Saturday, June 02, 2007

TAC Meeting Changed

Press release from the County: A meeting of the Los Osos Wastewater Project Technical Advisory Committee was scheduled to be held on MOnday, June 4, 2007 in Room 161 of the County Government Center at 1055 Monterey St. SLO.

The meeting date and time has been changed to Thursday, June 7, 2007 at 6:30 p.m. at the South Bay Community Center in Los Osos. The meeting will be a special adjourned meeting, in attendance of the regularly scheduled LOCSD meeting. The County staff and Project Team members will be making a presentation on the water reuse and disposal aspects of the wastewater project at the LOCSD meeting.

Related information can also be viewed on the Project website at


Anonymous said...

Will Al Barrow be there?

Anonymous said...

I certainly hope not! After watching all the outrageous actions over the past 5 years, I would prefer to have only speakers who own property within the PZ!!!

We are the home owners who will have to pay the costs brought on by the delays. The 218 Vote will be decided by us! Those not voteing should have no voice! We do not want to have to listen to Al Barrow ever again unless he purchases a home within the PZ!

Anonymous said...

Yes, you're right anon 6:41. I'm sure those property owners who rent out their properties are going to eat the total cost of the assessment for the sewer on their rental properties and NOT pass the cost onto those that rent from them. Are you actually telling us that the people who rent aren't going to have to pay for the sewer? How fucking retarded are you? When the assessment hits the wallet of the landlord, I'm guessing the "rent" is going up 20-30%. The people who rent ARE going to pay for the sewer and they have no vote. How fucked up is that? If anybody should be allowed to speak, it's the renters.

Anonymous said...

My aren't you as sweet and civil as Mr Barrow. Should we call you Kieth or Joey?

I do hope you are one of my renters, you have convinced me to pass on 110% of whatever the sewer bill comes to. I'm sure you will enjoy living in Santa Margarita.

I'm VOTEING for each of my properties and I'm voteing YES, YES, YES and YES!

Anonymous said...

Over time rent will go up - always has, always will. I own, I pay. Approximately 70%+ of this community is owner occupied and will take the bulk of the hit for the cost.
70% vs 30%.
Please justify not only your assumptions but why you feel the need to use a fundamentally politically incorrect statement to assert your position.

If you are a renter and this is your attitude that continues to perpetuate an "us vs them" mentality than you are welcome to leave before the increases hit.

Otherwise, contact your landlord - offer to buy your unit and take the assessment yourself. You have a freedom of options many in this community don't. I'm going to assume by your statement that you live alone and have only yourself to care for. Take care or lend a helping hand.

Anonymous said...

Here's a solution. Make Los Osos a state commune, a ward of the state. No property. A communist community. The State pays for the sewer. Nobody has to move. Sorry about the loss in equity though, might put a crimp in a few plans.

Anonymous said...


Here is some sewer costs The LOCSD gas the Ripley update and MWH's bid numbers to compare.. The latests blogs were full of speculation and little data. Here some related facts.

Who caused the over-built density in Los Osos? Here are some answers. Up until the RWQCB3 and the SLO County allowed 1100 homes to be built after their 83-13 septic discharge prohibition, the basin was in balance with safe basin yield (no saltwater intrusion). After these homes were built the nitrogen pollution went up 20%, enough to increase the well readings in the upper aquifer. That also caused our aquifer to be in overdraft by 400 acre feet a year… the amount those homes use. So the people who were supposed to protect our groundwater supply, Coastal Commission, SLO County Planning and RWQCB3, created this problem that they are now blaming us for. Shouldn’t the state be helping instead of fining us?

Templeton uses treatment ponds for wastewater treatment. The cost was $3.5 million . They built 2002, the same flow as Los Osos. They spray the effluent on nearby fields some is piped across the Salinas River, a drinking water supply, and sprayed on fields. That is sewer on the cheap in SLO County. Guess who designed them? The LOCSD District Engineer. Who approved them? The RWQCB3 approved them. The EIR was a negative declaration. Other pond designers quoted $8-13 million with denitrification.

