Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Mark Your Calendars

Thursday, Dec 2 (Hanukkah) at the Los Osos Middle School. Doors open at 6 p.m. so people can speak with various staff members and at 7 p.m. the (likely) last Dog & Pony Sewer Show will commence on the Rates and Charges ordinance that will be showing up in your mailbox soon, along with a nifty brochure ‘splaining it all.

That’s one brochure I’m looking forward to since there’s a “protest vote” connected with this all and if you’re familiar with “protest votes,” you’ll know they’re impossible to “win,” which makes them handy vehicles when you’re stuck with a tricky situation but still want to claim you offered people a chance to “vote” in the matter. Much slicker than an actual, “real” up-or-down vote, which can be pretty unpredictable.

At any rate, the rates and charges are costs needed to fill in the shortfall needed to build a sewer system designed for build-out when build-out may not be possible, certainly not in the reasonable short-term. Since you can’t assess somebody for a benefit they don’t receive (no sewage being collected from a vacant lot), but you need the full amount of money to build a system designed to include their vacant lot in the future, what can you do but stick the needed money into the rates and charges and hope homeowners won’t notice that they’re going to be paying for a place holder for somebody’s vacant lot.

And if you’re a homeowner and are anxious for this sewer to get built, you’ll be praying that vacant lot owners don’t say, “Hey, why in hell am I being dinged a bunch of money for something I may never get any benefit from since nobody can guaranteed there’s gonna be enough water so I can ever build my dream house on this vacant lot?” Then mount a successful 50% plus 1 “protest vote” campaign. Or hope a lot of people with developed properties don’t say, “Hey, I assessed myself $25,000 for a sewer, so why am I being forced to pay for my neighbor’s vacant lot,” and file a successful “protest vote,” after which the whole thing implodes and we’re stuck back at ground zero.

Which is exactly why I’m looking forward to reading the glossy brochure that will be coming with the “ballot.” Spinning this puppy is gonna take a master. Although, realistically, protest votes, unlike “real” votes, are nearly impossible to pull off. Which makes them handy when government needs to do things quietly that likely would cause an uproar if done in the usual fashion – i.e. a straight-forward assessment vote.

To date, the monthly sewer bills will be about $105 for the original capital costs on the $25,000 assessment, plus about $95 (more or less) for the Rates and Charges. The ordinance would use a flat amount for the fixed capital costs associated with the “missing” portion of the system that covers proposed build-out. That amount would diminish as the principal gets paid off. And if water becomes available and lots get developed, that amount would be retired sooner and either credits or rebates given to the ratepayers.

The variable part of the R&C would be based on actual (water meter readings) of water usage during January-February, with 12 units being the minimum. This should reflect your indoor water use since most people don’t heavily irrigate during winter, thereby giving a pretty accurate number of gallons going down the drain to the treatment plant. In either case, the 12 units of water will be used as the base, unless you can prove you’re really water thrifty and use much less than that. Greywater systems will also be considered in lowering your rate. And if you can prove that your higher consumption isn’t all indoor use (you’re an urban farmer growing rutabagas and use X gallons year round outside the home) you can appeal those charges as well.

Further notes:

--Water meters will be required when people connect to the system (for folks who don’t have water meters now)
--Rules and Regulations in the form of another ordinance will be written later and will cover what will be legal and illegal as to what you can stuff down your toilet and drain.
--The present ordinance, as written, caused some confusion over the requirement that homeowners have 90 days to hook up – an impossibility for all 4,500+ homes. So that language was modified to clarify that the hook ups will be phased-in and the 90 day window can be extended to 180 in case of unforeseen problems, i.e. bad weather, equipment shortages and delays & etc.
--The protest vote is one vote per parcel. If there are two owners, each can file a protest vote but it will only be counted as 1 vote.
--The R&C charges can be collected yearly on the tax rolls or can be sent to homeowners like a bill. It’s not known yet if the County will set up a system like the CSD has now that will red-flag non-payment by renters, for example, thereby alerting property-owner-landlords early-on so they can fix that issue before gazillions of dollars pile up unbeknownst to them, which happened here in Los Osos a few years ago with renter-paid trash and water bills.

And, being Los Osos, there were some interesting wrinkles brought up during public comment.

-- Steve Paige raised an interesting question: Right now, our septic tanks are fully permitted and legal, so neither the RWQCB nor the county can force us to abandon our tanks. Our DISCHARGE is forbidden, but not our tanks. County counsel Warren Jensen declared he knew nothing about any of that, no, no, never hear of any such thing. In a sane world, folks would re-read 83-13 wherein they’d see the word “discharge,” and scratch their heads and say, Hmmm, well then, I know an affordable fix to this: sealed pipe step system hooked up to in-place septic tanks (replacement of failed tanks only), done and done for a genuinely affordable price and no dug up back-yards. But that’s in a sane world, not our Alice in Wonderland Sewerland.
-- Eric Greening wanted to make sure the phase-in of the hook up would allow time to do it all in one fell swoop – pump tank, decommission tank, lay hook up trench, hook up all at once, versus having to dig up things then come back and dig them up again. Happily, if properly phased in, that will happen.
--Once again, there was the question about the numbers. Water usage numbers seem to be a fungible item, which causes concern since it’s all GIGO. Get your basic numbers wrong and you end up building the wrong sized system at the wrong price. Unless that was your intention in the first place.
--Which raised the usual question: In a basin now in serious overdraft, with no limits to growth for homes being built outside the PZ, all of whom are all allowed to access the water basin (while those inside the PZ are not) just how realistic is it that undeveloped properties in the PZ will EVER get to develop? And if they can’t, the sewer system as designed for build out is scaled too big and too costly, yet that entire cost is being stuck on the present homeowners. And, for undeveloped property owners, they’ll be stuck paying for a future they’ll realistically never see. The answer to that is, as usual, a shrug. Or Supervisor Bruce Gibson using the word “hopeful” a great many times. Then it’s time to . . . Move along.
-- The Dec 2 Town Hall meeting isn’t a “workshop.” It’s informational only. There will be no feed-back and no changes to the ordinance. It’s take-it-or-leave-it. So you’ll likely be able to submit written questions at the event, but don’t expect any changes. There will be 12 days between the Town Hall meeting and the vote count/Ordinance Hearing on Dec 14 at the BOS. (Check agenda for the time). So try not to lose the paperwork in all the holiday bustle. Not that it matters since this is a done deal.

Proposed ordinance with modifications, passed 5-0.

Next meeting on the issue, December 14 for official ballot results and adoption of the Rates & Charges ordinance. (Don’t forget the Dec 2 Town Hall)

While there was some table pounding by Chairman Mecham to shush up some back-of-the-room hollerers, no chairs were hurled. Though a GINORMOUS law officer type suddenly materialized in the back of the room.

Magic? Naw, Los Osos.


Mike said...

I just had to review the BOS meeting to see what the hubbub was about... Didn't the community already have a sewer project all permitted and begun about 5 years ago... The old obstructionists seem to being run over by legal "Process"... That's apparently what we wanted and now we're getting that process...!!!! Actually the whole County project sounds pretty damn solid and on it's way....

Now can I wish Bo Cooper goodbye... sounds like he's going to be packing up soon..

...and what can we say to thank sweet Linde... and then there's Julie... yup, the LO darlings... gawd there is so much of Julie these days, is she PG again...???

It is going to become so peaceful in Los Osos once the sewer bills AND the bankruptcy bills come in... Thank you Lisa and Julie, the sewer is finally, albeit slowly, coming...

..and Ann, you really should get a mirror...

Sewertoons said...

Ann, a " 'real' up-or-down vote" is NOT DONE for rates and charges! Didn't you just see what happened up in Paso? Are you saying that you would prefer the type of 218 that puts a lien on your house? We have to follow "process" remember, and THIS IS the correct process!

Sewertoons said...

If the Los Osos loudmouths would exercise the basic rules of civil behavior or simple self control in the BOS chambers, the law officer would not appear. It is that simple.

