Wednesday, February 06, 2008

The Rock's Out

The Rock, Los Osos most fun- read is now out at various venues where New Times, Bay News and other local papers are located. Or, can find it at Lots of great interviews and fun stuff to chew on. Git yer copy today!!

Is That A Rose or a Petunia?

If you haven't been out to the new headquarters of the SLO Botanical Garden, you're cordially invited to a presentation, power-point, lecture, entertainment thingee, complete with a nice breakfast of yummy snacks and coffee furnished by volunteers, at the gorgeous new green-build building on Tuesday, Feb 12, at 8:30 a.m. The presentation is about an hour long. Will bring you up to date on that this amazing group is doing, has done and plans to do. It's a good chance to learn more about what will become a real gem in SLO-County's crown -- an internationally noted GINORMOUS BEAUTIFUL AMAZING botanical garden.

Located on Highway 1, between SLO-Town and Morro Bay, opposite Cuesta College in El Chorro Regional Park, about 1/2 way down the road into the park. Can't miss it.

Speaking of the Botanical Garden's green building. At 6 pm. tonight, the John Todd Ecological Designs "ECO Machine" group will be giving a wastewater alternative treatment presentation there. ($20 donation) and they'll repeat the presentation Thursday nite at 6 at the Los Osos Community Center. ($5 donation)


Howie said...


Thank you for the word about the Rock. It is by far the best newspaper ever covering Los Osos. Right now, with the County trying to shut us out from speaking at board of supervisors meetings on how our money gets spent, and with the tilted TAC group doing the county's dirty work for them, the Rock is all we have to light the darkness.


Mike said...

HaHaHaHa.... A comic rag named "The Rock".

Needs better writers and cartoonists. But we probably need a little laughter in our lives after watching the same dysfunctional group of whinners crawl across the various stages in this sewage soap opera.

Speaking of dysfunctional, what's going on over at the LOCSD? Someone get caught with fingers in the cash drawer? Creative revolving accounting methods? Rumor also has the GM moving on?

Mark said...

Mike wrote:Speaking of dysfunctional, what's going on over at the LOCSD? Someone get caught with fingers in the cash drawer? Creative revolving accounting methods?

Mike, quit looking in the rearview mirror. Pay attention to what is going on over at the county. Talk about creative...

One lawsuit stops the process...
This is an excerpt from an email regarding the 105-08 BOS meeting.

My comments from a previous correspondence addressing the county auditor's remarks regarding the use of county general funds by the BOS for Los Osos as "risky".

At least someone is actually doing their job, in a fiduciary manner...

Will the technology and the law which calls for it's promulgation and implementation continue to be intentionally ignored, in order to build a project no matter the cost?

Who will be ultimately responsible? Supervisors? Paavo? Waddle? Hutchinson?

What happens if they are sued or something and they never get to build a project?

How is the money that was spent, recovered?

Why is the County gambling with the people's money?

I have not had the time to transcribe the speakers comments yet, but will be getting to it shortly. I understand yesterday's meeting provided some very solid information.

Mark said...

THE ROCK RULES, DUDE...TOTALLY.(yeap, so cal surfer born and raised, 13)

Conspiracy Boy said...

Mike says the Rock needs better writers. Guess he didn't like Mr. LeGros writing or the writing of Dan Bleskey, or the County's very own, Gail Wilcox...too bad. I enjoyed reading those particular pieces very much and found them most interesting.

Thank you to the Rock. The only way I can keep informed on what is REALLY going on in Los Osos. Keep the truth comin'!!!!!! It's so eye opening too.

From what I'm hearing the Rock's web site in now read industry wide from those outside the area to get hip to the sewer issue.

Mark said...

CB: Thinking outside the zone...Totally EXCELLENT!!

What is good for the goose is not good for the gander.

Sewerage isn't good for either.