Tidwell Inc, a local, directional drilling company owned by Leo Tidwell II and Daleo, David Levisay owner, who live in SLO County estimated STEP collection piping under $13 million, potholing and paving from septic to treatment site. Compare that to $70 million for MWH’s gravity collection who stated STEP would cost $79.2 in their 2001 project report skewing the numbers in favor of gravity (known in industry as big pipe) MWH and Carrollo are big pipe companies, now the SLO County consultants.Looks like from the SLO County slide presentation they are doing it again. Hmm. That leaves onsite costs, tops of $10 million and $6 for disposal using MWH numbers. That's $42,323,000.00 million. Orenco's estimates are $40-$50 million using their financing around 5%.

This system can be installed in a year using private financing by the builder who will manage it too as the sewer secures their investment, probably not requiring a 218 vote and certainly no lien on your property. The monthly bill pays the operation and maintenance and capital cost reduction. The way the Orenco wants to do this will give us a 60 year life cycle for the project, so after the 30 year finance period we own it.

Five crews operating HDD sleds on the side of the road drilling small diameter pipes like water pipes below the water pipes or on the opposite side of the roads. Orenco has 270 employees and about 30 years of wastewater acumen so they are qualified. see their web page with toll free number and leave a message for Bill Cagle or Mike Saunders. Mike worked for Charlotte County Florida who has 60,000 STEP hook ups planned for their STEP collection system, 5,000 are installed and working. He is now one of Orenco’s National Accounts manager. Extremely knowledgeable and knows how to get it done right and economically as evidenced by the system in Charlotte County Florida. By the way they were faced with the more expensive gravity system and stopped that project in favor of the much more affordable and reliable STEP system.

A little history I was recruited by Pandora Karner-Nash to fill buses to the Coastal Commission meeting before the 1998 LOCSD election. Lured by the promise of an affordable sewer for everyone. That is how I got involved. Their friend Al Switzer was a willing seller of the Morro Shore 55 acres for $6 million. Ponds and STEP was the plan and they had a willing seller as we do now in Giacomozzi’s 35 acres of grade three AG land east of town and out of the ESHA saving big on mitigation.

During December 1998 before taking office they organized 18 committees. I attended wastewater drainage/water OPS committee consistently, read the data provided and researched it on my own. I also contacted many wastewater companies to see what was out there. You have no idea how many ways this is done and the new technology in use today. Two things jumped out at me from the committees and board meetings.

1.We need to re-capture our rainwater and treated effluent as we are running out of water and a study was completed by LOCSD consultant SW Wetlands that would do just that, affordably. They did not want to do that until after a sewer. It is in the LOCSD records.
2. The wastewater project ran aground that year when the legal battle between Oswald/Green and LOCSD, who were sued by the LOCSD as they refused to indemnify their wastewater treatment ponds.

The General Manager that year was Paavo Ogren who is now in charge of the County project. He recently worked with MWH on the Arroyo Grande dam retrofit. No wonder the mega sewer supporters were delighted when Blakeslee stepped in and neutralized the recall vote by AB2701! Handing it to the County

Dr George Tchobanoglous was the treatment commentator on the SLO County Comparative Analysis 1998 (and the 2005 peer review) He predicted the demise of the ponds unless the ponds were moved out of town. The ponds mentioned above, a different technology, have only a 13 acre footprint and are used the world over and in much colder climates to remove nitrogen.

This was on my website from the 2000 from Air Diffusion Systems a colleague of Oswald. I invited Nelson Environmental a sister company who came to Los Osos from Canada twice to display what they designed for Los Osos at a Townhall Meeting. They sent plans to Bruce Buel who sat on them. We used Madonna construction Companies estimates on earth moving cost per yard, We think local companies can do the job keeping the money in the local economy.