I'm sure the law officer appears when other rowdies from other county areas who don't understand or chose to flout the correct process to be heard get the same treatment.

Sewertoons said...

Amnesia glasses again. The costs to size of the sewer for build out or not build out have been addressed by the County. Negligible.

Sewertoons said...

"Hmmm, well then, I know an affordable fix to this: sealed pipe step system hooked up to in-place septic tanks (replacement of failed tanks only), done and done for a genuinely affordable price and no dug up back-yards. "

What contractor is going to sign off on tanks not tested? Or if tested and are on the tail end of their lifespan? Or are concrete (not water tight) - as the majority of tanks here are? Or are UNDERSIZED - which most are - and these are Ripley's words!

Affordable - only if you SKIP a bunch of steps and affordable only if your tank isn't in the back yard, if you have a new tank, if you don't need to replace anything in your yard like fences, walkways, etc., etc., etc.. Sheesh! Amnesia brain, too! Did you just forget all of this stuff?

We can convert our septic tanks and use them for rainwater! That is not abandoning them! Rainwater is an OK DISCHARGE!

Mike said...

It's just a game now... the gravity sewer is a done deal... thanks in great measure to the parade of fools and their less than civil attitudes...

Thanks Gang, you won...!!!

Now let's see what the Lisa led bankruptcy is going to cost Los Osos...

Yup, Ann will once again say I'm "projecting"... all because she has refused to look in her mirror to see the damage she herself has helped perpetuate on our community...

Sewertoons said...

Oh groan. "Which raised the usual question: In a basin now in serious overdraft, with no limits to growth for homes being built outside the PZ, all of whom are all allowed to access the water basin (while those inside the PZ are not) just how realistic is it that undeveloped properties in the PZ will EVER get to develop?"

How many homes were built OUTSIDE the PZ last year? Not many.

Once we are sewered the PZ GOES AWAY! Once the water limits are defined - they are not just yet - building will happen along the usual LEGAL lines inside the zone or not.

Is NO SEWER an answer to the water issues? NO.

Is STEP going to answer the water supply problems better than gravity? NO.

Will crashing the project like the PZLDF lawsuit intends to do help the water supply issues? NO.

Mike said...

Thak you 'toons... You see the big picture....

Sewertoons said...

You are welcome Mike.

Watershed Mark said...

Nationally, seven of eight employment categories showed declines in payrolls, led by a loss of 83,000 government jobs and a 45,000 drop in construction. Financial services had a gain. More than half of California’s decrease, 37,300, reflected cutbacks at government agencies, which may include reductions due to the winding down of the decennial census and schools.

Perfect time to build a leaky pipe dream in a drinking water aquifer, just perfect.

Churadogs said...

Mikeee sez"Now can I wish Bo Cooper goodbye... sounds like he's going to be packing up soon.."

Can you clarify that statement? i.e. what you mean by packing up soon?

toonces sez:"Is NO SEWER an answer to the water issues? NO."

There's maybe 3-4 people in Los Osos who don't believe we need a sewer. For the rest of the citizens, the quarrel has been over what KIND of system and WHERE and HOW MUCH. Your comment, which has become a mantra, like "anti-sewer obstructionists," has been one of those fake arguments/points that have constantly clouded and confused the issues. And here it is again, like you want the reader to believe that somehow there's some serious, real NO sewer program. Never has been, but it was a useful straw man, wasn't it?

Mikeee sez:"Yup, Ann will once again say I'm "projecting"... all because she has refused to look in her mirror to see the damage she herself has helped perpetuate on our community..."

Aw, mikeee, you're making stuff up again. From darned near day one, (shortly after it became clear the Ponds of Avalon were DOA, ca 200-01) my mantra has been: Clean side-by-side evaluation process, Chinese menu, with accurate prices, pick what system you want to "buy," VOTE,then shut up, and for God's sake, DON'T start building before the recall vote, DON'T DO IT. IF the community/CSD had done what I and others kept asking for early on, there would have been no "damage," Mikee, and no train wreck. So, Mikeee, you're just making stuff up that you think I've said and pretending it's real. It isn't. But that's your M.O. Like clockwork.

Mike said...

"YOUR" mantra...??? YOU don't seem to understand that the sewer was not about YOUR personal desires...!!!! ...but it apparently became YOUR life mission to see some conspiracy in the decisions the Directors had to make... YOU were NEVER on the Board...!!!! YOU have no idea of the work that went into developing the plans, buying the land and obtaining every legal permit required by every government agency with the legal responsibility to oversee the sewer project...!!! YOU simply and blindly only see conspiracy behind every decision YOU personally disagree with...!!!

YOU have always been too much a one sided extremist to understand what was and what still is required to build a wwtf and collection system for an entire community... YOU still seem to believe in 5000 semi-sealed tanks the size Volkswagen beetles buried in every yard, and then have the naiveté to believe the snakeoil sales pimps minimalization concerning the size and complexity of their supposedly superior collection pipes... YOU have bought in to the impossible dream of nirvana in a sewer system...

YOU have NEVER been taken seriously by any person or group who have legal responsibility for the development of a sewer collection and treatment system for Los Osos...!!!

I am laughing my ass off watching you and the handful of remaining fools parade before the BOS as if your "mantra" matters... Gawd, telling Mr.Gibson what you think of him is just frosting on the cake of incredibility... even Mr. Meacham has now seen through the negative circus YOU continue to cheerlead... Love how you have alienated every reasonable property owner and tax payer in Los Osos... YOU don't want to believe Richard, but he's been right on the nose regarding costs from before the recall... YOU have failed in that silly PZLDF lawsuit, YOU have failed in YOUR dream to impose the STEP system...

The gravity sewer is coming... YOUR "mantra" will just have to adapt to being cast aside for reality and common sense....

GetRealOsos said...

Lynette talks about no-sewer people and no more nice...

Maybe I'm one that Ann talks about when she says only a few don't want a sewer. But if we have to have one so Pandora can kick people out of town, and the realtors can cash in big time, and we are forced to pay for the developers to develop -- well, okay, but make it something that is affordable -- a vacuum system.

For the County to select the most expensive system that they/we can't even pay for at this point and it hasn't even started yet is criminal. (What a shame the local government won't follow the law and forces taxpayers to file lawsuits to enforce the law -- wow, this DA has got to go!...)

We have a sewer. It's septic tanks.

We should have never had a PZ in the first place.

There was never proof of pollution that was required by law -- quite the opposite. There is proof that the pollution comes from other sources -- this was stated recently by the STATE Water Board. But to use government agencies to work together to force an over-priced system that is not needed is crazy to say the least.

It's quite simple and we forget that it's not about water at all, it's about a land grab. We have our Board of Developers, I mean the BOS.

To draw a phony line around homes and say that they are polluting while others aren't is discrimination and illegal.

Ann, this entire sewer saga has been a dog and pony show -- from '83 up to this very moment. It's a very expensive dog and pony show though that the PZ homeowners must now pay for.

Isn't the County collecting $12 million for their efforts?


GetRealOsos said...

...same goes for you Richard...I mean Mike...

Mike said...

GRO...too bad you are so crazy... but like Ann, you only think of your personal agenda, NOT the needs of the entire community...

Do you need help packing...

M said...

Sincerely, M

Mike said...'re very welcome... so, sorry to see you leave... NOT!

The Razor said...

It's a sad commentary about Los Osos politics when you have folks like Taxpayers Watch who literally wish for pain and suffering -- and yes, even death -- of people they disagree with. How can you say that you "represent the majority" of Los Osos when you focus on the macabre appreciation of physical harm and death more than the issues and positions that are currently presented? Only the most cruel and inhumane individuals uphold such priorities.

Taxpayers Watch is not Los Osos. Los Osos is not Taxpayers Watch.

