganda: "we'll never lose the loan" and "we'll never get fined" and "we're ready to go"
looked 'em up too Mike, and my opinion too is that it was pure propaganda....

Mike Green said...

So true so true!

Anonymous said...

Ann was right! Brillience came from the environmental meeting in Morro Bay.


During the great Joey Racano event Sept 2, 2006 some important information was received from a researcher into sea otter deaths. A significant portion of the otters were infected by Toxoplasma gondi, both dead otters and alive. Toxoplasma gondi was strongly suspected as to contributing to otter deaths.

Los Osos was found to have a much higher concentration of Toxoplasma in its soil than other areas due to a high cat population. Most cats were left outside to catch and eat infected rodents, and spread the disease in cat feces. Runoff into the bay of cat feces from Los Osos is suspected to be a strong cause of sea otter infection.

Below is a site and a discussion of the effects of Toxoplasmosis in humans:


"Acute infection with Toxoplasmosis Gondi can produce personality changes and psychosis including delusions and auditory hallucinations. T. Gondii can alter behavior, neurotransmitter function and accounts for approximately 25 % of chorioretinitis usually contracted congenitally. A large study of mentally handicapped persons revealed that the incidence of t.gondii infection in schizophrenic patients was twice that of control subjects. German research has revealed that first onset schizophrenia patients have a 42 % incidence of antibodies to toxoplasma compared to 11 % in control subjects. T. Gondi usually is spread to humans from cats. Two studies have revealed that exposure to cats in childhood was a risk factor for the development of schizophrenia."

The above could explain the writings of franc3, suspected to be Julie Tacker, who has admitted that he/she has three cats. It could also be the reason for the logic of the "Move the sewer" group and the obstruction of water law in Los Osos. How many cats do each of the LOCSD Board members own? How about the potential candidates? Does Ann Calhoun have cats in addition to dogs? How about Ron Crawford?

How about those who support the LOCSD? Who was brought up with cats? Has this community been divided by the effects of cat ownership?

I always felt that sooner or later Joey Racano would stumble upon something of great importance, while not understanding the importance. And there it is!

I own no cats. My writings reflect this. While some may feel that this is a humorous slap at the misguided, it is serious stuff.

Anonymous said...

Aha! This would account for the 50% of Los Osos population being stark raving mad!

Mike Green said...

Well in my house the crazy one is my wife, and she loves our two cats, (I like them just fine too though) so I guess the theory of 50% crazy people makes sense!
Ow! Ow! Ow!
man, that frying pan hurts!

Anonymous said...

Really folks, if one keeps their cats inside, using cat boxes (which are dumped into the trash) and gives their pets the regular veterinary care that they need and deserve, you will find that your cats clean, free from fleas and ticks, and more importantly, not subject to Toxoplasmosis Gondi, or rabies, or feline leukemia, or any of the other horrid diseases that you can completely AVOID, your pets will have longer, healthier lives, just by keeping your kitties indoors.

Our cats are taken to the vet on a regular basis, just like I took my kids to the doctor for their shots.

You have to consider that when you own an animal, you owe this little being the same respect as you would any other member of your family.

My cats go outdoors only in a carrier, on their way to a veterinarian visit. And only then. No exceptions.

Pet owners like us do not contribute to the fouling of Los Osos.

Anonymous said...


I had enjoyed reading the discussions on your site until its recent descent into sensless profanity. Having a trash can for emptying the litter box is a fine idea.

Mike Green said...

Ann, trashcan this post, I want to see what happens, thanks

Churadogs said...

Mike Sez:"Ann, trashcan this post, I want to see what happens, thanks

8:05 PM, September 19, 2006 "

Aalas, my hard drive died so I've been offline for a while. Now I'm back, I've got to contact Greg to have him set up the trashcan again. Noticed it went missing as I'm reding the posts so presume it doesn't "recognize" me. Hopefully, he'll be able to reconnect things the way they were before the Great Machine Died.

*PG-13 said...

Been gone awhile. Only now catching up with this a-little-late-in-the-flow post.

Thank you Ann. I think a little civil editing of the blog is an appropriate solution. Some are always going to take issue with any kind of editing but this seems an acceptable compromise between open and anonymous posting and a more limited registered blogger only blog.