Pandora, however, was not giving up her sewer park location then or now...that simple. We needed some pros so I invited Lisa Schicker to become involved and I formed the Los Osos Technical Task Force January 3rd, 2003. It was well attended. I felt we needed some science to deflect the myth and spin. She brought many of her colleagues; Fouche, Cesena, Hunter, Senet, Tcah and others not with CALTRANS attended the first meeting. We had a room full of professionals. Later 2003 Schicker/Tacker ran for LOCSD and were elected to 4 years terms. Schicker left the LOTTF. That’s when Gail McPherson was given the LOTTF lead and the CCC awarded a De Novo hearing to CCLO and LOTTF. C.A.S.E. provided testimony as well as Parker&Hawley. We won a hearing as substantial issues were recognized on the TRI-W site..

C.A.S.E. filed legal action in the 9th District Court in 2001 and the Court of Appeals in Pasadena at a cost of $80.000.00 and that was with 3/4 pro bono, which held the issuance of the Assessment bonds for a couple years. It was widely supported.

We followed that with an ESHA lawsuit to protect Tri-W for $8,000.00. That suit was sabotaged by attorney Zan Henson, who turned out to be Gordon Hensley's past coworker, at the Environmental Defence Center. Tarren Collins of the Sierra Club recommended me to him. The BOS had the item on their consent calendar regarding to Tri-W. John Sietz walked across the street to the BOS chambers and pulled the item. Henson was a no show and our lawsuit was defunct, as we had not exhausted administrative remedies. Seitz was legal counsel for the District; Hensley was on the Board where was Henson his pal? This week I got a call from a man who said Henson, Hensley and Sietz were under investigation by the DOJ in LA, but not confirmed. His organization name came on my caller ID as Trincon, which googled matched up a lawsuit CV050181, which is a Superior court system case. He said it was a 24-month investigation.

Dana Ripley P.E. got involved when he made an alternative wastewater presentation for us at that first LOTTF, no charge, showing the sustainable technologies that were compared with the power hogs (Peak Oil is here now and energy cost play a bigger factor in the future, a concern for technologies that concume high energy like the MWH plant). The cost spreads were from Dr. Tchobanoglous's wastewater manuals, he is one, if not the leading wastewater expert in the world, “Crites and Tchobanoglous Small and Decentralized” and other technical volumes. These are industry standards... nothing controversial. So it was wastewater 101 for the new LO Technical Task Force.

Dr.Ulrich Keller C.A.S.E. cofounder and I spent a week at a wastewater conference that Dr. T was attending in Lofland Arizona called South West Onsite Wastewater Conference 2002. He agreed to an on camera interview on Los Osos with several other WW experts including the president of California onsite Waster Water Association who was hosting the conference. Most of the top names in the industry were present. Since he had already done an evaluation of Los Osos his comments were very relevant. Since then Dr. Tchobanoglous led a peer review 2006 that has approved STEP collection as viable for Los Osos. In the SLO County Comparative analysis he said ponds would work out of town. Ponds, STEP, AG Exchange/Recharge are affordable and sustainable wastewater technology.

1. They are the lowest power consumers.
2. They produce the least sludge. The STEP systems septic tanks separates the solids and biodegrades them in the septic tank. That is called primary treatment a bonus over gravity collection. Then only the effluent is pumped to the treatment ponds. They have to be cleaned in 30-40 years. These ponds are aerated to prevent odors and further treat out solids. The cell walls of the bacteria that use the pollutants as a food source settle out as ash after their short life span. This is a 30 –40 day process that gives the bacteria plenty of opportunity to thoroughly digest it all.
3. The water is then disinfected with ultra violent light and sent to be sprayed on fields or some other AG exchange program including recharge or pond storage for later reuse.
4. This process completely eliminates another process know as biosolids composting, which require buildings and heavy equipment that are vector proof (rats and mosquitoes). Land application and landfill is no longer necessary.
5.The ponds have equipmenrt that slowly blends the septage collected from the septic tanks into the pond treatment systems eliminating trips to Santa Barbara County.