Mike said...

well it's about time we heard so more nonsense from the little boy who's too lazy to actually get an education and so much a leech that he doesn't need a job...and still doesn't own any property in SLO County... so aaron, what makes you jump to the generalization about Tax Payers Watch..??

You do know that the louder YOU cry, the more you elevate the stature of Tax Payers watch...!!!! They must be the most powerful force in Los Osos...!!!! OH! They actually won a settlment to return $2 MILLION DOLLARS to the community...!!!! Just WTF has the Rock or YOU contributed to the community...????

Silly little boy, you really don't know squat about TW or LO... Maybe you should go ask mommy about the mighty PZLDF instead...

Mike said...

You guys are so predictable... why don't you look in a mirror...

It's YOU and has always been YOU who have created the high cost of a necessary and BTW, legally required, sewer in Los Osos...!!!!

STEP was eveluated and found lacking, it's DOA... Get ready for gravity or move... but quit belly aching, it's so sad to see you crying so much....

Sewertoons said...

Phew, a busy morning over here I see . A LOT more traffic than I see on some other blogs, that's for sure.

Mike is correct Ann - Bo Cooper said those words at the BOS meeting.

Mike, you are calling it like it is. Thank you.

Step has become some sort of odd religion. Why go on and on about it - its SO OVER! Had Step been chosen, I would have said, "…oh well…" and gone on with my life. Not that I would relish the vile and stinky pumping out and inspecting of the giant collection of feces and putrescence housed in my front yard, but I would have simply SHUT UP about it. I would NOT keep reappearing at the BOS bring up gravity!

OK Ann. I see it appearing again, "DON'T start building before the recall vote." Now WHAT exactly would have been different had the building not started? The contracts didn't magically vanish. They were inherited by the Lisa Board. And they were in place LONG before a dozer even started an engine. Sure, we would have saved a bit had Whitaker not had to fill back in what they dug up, but that is a drop in the bucket against the legitimate claims of broken contracts!

So what exactly do you think would have been different? I just don't get it.

Sewertoons said...

Ann, you have so soundly dissed the County for their very detailed comparison of Step and gravity — why would we think that you would not be questioning the the CSD had they done any sort of far less complex comparison? Are you so sure that your pet, Step, would have come out on top that you are willing to make that sort of blanket (and safe) statement?

Let's go further — just suppose if AFTER the CSD's theoretical comparison and Step theoretically won, and IF the community STILL wanted gravity, would you have stopped the Step crusade then? Or would you be trying, like you are now, to break up the PZ to stop THAT gravity project in the pipeline?

However, you started the PZLDF lawsuit BEFORE Step or gravity was chosen by the county survey, so I can only think that had Step been chosen, you would still be in effect — stopping a sewer project by breaking up the PZ which necessitated the building of any sewer at all.

TheOpenEye said...

"Phew, a busy morning over here I see . A LOT more traffic than I see on some other blogs, that's for sure."

3 Taxpayer Watch stiffs, 1 who blogs incessantly all day, 2 with multiple IDs, is not traffic, it's a circle jerk.

Ann's is the only site that would allow such mindless graffiti to stain it. Others know better than to give a stray dog a bone.

Keep lauding Ann for providing heartless stupidity an outlet no one else would...

Mike said... must have a stick in your "open" eye... and are apparently terrified of Tax Payer Watch folks...

Do you want a closed blog comprised of only those who totally agree with Ann...??? You could move on to one of the other blogs and clutter them with your enuendo and lies... 'cause you don't know what you talk about on here....!!!!

...and do try to enlighten the readership of any person or organization who have held the CSD accountable and actually obtained a settlment of $2 MILLION Dollars which was returned to the District... It may have even helped postpone the final demise of the CSD, but it certainly showed that the post recall CSD were NOT above the law when they misappropriated the tax dollars paid by this community....

BTW...It is still possible that the State of California may criminally prosecute the CSD5...that is NOT off the table at this time...!!!!

Churadogs said...

Uh,Oh, Mikee's not only making stuff up, and projecting, he's now conflating me with a whole bunch of other people. Which goes to the heart of the problem -- conflation of 3-4 people with the rest of the community and labeling them all "you," as in,

"You guys are so predictable... why don't you look in a mirror...
It's YOU and has always been YOU who have created the high cost of a necessary and BTW, legally required, sewer in Los Osos...!!!!" and so forth.

Mikee. Person A is not Person B is not Person C. Understanding that has never been your forte, has it? Much easier to just make stuff up and then rail and spew at your various conflated straw-man "YOU's." Clockwork, Mikee, clockwork.

toonces sez: "Mike, you are calling it like it is."

No, Toonces. Mike, like quite a few of the folks wielding that beautiful market-based "Anti-sewer obstructionist" mantra and false narrative, doesn't and didn't have it right. What so many folks got wrong is Person A is not Person B is not Person C. Conflating them is what caused so many unnecessary problems. Get the narrative wrong, Toonces, and you end up doing wrong things for all the wrong reasons.

toonces sez:"Ann, you have so soundly dissed the County for their very detailed comparison of Step and gravity"

The county promised a Process that included side by side evaluation of systems, a design build best technology approach, a "vote" on the systems & etc. Are you now telling me that the county kept that promise and delivered what the citizens thought they'd be getting?

I don't think so, and since they didn't, they deserve some dissing. My years-ago plea to the old CSD was to do something similar and once the VOTE was taken, everyone could shut up and go home. That also didn't happen. So I can diss that CSD as well.

toonces also sez:"Are you so sure that your pet, Step, would have come out on top that you are willing to make that sort of blanket (and safe) statement?"

My request years ago for a Chinese menue VOTE and my hope for a clean process and a VOTE on the county project had no expectation of any outcome. The homeowners were to choose what they wanted to buy, vote on it, then everybody could shut up and go home. Despite the County-acknowledged spin the Survey on this go-round, the homeowners made their choice. And that's what they're going to get -- what they "voted" for.

TOE sez:"3 Taxpayer Watch stiffs, 1 who blogs incessantly all day, 2 with multiple IDs, is not traffic, it's a circle jerk."

I know, it is funny. There's an amazing addictive quality to so many of the comments, like rats hitting that cocaine-hit bar again and again and again. And what's most interesting is the conflation, misreading and truly wierd contradictions: i.e. I'm portrayed as the most powerful person in L.O., that fake ginormous "YOU," that's single-handedly able to influence public opinion, bring down a whole Sewer System, destroy a CSD, Mislead the entire town, wreak Havoc! and Destruction Yea, Verily Unto Sewerville


I'm a stupid silly person who writes a stupid silly blog that NOBODY READS.

Take your pick.

Mike said...

No matter how you try to twist the history, you still do not seem to understand that you have had explanations at every step of the laborous public process... YOU simply do not understand that YOUR personal agenda has been evaluated and cast aside...

You are owed no more explanations...!!! You have filed lawsuits, you have cheerled, you have blathered on and on about how YOU have been demanding answers for years... No decision maker is listening any longer...

I do know the old CSD explained everything more than once to YOU... Maybe you ought to open your eyes and ears, years of explanations apparently have not, nor ever will be enough for YOU...

The community has been laughing at your lawsuits and your cheering on of the parade of fools, yet you don't seem to understand... You have been given more than enough explanations...

TheOpenEye said...

"There's an amazing addictive quality to so many of the comments, like rats hitting that cocaine-hit bar again and again and again.


Do you know the sitcom "Two and a Half Men"? If Ann's site was a sitcom it would be called "Two and a Half Taxpayers." Because that's all there is of TW.

85 finkelfolk signed Fuddian Garfinkel's Trib letter. Do the math. That's a fraction of a fraction of a fraction. All TW is a lawyer and a cloud of snail dust.

EVERYBODY KNOWS -- outside of this digital island -- that Sewertoons is a shallow, selfish, evil bimbo, a paid parrot trained to tell lies just to pass the empty hours while wacko hubby scratches out poorly written college textbooks no one will ever read in this life... a hapless dumbbell who didn't have a clue what she was talking about the day she pulled into town from yucky Panorama City/Venice and, incredibly, knows even less now. It's all here.

