Monday, October 04, 2010

Mark Your Calendars

On Tuesday morning, Oct 5, the Los Osos update will be held. It’s scheduled for sometime before lunch and will continue after the lunch break, if needed. The update is the last item before lunch. Agenda is at

The next fun things that  are or will be upcoming very soon on the sewer project will be the goold old "Rates and charges" ploy, the wonderful scheme to get the sewer costs for undeveloped properties stuck onto the homeowners of the PZ, on top of their own sewer costs.  It'll be one of those infamous, Los Osos Heh-Heh moments.  Clueless town.  Bait and switch.  Shazam! Done deal. Another one of those Paavo & Gibson's Magic Shows, wherein language will go all Alice-in-Wonderlandy and County Counsel, Warren Jensen, will declare that black is white, then everyone will be told to Move along, Move along.     

And while you’re waiting for the Tuesday meeting to start, grab your Blackberry or iPad and go to and read Jack McCurdy’s Oct 2010 story on “Leading Construction Firm for Wastewater Treatment Plant Loses Big Contract with City of New Orleans.”

Yup, it’s our old friends Montgomery Watson Harza. Which is funny. New Orleans, the Big Easy “unhiring” anyone over, uh, “questionable practices.” New Orleans? That must really, REALLY be some “questionable practices” is all I can say.

Well, SLO County won’t let that stop them from reconsidering short-listing MWH on the Los Osos wastewater project, now will it?


TCG said...


Churadogs said...

Pathetic? Nope. It's how Paavo, Gibson, The County and the BOS rolls. It's how it's done here in Chinatown. (Enjoyed going back to look at the glossy brochures the county churned out in the run-up to the assessment "vote." Ah, wonderful suff. Such pretty pictures, too.)

Mike said... could always ask Jerry why he didn't get involved... Kinda hope Meg will ask that... and we all know why the SLO DA wouldn't want to soil his hands with the disgruntled LO circus of fools...

M said...
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M said...

I suppose your voting for Ian Parkinson too eh Mike. Such a trustworthy bunch in this County.
Sincerely, M

Mike said...

... I don't support Shea... he has sat in his unopposed seat too long... unfortunately he'll win this election by default... and when he "retires", he'll be up toward the top of the retirement list... He only surfaces to take credit for work done by the police and sheriff officers... Just another Jerry Brown...!!!