C.A.S.E. was so concerned about the gravity sewer we invited Graham Knowles of the National Small Flows Clearinghouse to a C.A.S.E. Townhall meeting. He agreed. Here is his website. index.htm. US Congress funds them with oversight by the USEPA. It was so packed that evening we had to open the windows so people standing outside could hear. We counted 350 people give or take some. He said other community form a homeowners associations to create their own sewers management as one of many options One division of the organization has over 88 demonstration projects nationwide NODP. Check out their web pages.

Later we formed Los Osos Taxpayers Association, LOTA and filed a non-profit in Fresno. Who later filed a 218 conformity lawsuit summer 2005 with Parker & Hawley law office. As the proper 218 assesment was never done for the State Revolving Loan of $134 million. After the fact the state acknowledged this.

It was dismissed without prejudice in the fall, so is still viable if the 218 is not handled correctly by the SLO County according to Article XIII D, see the state web site, for constitutional law.

"Assessment" means any levy or charge upon real property by an agency for a special benefit conferred upon the real property. "Assessment" includes, but is not limited to, "special assessment," "benefit assessment," "maintenance assessment" and "special assessment tax."

Pentair Pumps, Inc a $3 billion in sales 2005, also has offered to bring four executives to Los Osos in November of 2005 with a Build, Design and Finance of our wastewater project. They had designed “A Hydraulic Design & Review Analysis for The Los Osos Low Pressure Sewer System submitted January 11, 2005” at my request, nine months before the recall, a proposal similar to the later Orenco offer in October 19, 2006 LOCSD meeting. . The project cost estimates then were between $40-50 million, that is not for just STEP collection it includes the treatment as well.

In December 2004 many of us started working on a Recall to avoid a tragedy that was about to occur. As gravity pipes that will leak or break and pollute our drinking water aquifer with raw sewage were to be installed putting our precious irreplaceable water supply at risk.

In conjuction with that effort C.A.S.E. qualified measure B for the ballot. Measure B give you a vote on the cost, location and inform you on the technology selected. Although it was challenged and defeated in the lower court it was appealed and is still in force.

Anyone that tells you there was no plan before the recall is inaccurate as I have tried to explain here. We have had several plans, and several companies to design, build and finance the project. They were not started by the new board who was "standing down for AB2701.
We also have construction estimates from several local companies using the whole prohibition zone just as the gravity collection was designed off of those prior drawings with LOCSD general manager permission. These are preliminary designs addressing collection, treatment and disposal with contractors estimates for all parts, piping and a complete treatment facilities. For this type of simple technology a final design is not a high bar. There were no charges to the LOCSD for any of this work; this was all done free at my request by these companies in the hope they could do some business here. I am very grateful to all the contributors as I hope you are too. The two trips by Nelson Environmental, estimates by Daleo and their two trips here, the estimates by Tidwell who did the fiber optic cable that crosses the Pacific here, the effluent sewer collection design by Pentair Pumps, the ADS pond design for full sewage treatment were all gifts.. The trip by The National Small Flows Clearinghouse was also made at my request.
The right of way permits by the County can be used saving trenching 42 miles of our streets that we would have to pay to replace at around $10 million. Since the Giacomazzi property is out of the ESHA it will reduce the project mitigation costs requirements under CA F&G and USFWS. That is another in a long list of cost savings to be had.

Please look at the numbers. gravity versus STEP collection, ponds versus mechanical it is hugely different. Once you understand the numbers where we are today is easier to understand. Orenco and others are prepared to build with their money taking the risk of off us.

I invite the county or the opposition to check our consultant’s numbers.

Thank You ,
AL Barrow Citizens for Affordable and Safe Environment (C.A.S.E.)

P.S. Their has been 20 years of studies, most with a thumb on the scale. We have been given real recent numbers. I would likw to offer you the opportunity to question any of the work I have had done on behalf of Los Osos.

Anonymous said...

Great story Al, good writing. I am sure the county will understand. It is in their hands now.

Anonymous said...

please post all the cost estimates and documents Al. Until you do, it's fluff. gee thanks, $30 million down the tubes with nothing to show - good work!!

Anonymous said...