EVERYBODY KNOWS -- beyond TW's tiny circle -- that TW is made up of scandalized, rejected, criminally negligent board members and that Richard, Gordon and Stan bankrupted the community out of pure vengeance... that Richard is a trust-fund baby who hasn't made a dime in seven years... and that Miserable Mike is nothing more than Richard's wooden leg dummy because Richard is that "addicted rat" who can't keep his psychosis to himself.

Do you want a closed blog comprised of only those who totally agree with Ann...???

Why not? That's opening the blog up, not closing it. There are a lot of good people out there who might come aboard if you were gone. But where would you go? Nowhere. Sewertoons took a web design class at Cuesta but can't design a website because she's as inept and incompetent as Richard, Gordon and Maria! Who would go to a TW website anyway? No one. Because no one except you 2 1/2 care what you have to say. So you squat freely here. Christmas is coming and you better spend a lot of money on a big present for Ann for harboring you losers.

EVERYBODY KNOWS crime pays well in SLO County and that Richard, Gordon and Stan would have been indicted by a grand jury if the DA wasn't totally crooked and protected them. Lucky there, for sure.

Tell me, Richard/Mike, if you hate Julie so much why did you go out on a date with her??? Or, do you hate her BECAUSE you went out on a date with her... and it didn't last very long!

Well, that's the long and short of it, gang. Mostly the short of it. That's what she said!

Mike said... need to answer that rant... you simply prove my point...

Sewertoons said...

Ann, please explain PZLDF's explanation for wanting to eliminate the PZ?

Do they get that the consequence (Unintended?) of "winning" that suit is NO WWTF PROJECT from the County? That means NO PROJECT PERIOD—and NO WATER CONSERVATION, and soon enough, NO WATER!

Please explain how that is supposed to work.

TheOpenEye said...

No, Mike, I proved my point. You are Richard -- a sick, disgusting person who is way beyond redemption, as is Sewertoons. You can't answer because you have been exposed for all to see.


I hope anyone on this blog who reads this "honors" you accordingly for the seeds of misery you have sown to serve your demons.

TheOpenEye said...

"Ann, please explain PZLDF's explanation for wanting to eliminate the PZ?"

Ann, don't waste your time answering such stupid questions only a cave lady would ask.

Sewertoons said...

Ann, when it became clear that the LEGAL hurdles of commandeering portions of people's property as a "no-use-other-than-tank-zone" (that's to keep it cheap, remember? Dual tanks under a driveway is NOT CHEAP!) and the political hurdles of doing eminent domain (all the Supes would be voting on it - at least two other than Gibson would have to stop their careers on this), did it not make sense to halt the Step comparison where they did? The narrow streets in Cuesta were a compelling argument alone.

Had for some reason Step been chosen, all it takes is a good lawsuit to stop a project, perhaps indefinitely. The result would be a MUCH longer wait to address the water basin issues. Do you see how that would be?

Sewertoons said...

TOE, you are making stuff up.

Mike said...

...'toons... TOE is the poster child by which the County has come to associate as being the typical Move the Sewer activist in Los Osos...

Would you want that TOE character to have your address or true name...??? That clown has jumped to some seriously incorrect conclusions regarding my identity... I sure as hell wouldn't want that jerk to know who I am on some silly blog... It's bad enough to run into the loud mouth in meetings... I wouldn't trust him any more than I would aaron...

How much more before TOE is beyond some rowdy back-of-the-room hollerer...??? There is no question why a "GINORMOUS law officer type suddenly materialized in the back of the room."

...and Ann says it's just Los Osos and she has not encouraged that form of diss'ing of those who disagree with her views... Her silent approval of the TOE types has spoken volumns....

TheOpenEye said...

Sewertoons, I'm not making ANYTHING up, whereas you are making EVERYTHING up because you are so helplessly ignorant and biased. As Gibson's lapdancer allergic to facts, you have zero knowledge and credibility to discuss anything but how to heat up Nestles chocolate chip cookies, if you can even do that... I doubt it.

Off of this site you don't exist.

Sewertoons said...

Mike, unfortunately this TOE person (cyclops or accident victim or birth defect - ?) knows who I am, but I believe that you are safe - all his/her/its wild guesses have come up so very empty!

TOE, like GRO, is one of those people who upon finding they have no facts, turns around and attacks the people who do have the facts. Oh well, there are always going to be TOEs around, might as well just ignore them.

Ann at least is influential around here, and her writing is read. Leading or following, she reports the negativity toward the County and their efforts to get us a sewer.

TheOpenEye said...

You offer no facts, only lies.

For example, RICHARD is MIKE but you MUST lie. However, everyone knows it now. You are just a fraud, but everyone knew that long ago.

How are those chocolate chip cookies coming, dearie. You probably burned them while you were blogging.

Are you good at anything besides b.s.?

Remember, off this site you don't exist, so be extra nice to Ann ... or poof!

One look at you suggests you are the one with the birth defect, Whitey!

Mike said...

Amazing... TOE is a real source of inspiration, a model citizen for the MTS movement... The whole community appreciates TOE's sound analysis and clear voice of reason... Perhaps he/she/it should join farces with the Rock and really straighten out Los Osos...

Have a nice day, hope the meds kick in soon...or are you just wishing that Prop 19 passes next week...

The Razor said...

This "conversation" really imploded.

There were a lot of good questions that were asked at Tuesday's BOS meeting about the Rates & Charges ordinance -- but what did Taxpayers Watch have to say about all of that? "Now can I wish Bo Cooper goodbye."


That quote comes from the same person who spent approximately four years wishing Mr. Cooper and people with his sentiments "strokes" and "Q&F" (quick and final) deaths while Lynette Tornatzky tacitly approved of that incendiary, threatening rhetoric. Now, it's "Mike" who suggests that Ann silently approves of TOE. but Mrs. Tornatzky has, in effect, silently approves of the demeaning, irate statements made by someone she obviously agrees with.

I can understand the fact that it's impossible to disapprove every volatile statement that our supporters say, but when this has been going on for almost 5 years, one has to wonder if Mrs. Tornatzky is truly amoral. She's aware of it, but she does nothing to curtail such prejudice.

Instead, she posts several comments that can be legally construed as misrepresentation and concealment, if not fraudulent and libelous.

In the absence of citations and readily available resources for objective persons to observe and discover at will, the presenter of opinion prevents others from acquiring relevant information; this is a outward expression of malice or clear aptitude for ignorance with reckless impulses.

So when Mrs. Tornatzky says, "TOE is making stuff up," it's the pot calling the kettle black. If you don't post facts to enlighten readers and then accuse someone else of "making stuff up," then you should probably stop blogging all together and shut up.

Mike said...

There, there nice little boy... now go back to the warm spot your mommy has made up for you... it's almost dinner time and she'll have your bottle ready soon...

M said...

Mike is not Richard. Mike is Mike.
Sincerely, M

Mike said... see little boy, when you make up tales, no one listens to you... "wishing Mr. Cooper and people with his sentiments "strokes" and "Q&F" (quick and final) deaths" is only in your childish mind... At least try to be accurate... no one was "wished" for strokes or death... only in your over active imagination... I would hope that should someone, who upon becoming so agitated and violent, actually suffered a severe medical problem, I would sincerely hope the doctors could save them, or else hope for an end to a prolonged state of vegetation...

Perhaps you are too young for such concepts... hope you don't have nightmares over that thought... now go have your milk...

The Razor said...

Mike may not be Richard, then he must be into pedophilia, at least. Why so much talk about little boys? I think he's mentioned "little boys" about three times now.

TheOpenEye said...


No, M., Richard is Mike. Liars slip up eventually and he did just that.

Thanks for chiming in. It's good to catch these guys in the act.

Funny how the worst of them, after insulting Ann and community members for sport, run to Mama Calhoun for rescue! LOL.

