Wednesday, July 04, 2007

So, what’s with the Tribune, anyway? Friday, Saturday, Sunday at the PAC was the first ever in SLOTown of the California International Choral Festival & Competition. Place is sold out. PAC is packed. All three days. Before the doors even open there are lines snaking all over the PAC plaza with people walking around asking, “Anybody got any extra tickets, please, please?” Seven Choirs are here, some from Finland, Uganda, the Phillipines, all the way from San Jose. Amazing singers. National costumes, folk songs, difficult competitive compulsories, a lifetime dream of SLO Vocal Arts Ensemble’s Director, Gary Lamprecht, a grand finale Sunday night with the massed choirs AND the ginormous Forbes Pipe Organ rattling the rafters, winners announced. Wooooo!

And on Monday morning, not a peep in the Tribune. Wonder who won the competition? Who knows? Curious for maybe a really swell picture of all the groups onstage? Sorry. Not a word. It’s as if this first time amazing event had never taken place.


On a happier note, the various choral groups, in addition to the formal three day competition, were performing at various venues around SLOtown and environs, including a hastily arranged concert last night at the Los Osos Community Center of the Imusicapella Chamber Choir from the Philippines. Many in the Los Osos Philippine community helped make that event possible and it was a stunner. The Imusicapella choir was the winner in most of the events in this year’s competition at the PAC, and is a young group – youngest is 13, the director only 39 – of students and professionals that regularly sing in their church choir back home in Imus. They were outstanding and it was really a treat to hear them again for a whole program, even though the acoustics in the community center are really awful.

Since this event was the very first one of its kind on the central coast, let’s hope that the template is now in place and maybe every other year the SLO Vocal Arts will play host to the festival again. And this time the Tribune might send a photographer, at least?


Mike Green said...

The Triv publish NEWS?
You have to pe pulling our leg!
No, the local headline was the revelation that there are SHARKS IN THE OCEAN and that local people don't care much.
That paper, while getting incrementally better with reporting by Sona Patel is a huge journalistic joke.
The online version is better because it's priced right and dosn't cause paper waste.

4crapkiller said...

Yes, errors of omission. It is good that you call the Tribune on this. Why do you not take a good look at the omissions of the recall board?

The kettle calling the stove black!

Mike Green said...

Well Crappy, she has YOU to do that for her!
And last time I checked, Ann"s blog was not a newspaper.
Tell your woes to the Triv.

Or holler down a well, for all that matters.

Some fourth branch of government--- BAH!

4crapkiller said...

TO Mike Green and Ann:

"Errors of omission". I sure do wish I knew what was omitted. That is the problem. It seems to me that one cannot be informed if information is withheld due to agenda. One can suspect, but never really know.
At the same time, because of an agenda, the papers omit different views on the information their published agenda and views support. "Global warming caused by humans" seems to be a prime example along with the "illegal immigration (invasion)" problem.

Classic example concerning Los Osos: While Ann did her best to publish the information on the Edwards-Tacker party as to when and where, nothing was written about how many showed up, and how much was collected to help the cause. I would be interested in how much community support for the cause showed up. I guess that the omission of the attendance information showed it was a flop.

It is true that Ann's blog is not a newspaper. A long time ago it was apparent that it was strictly "opinion" that took a bad turn to "spin" to make terribly bad promises, speculation, and half truths leading to disaster look proper and sensible. Agenda driven.

One can holler down a well, but all one gets is an echo. You are correct!

The Tribune ceased to be a newspaper a long time ago, it is now little more than a commercial advertising vehicle, slowly slipping into oblivion along with most papers. Could this be because many people cannot read and comprehend, or are people giving up on lack of "full fair and balanced" information?

Or as Ann would suggest: they just don't care. Apathy.

Churadogs said...

Crap sez:"It is true that Ann's blog is not a newspaper. A long time ago it was apparent that it was strictly "opinion" that took a bad turn to "spin" to make terribly bad promises, speculation, and half truths leading to disaster look proper and sensible. Agenda driven."

You just noticed that Calhoun's Can(n)ons is an OPINION column? Always has been an OPINION column, located on the OPINION page of the paper? And that a blog titled Calhoun's Can(n)ons is an OPINION blog? Hello?

As for spin, it's interesting how people label as "spin" an opinion they disagree with. An opinion is an opinion.

And if my memory serves, the Tribune has never been a newspaper worth much. Years ago they were failing to report accurately on the whole sewer saga. Complaints about the Tribune vis a vis the sewer saga were loud and clear when I moved here in 1984. Plus ca change . . .