Thank God that Al Barrow has NO VOTE.

Al Barrow is a fraud and a fake!

You have NO credibility within this community and County!

Your rageing anger at all who disagree with you has isolated you to a lonely walk on the beach with only the few who have been sucked into your sickness. You are nothing more than a leach on this society that is paying the welfare checks which allow you to castigate all athority. You simply do not understand what a nasty person you really are!

The County is now going to build the sewer you have said more than once that you could tie up in court forever. Hopefully someone will lock your sorry ass up in Atascadero where you can halucenate about sewers for the rest of your miserable life!

Anonymous said...

Al says "we needed some pros so I invited Lisa Schicker to become involved.."

and exactly what are her professional or scientific qualifications? can you name one professional or scientific report she has made that has any professional standing??

Anonymous said...

What are Al Barrow's professional qualifications?

Anonymous said...

"Pandora, however, was not giving up her sewer park location then or now...that simple. We needed some pros so I invited Lisa Schicker to become involved and I formed the Los Osos Technical Task Force January 3rd, 2003. It was well attended. I felt we needed some science to deflect the myth and spin. She brought many of her colleagues; Fouche, Cesena, Hunter, Senet, Tcah and others not with CALTRANS attended the first meeting. We had a room full of professionals. Later 2003 Schicker/Tacker ran for LOCSD and were elected to 4 years terms. Schicker left the LOTTF. That’s when Gail McPherson was given the LOTTF lead and the CCC awarded a De Novo hearing to CCLO and LOTTF. C.A.S.E. provided testimony as well as Parker&Hawley. We won a hearing as substantial issues were recognized on the TRI-W site.."

This is beautiful! When the TW case moves forward it ties all these people together and NAILS the mis use of public funds. Thanks Al - ready for another deposition?

Anonymous said...

He's hopeing for another pay day from the CSD, pretty soon he'll be able to buy one of Edwards homes.

BTW, I've heard Al mention "his" consultants enough to wonder if he is being paid for his services? Would that affect his welfare status? He hates all forms of authority and government, what would he think if the IRS did an audit?

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, maybe an audit of his "non-profit".....
Would be interesting.

Anonymous said...

I'd pay to watch him blow up at the IRS! Maybe they would accept his "sympathies"?

Anonymous said...

Al called Schicker a professional, but did he really call Tacker a "professional"?

Anonymous said...

Al, when will you get it? These guys are looking for a job! Of course their numbers will look good - now. But when all the components needed for a project like this are actually laid out, the numbers will look quite different. I'll bet they look JUST LIKE THE COUNTY'S NUMBERS! As for private financing, they own the whole thing for 30 years - just when it is about to fall apart, (if it already hasn't started to), they will hand it back to us - with a bid to rebuild it. We need the WWTF to be in our hands ASAP. We have to pay back the CSD's debt (we can thank you for some of it) and there is no other way to do it without the plant! Private financing, if it is to be viable, must be found by the County - using their stellar credit rating!

Anonymous said...

You guys are the wacko crew. You must be drunk...can't believe the things you write!

Anonymous said...

Please tell us just how many lawsuits were filed against the CSD with Al Barrow, Kieth Swanson, Julie Tacker and Lisa Schicker attached? How many were won in court?

If you don't know, then you haven't been involved enough to know just how much damage these 4 have done to this community. We would have had the original sewer half way completed by now. But these 4 have forever divided this once sleepy little rural community!

As long as any of them have anything to do with any sewer design, in any location, there will be a pitched battle. They have blamed everyone but themselves for the disasters due to their gigantic egos and plain poor management skills. They have bankrupted our service district and not faced the consequences other than hire still more legal guns. They know nothing of compromise, they know nothing of how to conduct meetings, they know nothing of sewer design. All they want to do is continue the delays with the misdirection to move the sewer outside of town. Wake up. there is NO TOWN in Los Osos. At the rate we are continueing, there will never be a "town"!

Anonymous said...

Anon 4:39 says "We would have had the original sewer half way completed by now."