Enjoy the morons' silly attempts at damage control...

Mike said... children have way too much time and drugs in your lives...

Nothing further need be said tonight, it would just overload your meager mental capacities...

It is just too easy to bring out the "best" in you... I do applaude Mr. Gibson for apologizing for the typical MTS of Los Osos... You truly are mentally disabled.... but thank you for your frequent displays of all things sewerage...

BYW... what trick'r treat costume to we expect to see aaron in this year...??? Dressing up like a lawyer was just too funny last year... See ya on Halloween...

Alon Perlman said...

Oh Aaron/Therazor/openeye/wiseguy/GuyFawkes/Jazzman/slingshot/RealityChecker/Metaron/Sanddolar/RU4real/andtoomanytomention
I’m the only person in the world who can help you.
Toons and I have been the only positive adult figures in your world, for the last 2 years.

The kids who Bullied you throughout your school years are not here. They aren’t on Calcoast or the Trib either. Setting yourself into competition with every news source in the Central Coast isn’t working. Arguing with Cuddy, Morem, Hodin, Congleton, Ann, and Ron isn’t working either.

Trolling the CC and Trib and all the other blogs isn’t making you a happy person, nor is there any way that “Eliminating the competition” Has made you into a “journalist”.

Don’t mistake the narcissistic glee you feel every time you post “What is your point?” as being “happiness”. The anger at all humanity shines on through.

Pretty chickensh*t maneuver to increase hits on an otherwise unreadable and irrelevant website.” –That was not written by Congleon
“Personally, I think you are making some wild assumptions and misleading the readers here. I realize you mean well, but that doesn’t mean you have a grasp on what you are talking about. Nor do I see the value in you pushing your campaign to convince others to not “waste” their time having discourse with particular individuals who you happen to want to shove aside in this on-line community”. (You as “Wiseguy”)

You despise the people who are gullible enough to believe your B.S.. And you can’t stand anyone to be smarter than you. You may have permanently damaged your own future ability to ever have a meaningful relationship with another human being, because of the unnatural support you have from your enabler. You are smarter than him, more talented. He had his time in the sun. Strike out on your own, live a little. Cut the ego strings. Shut off that computer.
Dr. Perlman’s Shingle is still out.

The green pill or the red, which one will it be?

Mike said...

le’chaim Alon...le’chaim

TheOpenEye said...

Hi Alon,

Have you apologized to the Meyers' family yet for lying and exploiting the horrible death of Dystiny Meyers as grist for your political vengeance?

It's never too late to take responsibility for your terrible mistake and grow a conscience.

Lying without proof shows how low you have sunk in the name of vengeance for getting booted off LOCAC and makes you the disgusting filthy dog that you are!!!

You are cut from the same evil rags as Sewertoons and Mike and deserve the same cleansing treatment as the the 2 1/2 Taxpayers.

Keep in mind, Alon, you LOST and this is why! Live with it.

The Razor said...

Alon, have you apologized to the family of Dystiny Meyers yet?

I appreciate your "pretend" concerns, but I'm fine. But, please, Alon, if you're going to solicit advice, lead by example and cut your ego strings by apologizing to the Meyers family.

Mike said...

...and the big pipe, gravity sewer is coming to Los Osos...

TheOpenEye said...

Bottom line, Alon, you are a pathological liar without a shred of proof -- you offer absolutely none because there is none. So you can't even back up what you say with facts, only Gibson-like "assertions" sprung from mental illness.

On the other hand, I can call you a liar because the proof is written in your own sick hand here on Ann's for all to see.

When do you think you'll man up and apologize to the Meyers family for your horrific offense to the memory of their dead daughter, Dystiny?

Aaron's blog is spot on about you, and the community knows it. That's all that really matters.

Good luck trudging back to Santa Clara with your bevy of inflatable dolls.

Mike said...

Yo TOE... Al and Keith have an opening in their anger-management class... YOU really should enroll before you pop a blood vessel... although you're possibly going to have heart attack before this night is over... and you know how badly I'd feel about that...

Have a really nice night pounding your head on the walls...

TheOpenEye said...

Yo Mike, thanks for your best wishes, but apparently you don't quite understand just how much good it does my happy heart to expose you, Bimbotoons and Alon as the chronics that you are!!! I'm purrrrring with pleasure watching you, the oysvorf and the bimbo squirm like the three pigs in mud... your natural habitat.

Good luck with your gravity sewer, too. Then again you don't work, don't live in the PZ, and don't have children (a good thing you three can't breed, for sure). So what can you, a shut-in, possibly know about anything involving real life and real people?

Interesting common point here, Richard: You have no children... Bimbotoons has no children... and Alon has no children either. It just doesn't work the same with inflatable dolls, does it Alon?

So tell us, how come no kids? If you did, you wouldn't be the tiresome boors you've grown down to in your premature old age!!!!

(Is it OK if I borrow of few of your extra exclamations points? I'll return them when I'm done!!!!!!!!!!)

Sewertoons said...

TOE - YOU have offspring?

Nite nite! :-)

Churadogs said...

Toonces sez:"Please explain how that is supposed to work."
I suggest we wait to hear what the judge(s) say(s) about the matter.

Toonces sez:"did it not make sense to halt the Step comparison where they did?"

If they had no intention to honor their original "process promise" (let best technology prevail, do design/build, neck in neck, etc) they shouldn't have promised. If the best technology did prevail on its own steam, then step would have fallen by the wayside during the process; it would not have had to be "removed" under some pretense of having to rush for fake shovel ready & etc. The outcome would be the same as people would have voted for the system they wanted, had the process been allowed to play out as promised. Remember that old "transparency" promise as well? In a fair promised Process, do you think that Step would have won the race, so to speak. I don't. I think gravity would be voted for by those who voted, so the end result would be the same, but the vote would have been both transparent and clean. That, Toonces, is my beef and has been for years, waaay back to the chinese menu request. Clean process, clean vote, then everyone shuts up and goes home.

Mikee sez:". . .on some silly blog... "
Gosh, Mikee, I thought you were accusing me of single-handedly influencing and controlling the whole sewer process. Turns out you think this is just some silly blog? Wow, I'm hurt, boo-hoo.

Toonces sez:"Ann at least is influential around here, and her writing is read."

WHAAATTT? Hey, make up your minds.

TheOpenEye said...


I'm an empty nester (like you) and very proud of my two grown kids, one married, one in college, but don't get any ideas. I've been to one CSD meeting in six months and sorry I did.

Have you thought of adopting a child? It might give you something worthwhile to do, and restore your self-worth, rather than blogging your lack of brains out all day and all night, every day of the year...

Why don't you adopt Alon? That would kills two bad birds with one stone, and hubby would have someone to read his textbooks to at bedtime before nodding off. Alon could use your positive, moral (LOL) guidance, and then maybe he'll apologize to the Meyers family for exploiting their daughters' horrible death.

Off to the bay. Have another silly day influencing Richard, Gordon, Maria and Mike who is Richard.

Sewertoons said...

Ah Ann, you have evaded my question —again.

"Do they get that the consequence (Unintended?) of "winning" that suit is NO WWTF PROJECT from the County? That means NO PROJECT PERIOD—and NO WATER CONSERVATION, and soon enough, NO WATER!"

So I'll ask very specifically the question, In YOUR opinion, if the PZ is broken up, what happens to the basin? No WWTF to make us do conservation, no money for the CSD to do conservation ($30,000 a year isn't much and that is just what they can do THIS year before the bankruptcy is settled) and no likelihood for people to spontaneously do water conservation on their own. How will our basin problems be addressed if the PZ is broken up?

Mike said...

...'toons... Don't you know you just have to trust Ann, Julie and Gail... They are after all, completely "transparent" in their intentions... as opposed to all those they so vocally disagree with...

Sewertoons said...

So true - so hard to get a question answered!