Mike Green > Ann, trashcan this post, I want to see what happens, thanks

Like Mike, I'd like to see how this works too. I think it would be best if any time a post is deleted some kind of marker is inserted into the thread indicating that a post was 'removed due to unacceptable language' or something like that. That way anybody reading the thead will understand (a) that the blog is edited for inappropriate language, and (b) a post was removed for inappropriate language. I propose the marker be a litter box instead of a trashcan. I'm guessing Greg can make that happen.

Mike Green said...

PG, welcome back!
My hope is that the mere suggestion of editing would have a positive result.
Seems like I was right again.
P.S, I have done some testing.

Anonymous said...

You know Ann, I can understand that as a Los Osos resident, you have strong feelings about what is and has been going on in this community for some time.

Even though I do not agree with your opinions on the BOD, or the previous BOD, I still respect your right to express yourself AS A LOS OSOS RESIDENT.

That said, I cannot, for the life of me understand just why you would direct anyone to Ron Crawford's strange views.

First, Ron is not a resident. Just WHY is he so involved?
Second, Ron has always been fixated on the Tri-W site as only being a park.

Before he took off public comments from his site the first time, he was ranting on about why a park? Why a park?

My answer to him was, why NOT a park?

All his silly reasons were totally invalid, when looking at the big picture. His comments," What do we need restrooms for, there?"

My answer was, did anyone question restrooms at any beach community?

A public convenience not wanted?

To recommend your readers to his site is silly.

On another note:

I am very glad that you have taken the initiative, and put some stops on the completely obscene postings that have been on this site in the last few weeks.

There must be some sort of decent controls, in order to allow everyone to express themselves, without being totally turned off by such gutter language as has been posted in the past.

There are many learned and educated people in Los Osos, gentle folk that can express themselves in our wonderfully expressive language, English.

There are by far enough words to exquisitely insult one and all, without resorting to those common, gutter words that many of us find offensive.

So again, thank you for watching the boards and omitting those who are unable to express themselves as ladies and gentlemen.

And, I might add, you will have a far better blog for doing so.

Churadogs said...

Anonymoose said:"That said, I cannot, for the life of me understand just why you would direct anyone to Ron Crawford's strange views."

If you don't care for Ron's opinions, I would suggest you clickon his various links and read the actual documents he's cached there. Those aren't opinions, they're official documents. What Ron has constantly commented on and documented is the failure of process at many points along the way, a failure of process that led to this train wreck. For example, he has repeatedly asked for documentation to support the (old) SOC (Statement of Overriding Considerations) that kept officially claiming that the sewer plant had to be in the middle of town because of the overwhelming community wish for centrally located amenities/parks/etc. Ron has been unable to find any official documentation that that particular part of the official SOC ever existed. That old SOC was used, for example, as one of the reasons to eliminate any consideration of any out of town site -- won't be considered beecause it's not centrally located so it can have all those strongly held community values for centrally located amenities by a community that has demonstrated that it would pay any price for a centrally located sewer because it had some centrally located amenities stuck next to it & etc.

Ron's had a lot of fun with that issue, but the actual documents he's cached are what you may want to take a look at.

Annymoose also sez"There are many learned and educated people in Los Osos, gentle folk that can express themselves in our wonderfully expressive language, English."

EXACTLY! And I hope they do so with great fun and cleverness. Many witty people here in the Valley of the Bears.

Shark Inlet said...

The problem, Ann, is that the official documents don't actually back up what Ron is saying.

He is providing an interpretation of what those documents say, his intrepretation. What is sad is that he refuses to admit that there are other valid (and even more plausible) interpretations.

Thanks from me also on taking the actions that will allow you to remove the offensive language from postings by folks who don't care so much about how they present themselves.

Bobby Dias said...

Re:“Anonymous” people show up and like “Anonymous” people everywhere, the social restraints are missing,

Me, Bobby Dias: If they say something that YOU do not like- that is YOUR judgement.
If YOU do not know their names(so you can get back at them saying things that YOU do not want anybody to say, stick YOUR better-than-everybody- attitude up yours, where the sun don't shine.