Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Really, Mr. Gibson? REALLY?

Ah, yes, Ron Crawford's planning a "Rally to Erode Public Trust" over at
It's all about why, when Supervisor Gibson huffs and puffs in faux outrage and talks about taking offense when Los Osos residents express a, uh, certain lack of trust in the "county" and "county officials" when it comes to all things sewerish and why experienced sewer watchers snicker behind their hands and mutter,  Evidence, Mr. Gibson?  You want Evidence?  Really? Then roll their eyes.

O.K. Another New Rule

If you're a Republican Tea Party candidate from Ohio named Rich Iott and you dress up in Wafen SS uniforms and play at reinacting way cool Nazi fantasies of invading Poland and gassing Jews while wearing those nice shiney leather boots and all that macho leather and yakkering on about how amazing Germany was and how, ooooh, Viking-ish they all were, all that Master Race stuff, and how much the Germans accomplished, you're either incredibly stupid.

Or you're an S & M  leather-fetish, homo-erotic bi or closeted gay.

Deal with it.

And if you're really into all of that stuff, that's fine, but may I suggest you join a group of buffed, oiled-down Spartan reinactors.  Plenty of homo-erotic fetish action there . . . without the Zyklon B associations.

Or you can just go away, already. Plluuueeeze.


Watershed Mark said...

There is one safeguard known generally to the wise, which is an advantage and security to all, but especially to democracies as against despots - suspicion.

Watershed Mark said...
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Watershed Mark said...

Shovel Ready- November 2, 2010.

Sewer Moratorium...There is NO MONEY.
Ann, Why no opinion piece on the progressive liberal meltdown? More tea?

Spectator said...

So Ann personally attacks Rich Lott but can't discuss his tea party ideals? Shame, and I do not even know if the attack was taken out of context. I have not heard anything about this.

Churadogs said...

Hit the Google button, Spectator. It's a wonderful story.And it's not about "tea party ideals." It's about tin-ears, breathlessly tin ears.

Spectator said...

Double shame Ann. There is no date on the photo, and only insinuation by the liberal/progressive scum who would defeat him through personal invective.

And we know where you are coming from.

Churadogs said...

Specator: Google the guy. It's not "insinuation" He openly talks about his membership in the group. He took his son there for some father son bonding time. They both loved it. Nothing secret or fake about any of it. Real group, he was a member, he openly talked to reporters about it. The question his membership raised goes to the heart of . . . tin ear. Really. Tin ear. What kind of moral/historical obtuseness do you have to have to join a group that reinacts and bonds over . . . . the Waffen SS? Is it the leather boots? Whaaat?