( I still wonder where the public discussion was on terminating the old project. Did that get vetting in the public's view at a Board meeting? Much like the gifting of funds to PZLDF - another one of those "learn about it after the fact" so-called transparent Lisa Board decisions.)

Mike said...

...the public will never get a straight answer from that group... it was all done behind closed doors... all we will hear is complaints that everyone they disagree with are not being transparent...

This the same old BS we've had to put up for the past 7 years... If Ann were to be honest and "transparent", she would write an apology to the community for her part in not paying her part of the PZLDF failed lawsuit... Don't know how she can look at herself in a mirror...

The Razor said...

Taxpayers Watch boggles the mind.

They say Ann's blog is "silly" and "nobody reads it" yet they repeatedly demand her to answer questions because she is "influential around here, and her writing is read."

They say Ann is not "honest and transparent" when mostly everything they've personally provided on this blog and other sites -- anonymously -- is hearsay, gossip, unverified and untrue without enlightening readers on where their claims are supported.

I can't speak for Ann, but if I were in her shoes, I would remind Taxpayers Watch that transparency is not a one-way street. The only true "transparency" that group has provided is their full disclosure of disdain for the "old obstructionists" without once addressing the Rates & Charges ordinance.

Let's talk about what's in front of us and not what's behind us.

M said...

Are you trying to tell us the old board and Tri-W was completely transparent? That is a pretty hard sell. 218 votes unsealed and turned into the CSD office, contractors meeting while 2 directors are barred with force from entering, bids 46% over estimate yet taken anyway, money given to Save The Dream by the contractor after the recall. I'm not buying it.
Sincerely, M

Mike said...

hey aaron... if you are trying to tie me to Tax Payers Watch, then you better go back to your mothers sugar tit...!!! You don't have a clue who I am... Your sisters, TOE and GRO has been guessing in all the wrong places too...

I do appreciate that the TPW actually fought FOR this community... AND THEY WON BACK $2MILLON DOLLARS... Just what have you ever done except wet your pants and cry that you are being picked on...

I also appreciate that YOU, aaron, have a mental disability, but you are way out of your league... I do feel sorry for your parents for having to support you the rest of your miserable lonely life... guess I should cut you some slack since you will never be a tax payer in this community...

The Razor said...

Sugar tit, Mike? Unless you're costuming as Mel Gibson for Halloween, wash your mouth with some soap.

Sewertoons said...

"They" - as if Mike and I only represent TW's opinion and have no opinions of our own.

I think that Ann's blog is read - and Mike may have another opinion from mine.

If there was money from a contractor and it had done any good, we'd have already hooked up to a sewer, had no liens against our houses - or CDO's or NOV's for that matter - AND we wouldn't have to pay for a bankruptcy. However, we are here now - facing the same sort of monthly payment and waiting in suspense on the debt settlement from the bankruptcy. We can thank our "luck" if you want to call it that, that there are a lot of hungry contractors out there right now - and let's hope that stays that way long enough to get bids. Otherwise we could face the same sort of costs as the old board faced - well, as long as there are not threats of death and mayhem against the bidding companies that is.

And I almost forgot, I looked back in my CSD meeting notes and the only person who showed up only once during the past 6 months was Keith Swanson… I'll check through again, but…

TheOpenEye said...


"I looked back in my CSD meeting notes and the only person who showed up only once during the past 6 months was Keith Swanson…"

No, no, no, no, Keith Swanson, I swear! I'm a backroom pacer, not a sitter. Did you get all the names in the parking lot, too? I'm not one of your town "leaders," if that's what you're thinking.

Hey, when do you think Alon will apologize to the Meyers family for exploiting the grisly murder of their daughter, Dystiny? Tell me, in your personal opinion, what kind of person does something like that? Or do you consider it "positive and moral" to kick a dead girl in the name of vengeance?

"...if you are trying to tie me to Tax Payers Watch, then you better go back to your mothers sugar tit...!!! You don't have a clue who I am... Your sisters, TOE and GRO has been guessing in all the wrong places too...

Mike is Richard is Taxpayers Watch. No doubt about it. I understand Richard is afraid to admit this because he's a misanthropist and has said some horrible things about people (most of it bottle slander like Alon spews), but since he's your close pal here, please convey what good it does you, your image in the community, or Taxpayers Watch, to be so closely associated with such a dirt bag(s) whose reputation is even worse than yours? I mean, everyone you have allied yourself with has been identified as either violent, threatening or assaultive. Hard to understand your choices other than money driven.

By the same token, do you mind telling me why you, a Democrat I've heard, rigidly adheres only to the exclusionary dogma of a right-wing extremist group that upholds anti-community, anti-Democrat values, i.e. money first, profit over people? Is it because hubby owes his soul (small as it is) to Cal Poly and MWH? Did you vote for Obama???? What happened to you????

Thanks for clarifying your thinking, if you think at all -- it's only an assumption on my part since all I've ever heard or read from you is closed lockstep thinking without ever once altering your position or those of the dedicated bottom-feeders you choose to call your pals. That's very telling as to your intellect. Only an intelligent person grows from modifying their positions as they grow. The rest are all paid to stay stupid.

Do you know who Mike is going disguised as for Halloween? Richard. If you don't have children to hide, hide the sugar.

Alon Perlman said...

So what have we learned from this? Once again nothing.
Earlier somewhere Ann noted that Person A is not Person B.
I do hope that people understand;
Bo Cooper is not Lacy Cooper.
Lisa Schicker is not Julie Tacker
Julie Tacker is not Jeff Edwards
Ben Difatta is Ben Difatta, and I know he is up there overcoming a desire to NOT speak publicly.
Everyone speaking thinks they are doing good for their community.
With the possible exception of Al Barrow.
Whose to say; It's Al, He’s quite capable of scamming himself.
Sure there is some drama, some Romanticism, and some of that “Look at me I'm somebody now” or some shorter phrase that fits nicely on a teeshirt worn to a WaterBoard Cartoon.

The lumping into categories doesn't work for anyone.
Everyone has something to say and it varies in degree of originality, correctness and relevance.
And there is an absolute limit to how much comment can be received in a working meeting.

And given the fact that things (in the recent past) changed due to public comment (and Yeall may differ as to what), it behooves all who invested their times to see those nuances without a categorization filter.
Frankly; not carrying STEP through was a Political mistake. Not necessarily in democratic misrepresentation. Outcome based.
The lack of a menu-? The Post recall CSD was disorganized, naive and lost control over it's best asset; The Committees.
Al and Gail had a lot to do with that. The flip side of the County menu took place earlier in the rough morphing of “Move it” to “Select this technology” to the current morph (Note that I'm not calling it “Evolution”. Too much Al and Gail Indirect influences still happening-the movement is stuck in the limits of motion dictated by these ball and chain).

“M” - I was as outraged as you are-Lisa and Julie not allowed into the room? But that was five years ago. And in the conducts of my expanded civic duties I did read several pages.../ Now I don't remember all the details and there were other ways it could had been handled , but strictly speaking- Four directors (or three) in the room would had brought about an Illegal unannounced meeting. As I understand it. Don't blame me- blame Ralph M. Brown.(?)

As for the Schadenfreude
gonifs; Itchy Scratchy and Sniffy Ooch are pretty much the same person. So go ahead and classify them as one. A 3 headed guardian of the boast to nowwhere. Participants in no recent actual real life Los Osos events. A jaded damaged youngster, an infantile senior hackster and some polyunsaturated oil and a lot of air in a can. Living it large, in an Imaginary Los Osos that exists only in ones and zeros in a server in Utah.
Silly s-toons, I take back what I said though true. You gave Aaron a lot of adult patience. You didn't actually say he was Keith? Keith has been busy. not one to gab on a Blog, but no need to check, Lies about lies, remember?
Ask silly questions. What do you expect? Tricks are for self-infatuated kids of all ages.
GRO gave that “six month’s ago” participation talk about a year ago.
The BLUE pill it is. Crawl back into the Charter pipline, your Spaceship Jammies and get mother to tuck you in.
And daddy will stride out to the yard and give some random little kid a good thrashing like he used to. Oh he didn't? That explains a lot. It's tough growing up competing with a narcissistic anarchist isn't it?
Now, GRO did submit to the DEIR BTW.
It's a family affair. Plain and simple. OcheSpam's dull edge.