Which "origional sewer" are you talking about? The one your friends tried to ramrod down the throat of this community against the will of the people?
If it weren't for your friends Pandora Nash Karner, Richard LeGross, Stan Gustafson, Gordon Hensley and the rest of Taxpayers Watch, the origional out-of-town County sewer(1998) would have been built years ago and we would all be paying $50/month for it.

Thanks for your lies of Cheaper, Better,'ve cost this Community millions

Anonymous said...

Go back to sleep, dream of your on-site holistic treatment system, dream that you won't have to pay anything, dream that the aquifiers will purge themself and saltwater intrusion will reverse direction. Dream on in your dream that the State RWQCB and the County of SLO will be found guilty of falsely creating the need for a community sewer. Be happy in those dreams that the LOCSD has performed to the will of the people and Los Osos never needed an expensive sewer in the first place. Be content that the recall Board Members will not have to repay the public funds they paid their private attornies from District taxes. Dream happy thoughts of a vocal minority intimidating and threatening a community. Keep on dreaming you saved the community by not paying fines or for a big pipe mega-sewer. Yup, keep on dreaming!

Anonymous said...

no, the sewer the property owners approved. No fines, no CDOs, seawater mitigation.... thanks for years of obstruction and lies.... cheaper, better, faster replaced by never, longer, and costlier

Anonymous said...

thanks anon 10:29

thanks for admitting that if it weren't for you and your friends we would have a sewer in place right now and all of these problems you complain about would be nonexistent.

good job.

Thanks for the affirmation.

Anonymous said...

...thanks for more obstruction... you create your own problems. no complaints here, just deal with the facts... continue to spin and twist reality any way you want if that is your goal

Shark Inlet said...

To our anonymous friendof 9:57am ...

While you say that our bill would be $50/month if it weren't for the Solutions Group ... I remember the County plan as having an estimated cost of more than that ... closer to $70/month. Furthermore, with delays and the like, it is likely to have cost even more ... I would bet closer to $100/month. (You do know that someone ... maybe someone named Al ... would have hired a lawyer to sue the County if they hadn't adopted a STEP system and someone else ... maybe someone named Lisa ... would have sued the County if the treatment plant wasn't "sustainable" and someone ... maybe someoney named Julie ... would have sued the town if the treatment plant near the middle school wasn't "out of town", etc.

Nope, the County plan wasn't all that bad but you're a bit off when you tell us it would have cost only $50/month.

Anonymous said...

I haven't seen too much written here on the Fine Screening. It shows that the step will be more expensive, or a "wash" at best. That's very hard to believe. The county doesn't have Orenco's figures in the report and it's a shame they didn't (want to) meet with Orenco until after the fine screening. Why is the county only looking towards the state SRF funding? Why don't they want to save the homeowners of L.O. $100 million?

There is a problem I have with the Tri-W/gravity system that the county doesn't want to acknowledge and that is this: Many experts including Dr. T and the others in the peer review thought it best be out of town. Dr. Alexander, Dr. Ruehr, and Dr.T and other top experts all have questioned putting big pipes in our sand with earthquakes and other problems associated with gravity in Los Osos in particular. Where are the county "experts" saying that it's fine to put in gravity?

Anonymous said...

STEP pipe is STEP pipe, what is magical about Orenco STEP pipe vs. the costs in the report? Please post details from Orenco and send them to the County. The truth is you have no details, just blather.

you hit the nail on the head, you have a problem understanding wastewater systems, maybe things are hard to believe for you because you 'believe' and don't understand. Dr. T, Dr. A, Dr. A don't provide details, just more beliefs. Let them provide facts rather than beliefs.

Anonymous said...

4:25, the problem you have is you just do not want to pay for any system.

Anonymous said...

HaHaHa!!! The once mighty LO Sewer Experts and their consultants seem to have been staging smoke and mirror carnivals rather than baseing design in proven science and economic reality!

The earthquake sideshow hysteria begs the question, how have the big pipes done in the truly siesmic areas in Los Angeles and San Francisco?

