Thursday, February 14, 2008

Heh-Heh, Just Kidding. Here's some placeboes. Don't call me in the morning.

As noted in yesterday's posting, Blue Cross had been sending out letters to its doctors asking them to "rat out" their new Blue Cross patients so they could dump them if they fessed up to having a "pre-existing condition," like they're pregnant and, heh-heh, "forgot" to mention that on their application form, and etc.

Well, doctors and even the Governorator had a cow. So, Blue Cross "abruptly halted its practice of asking physicians in a letter to look for medical condition that could be used to cancel patients' insurance coverage."

Heh-heh, guess BC was just kidding. Now the question for citizens of this fair land is this: Are they just kidding about getting a better health system in place or are they serious? Dead serious? Have they wised up enough not to be bamboozed by the insurance industry's "Harry & Louise" again? Are they ready to have a real dialogue with themselves and one another as to just what public benefits and Value of the Commons they want to buy and pay for and share as citizens?

This election and what happens afterwards in the money-greased, slippery Halls of Congress will tell.

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