Sewertoons said...

Alon, I'm glad that you are back. I really do enjoy reading your posts, thanks!

TheOpenEye said...

Hi Alon,

Boy, you sure are one dumb, unhinged gutter wacko! With your history of violence as a woman-hater in the community, I can't say I'm really surprised!

Nor am I surprised at Bimbotoons for promoting violence, just disappointed. But, after all, she hooked up with a rageaholic, so domestic violence is just normal to her so she doesn't know any better. You can't claim the same excuse because no one would live with you to get close enough to get beaten by you. Lucky there! Though I know it does not soothe your deep, desperate loneliness. Just remember: YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF, ALL BY YOURSELF. ONLY YOU GOT YOURSELF BOOTED OFF OF LOCAC.

It wasn't the Ochs who did it to you, it wasn't the Schickers, the Tackers, Vendettis or Goldins, et all -- IT WAS ALL YOU! As an aside, they are all FAMILIES!!! Your family is your chorus line of inflatable dolls. Batter up!

By the way, have you apologized yet to the Meyers' family for dancing on their daughters grave? Tell me, Alon, what kind of subhuman sewer dweller does something like that? Nevermind. I already know the answer to that!

But to help you along, I forwarded to the Meyers a copy of your posts along with your home address and phone number -- just in case they wish to discuss your vile invocation of their dead daughter with you directly. I don't think they are very happy with you this morning! Happy Halloween!!! You're the only one in town whose mask of personal corruption is permanently stuck to your ugly face!

Oh, and checking your background you claim to have graduated from Berkeley... but your name appears nowhere on the alumni rolls of Berkeley as having graduated...????What's up with the fakery?

Even more amazing, checking your background with the Tel Aviv police I find you have several convictions of petty theft aka shoplifting. What's up with that???? How come so many endless problems in your personal life right up to the minute???

I guess for some dark reason you feel entitled to take what you want and say what you want without any regard for the law or human decency... which makes you the 51-year-old lifetime loser that you are... sentenced to 70 years on earth for crimes against humanity.

Only 19 years left for you to get it right, Alon. Don't spill the little sand you have left in your cracked hourglass.

Mike said...

Ah Yas... TOE, the rabid dying skunk in the wood pile... did you hire a mental returd to write your last rant...??? Surely you aren't smart enough to write all that batshit attempt to insult... no wonder your children have left and don't return home...

Sewertoons said...

Hi Mike - I would like to think that the rant above is TOE's nasty, scary, creepy, verbal Halloween costume. Sadly, it's not.

Stalking and harassment is a crime isn't it? Imagine boasting about sending the grieving Myers family (name misspelled above) something bogus and hurtful like that. Sick, really, really sick.

TheOpenEye said...

Hi Richard!

Thanks for writing! I'm so glad you like my post! Coming from you that's a real compliment...

My children left because they GREW UP, something you will never do. Sorry you can't have children. Julie explained why. It's a short story -- well, that's what she said.

Sorry, too, that you haven't made a dime in seven years, but there's little demand in the job market these days for bitter recalled CSD board members with split multiple personalities who don't go out in the daytime -- like lapdancer Whitey.

Hey, maybe you can re-stage the recall at the CC for Christmas and play all the parts, since Gordon is busy changing his dad's diapers, Stan dumped his daffy duck wife and flew the coop as soon as the board changed hands, and Alon ate Joyce's poor doggy. Yummy, he said, savoring a rare treat for the walking dead!

Just between us girls, what do you REALLY think of Alon? Come on, pony up! I know you know. He can't speak or write English, he's a convicted shoplifter, he lied about his limited education, and was booted off of LOCAC for being a smelly slob! Wait a minute! Doesn't that qualify him to be your best friend? Hugs all around.

You don't live in the PZ, you were recalled in shame, you bankrupted the community -- and flu birds of a feather flock together.

Yes, I hired a "mental returd" to write my last rant. Thank your rented wife for me.

TheOpenEye said...

"Imagine boasting about sending the grieving Myers family (name misspelled above) something bogus and hurtful like that. Sick, really, really sick.



Your commitment to hypocrisy for political gain is extraordinary. Good thing you can't have kids... although Alon is still available for adoption for the price of a six-pack and a wad of LSD.

Sewertoons said...

I don't mean to minimize or condone TOE's ill fascination of Alon by not mention the harassment he has endured, but Alon is on the blogs, is able to assess the source and not take this garbage personally.

The Myers family on the other hand is grieving and does not need any further pain dumped on them. TOE's insensitivity to them is - well, I really don't know what to say other than I am appalled at this behavior.

Mike said...

geez TOE, you are really sick... aaron has a medical reason, but what's your's...???

I was going to post another insult, but you are to immature to understand that you're such a joke in the community... so have fun, keep guessing/insulting and being wrong... wrong about the many things you don't understand...

...and I still am not who you think I am AND I may live closer to you than you think... Isn't Halloween a great night to meet your neighbors...... boo!

TheOpenEye said...

I still am not who you think I am...

Sure, Richard! I'll play along!!!! Ha-ha-ha-ha-BOO! What fun!!!!

TOE's insensitivity to them is - well, I really don't know what to say other than I am appalled at this behavior.

Bimbotoons, you don't know what to say because you are even stupider than I even imagined. Please describe here what it feels like to be born without a conscience... Is it like feeling a twinge from an amputated arm?

By the way, when you do think Alon will get around to apologizing to the Meyers family for dancing on Dystiny's grave? Pretty sick stuff, I agree. This is what the community has had to put up for years. But no more.

Still, I don't think it'll happen. The putz never apologizes when he's wrong or he'd be apologizing 24/7 for the rest of his miserable life.

So, yes, by all means don't take this garbage seriously, and since you are garbage I definitely don't take YOU seriously at all. Why do you think I enjoy this so much? I love taking out the trash!

So feed me, feed me! Community-hating hypocrites like you, Richard and Alon offer me a bottomless pit of wonderful material -- I simply can't help myself!!!!

Hey, Richard, Budd says hello!!!! Trick or treat!!!!

Treat!!!! God do I love Richard's exclamation points!!!

Mike said...

OK... You win... You aren't funny... but Ann apparently condones your anger, enuendo, lies and bull shit... you make a good pair to typify the extremist few left in the community...

...have fun convincing anyone that you are knowledgeable of anything... particularily the sewer and the good people of this community... You truly are crazy...!!!!

...but the bottom line is and inspite of the few assholes like you, the sewer is coming... and no one is listening to your complaints...!!!!

TheOpenEye said...

OK, Mike. I lay down my sword then. I'm not very complicated.

Ann does not condone my behavior, so don't blame her. She just threw up her hands at the "anger, enuendo, lies and bull shit" -- on both sides -- and let us duke it out. I thank her for allowing me the same freedom of speech that she has allowed you, although I disagree with her on letting you dildos hijack her site. But that's her business, her burden.

Unlike you, I have never tried to convince anyone that I'm smart -- I don't have to. I know more about the sewer than you can even stretch your peanut brain to contemplate, and I know plenty about who you call "the good people of this community." Unlike you, I also know there are good people on both sides.

Until you and your TW hit squad embrace this reality, I do know that you are not one of those good people. Neither is Lynette nor Alon, bay scum both. I don't care about the bimbo -- she is weak and will be carried away by the wind... but I still have some mopping up to do with the putz. He hasn't learned his lesson about lying yet. But that's not your fight. Stay out of it. If you leave me alone, I'll leave you alone. Simple as that.