Desperate people say desperate things, truth is not necessary to them!

Anonymous said...

to 5:12,

You idiot! Where in the heck is sand in these other areas??

Only Los Osos has this kind of sand.

I'm not desperate and am not opposed to funding a sewer. I'm trying to get you to cough up at least one expert, and apparently you can't. You go way out there again, way off subject so you don't have to address the subject.

There you go again!

P.S. If Dr. T questions big pipes in our terrain, I have to question too. He is the very top expert. Who do you have???

Anonymous said...

Keep on trying to make us believe you want a sewer. That's a joke, you don't want any sewer any where. You are such desperate clown that you can't see that this is only a sewer. You can't delay it much longer, it will be built in a conventional, well engineered manner and you don't have any say in design or cost. So keep trying to prove you have special training and knowledge to tell this community what to do. You are just a joke and we are all laughing at you!

Anonymous said...

'Los Osos has this type of sand.' It is porous, and the Nitrates filter to the groundwater at a higher rate than normal soils.

Magic Sand?!!! Eureka! That is the solution!! Let us sell our sand and market it as 'Magic Sand' We can dupe consumers everywhere!!!

The Cargo is delivered!! Turns out it is magic sand!! Let us dance to the magic sand!! Kumbuya all!!! The Cargo is great!! What a plan!!

Anonymous said...

Again, just another rant-and-rave Al bullshit session.

Al and his gang have once again, been given the status of rational beings. This is a complete fallacy. Al needs to be taken with a grain of salt, as all others who conduct themselves as miscreants and misanthropes.

Al has already established himself firmly within the community as one of the above, and then some.

This community needs leadership based on reasonable values, reasonable goals, reasonable relationships with others within the County who can assist in the smooth, seamless transition from the bumbling LOCSD "leadership" (GAWD, what a compliment!) to the steady, stable and cogent leadership of the County of San Luis Obispo.

And to those of you who are still fans of Al:

Get a life.

Anonymous said...

I don't care if you think I'm Al or not. You apparently want any reasonable questions or any truth raised by anyone to be "Al" or "anti-sewer"...Can't you be more creative than that??!! It's getting a bit old now.

There will be many (homeowners) in the community that will fight for an affordable and sustainable project. Maybe I can afford $300 a month, but you want a bad project instead of a good one.

You don't care a hoot about the environment, pollution, water, or mankind (for that matter) or anything besides your greed and your payoff from the big sewer that isn't needed for a town of this size.

The county isn't being reasonable either, or they would look out for the environment rather than their payoffs from their developer friends.

The county is a bunch of crooks. Look what they've done just recently with our property taxes. They are assessing our homes here for much more than what they're worth or market valued.

County full of crooks! That's what I say.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, I know for a fact that the County did NOT re-appraise Los Osos properties for more than the Fair Market Value!

You are so full of hatered for any form of government that you really should move to some country where there is no government and move there quickly!

Anonymous said...

anon said:
"P.S. If Dr. T questions big pipes in our terrain, I have to question too. He is the very top expert. Who do you have???"

Does anyone besides me recall that Paavo said (and he sounded a little embarrased saying this) that he had to tell Dr. T that we would be using pipes made out of plastic, not the concrete ones Dr. T was thinking we were going to use?

Also, "big pipes" is a mis-nomer - these days step pipes and gravity pipes may vary only as much as 2" in diameter - gravity vs. the bigger step pipes. And these days, both types of pipes are made out of the same material.

Maybe this anon poster didn't know that.

Anonymous said...

Plastic? Like "FLEXIBLE"? Like not likely to break unless the Earth exploded?

Anonymous said...

Not even a BIG pipe?

What else does the "expert" have to say about big-pipes that will break in our magic san? What? He needs a replacement for his pace-maker which just stopped? How much else does our "behind-the-times" local "expert" not know about today's technology? Sounds like he listened to Gail too often and then actually believed the Orenco dog-and-pony we-want-your-money show. Guess you really don't know so much after all!