Yes, despite a few assholes like US -- if you wish to include me, fine -- the sewer is coming, despite my complaints. But it's coming for ALL OF US, it's coming for you, and it's not going to be pretty... not for years and years, if ever again.

You truly are crazy...!!!!

Yes, that's right, I'm the craziest person you'll never met. Trust your instincts. I'm your worst nightmare. So run to daylight. Don't be a moron like Alon and mess with me.

Or like Jason I'll come back and get all of you!!!!

Happy Halloween, Turkeys!!!!

Mike said...

... oh so original... I'd almost swear Joey wrote your material... but so typical of the extremist view that Ann finds so appealing... Now I'm sure shaking in my boots at your threats... you may frighten some in the community, but... you are exactly why I entered this fray...

TheOpenEye said...

I'm sure shaking in my boots

...Then what's that running down your leg?

We have something in common: you're the reason I entered this fray, too! Let's dance some more then, shall we?

You should thank Ann for allowing your stupidity and slander on her site, rather than berating her. I think she should kick you off and let you explode from having no outlet. You're close...!!!!

If I'm an extremist what are you, an obstructionist?

Yes, Joey writes all my material... duh!

Tell me, just how do you get through the day without sticking a pencil in your eye by accident?

You seem so utterly hapless and helpless. I do wish you didn't need me so badly. This kind of missionary work doesn't pay much.

Now take your hand out of your pocket and think about satisfying someone else besides your filthy self.

Sewertoons said...

Well, I just got back from Oktoberfest. It looked like a great success this year - tons of people, lots of booths.

A very disquieting note however was the paper and card I found. Of course it was from no group that cared to identify itself, which, thankfully, will turn away all but the most gullible as to the veracity of the contents.

Its content was about saying NO to the upcoming 218 vote. It claims that 3,000 protest letters will send the County back to choose a "more affordable" collection system. Where did they come up with that idea? If anything, the County will go find private money at a much higher cost. What - go back to the Coastal Commission with another project? How many years will that take? Meanwhile our lower aquifer (—without changes in pumping patters and the CSD water company being able to clean up water at the well head to use upper aquifer water—) will degrade even further.

It asserts that the "water crisis" has been ignored. Well, no it hasn't. But with a bankrupt CSD able to spend only $30,000 a year to address this issue, valiant effort that it is, it just cannot accomplish much conservation without "sewer money."

The card babbled something about MWH. Unless you were a sewer geek you really wouldn't know what it was talking about.

Oh well.

Oh BTW TOE, Mike is not Richard. I know both of them and they are not the one person that you claim they are.

Alon Perlman said...

Interesting, Tunes.
No Mike.
Not Joey (he's a huggy bear, didn't you know?). Not Ann, Not any of the innocents or semi-innocents pulled in. This is a unique pathology confirmed as a mentally Abusive personality raising his mini-me in his image. There are issues with the leadership that failed to denounce such activities, but overall, this is a very small set of psychopathic personalities existing in a delusional self sustaining state (used to be on localized on Binscarth), and as true sociopaths using charisma and manipulation and taking advantage of the stresses of the reality of an unaffordable project, made more expensive by actions of people who did not vet those manipulators who appeared to support what has become institutionalized self victimization. This is the expression of a Narcissistic idiopathy that has nothing to do with the state of the sewer. Everything that I wrote has been fully confirmed.
I see that you have found an opportunity to extend this insanity Mike. Beyond feeding the little trolls. By extending it out. But you are a normal person. Held to a higher standard. And not knowing who you are I appeal to the sense of decency I know is there.
As are most of the others swept up by this, doing right or wrong. The co dependance of TOE and Aaron is established. Let the Ed-it-is creepiness stand for what it is. Don't obscure the view of the Crock.

I turned my back on Al Barrow when he started swinging a ladder at my head. Why? Because on the scale of Chrayzeeee, I knew he was still a human being, with some grasp on sanity.
This? It is beyond the pale. So what does it matter if it is the old vile bile or the offspring? don't let yourself be manipulated try thinking like a sociopath, long enough to figure them out. (but don't stay there) the Rule one of Bedlam
So go out and have fun tonight Mike, and let the rotten pumpkins stew in their own juices.

Mike said...

Thanks Alon... You know you and I don't always agree, but I appreciate your concern...

I've heard from a couple others also this evening, so I'll tone it down... TOE will have his stroke without my "help"... and I'm leaving aaron to his parents and doctor... neither of them actually matter when it comes to decisions by the responsible authorities...

So enjoy the evening... the doorbell is ringing again...

TheOpenEye said...

Hi Alon!

Welcome back!!!!

Everything that I wrote has been fully confirmed.

No, everything I wrote has been confirmed. What a dope you are! You don't have a clue what you're talking about, which is nothing new, is it? Berkeley has no record of your graduation. What's up with that???

By the way, Alon, when do you think you'll get around to that apology to the Meyers for dragging their dead daughter through the muck of your lies? Only 19 years left to fix what's broken on you.

But you are a normal person.

How the hell would you know what's normal is, Alon? You have no family and dance with inflatable dolls. That's normal? Spare me!

Mike's not normal either, Alon, which makes him normal only to you and the bimbo. Mike is Richard and Richard needs help. You are 51 and have nothing but your beer belly to keep you warm at night. That's why you're so miserable and trash women.

I turned my back on Al Barrow when he started swinging a ladder at my head.

Too bad he missed. Guess it just wasn't his day!!!

So go out and have fun tonight Mike, and let the rotten pumpkins stew in their own juices.

Yeah, go out and have fun tonight, Richard. Just not the kind of fun Alon indulges in... YUCK!!!!

GetRealOsos said...


What a read for Halloween.

ALON, you are wrong. I know these blog identities are not who you say they are.

MIKE, if you're not Richard, you must be Gordon.

LYNETTE, you don't get the facts. You refuse. It's not about water, it's about a land grab. It's about development. The sewer that will tax hundreds of people from their homes will not stop any so-called pollution. Los Osos pollutes less than anywhere else. No wonder you tried to dismiss Dr. Ruehr!! I'm sure you're glad he's out of the picture.

ANN, don't you realize that Step was never an option with the County? ... Paavo wrote Gail as soon as the County took the project and said that it would be ONLY gravity ... and Blakeslee was taking calls from MWH during the writing of AB2701. What made you feel that the best project would float to the top. Aren't you smarter than that?

And TOE, calm down. You don't have to cut so deep to make your point. But I understand somewhat by all the lies told by Mike and Alon. Gee!

And AARON, you're a great guy and one day will be a real leader. Don't let Alon and Mike bring you down. Alon makes stuff up and "Mike" has always been as nasty as can be.

Happy Halloween everyone.

Alon Perlman said...

Aww. A punim only a mother could love.
Don't let the bed bugs bite.

GetRealOsos said...


I hate to break it to you, but you're not as smart as you think you are.

Me and my friends have wondered what your obsession is with Aaron anyway -- what's up with that?

Churadogs said...

You folks have truly jumped the shark. Fair warning to the readers. Jumped the shark

There's a reason why I keep suggesting some of these folks go look in the mirror. Projectionville doesn't even begin to cover this weirdness.

Sewertoons said...

Hi Ann, now that you are back, maybe you will be kind enough to address my question:

In YOUR opinion, if the PZ is broken up, what happens to the basin? No WWTF to make us do conservation, no money for the CSD to do conservation ($30,000 a year isn't much and that is just what they can do THIS year before the bankruptcy is settled) and no likelihood for people to spontaneously do water conservation on their own. How will our basin problems be addressed if the PZ is broken up?

Thank you in advance.

TheOpenEye said...

Pedophilia: Generally considered an incurable mental condition. People with pedophilia have fantasies, urges or behaviors that involve illegal sexual activity with children. Some pedophiles are sexually attracted to children only and are not attracted to adults at all. Some pedophiles limit their activity to their own children or close relatives (incest), while others victimize other children. Predatory pedophiles may use force or threaten their victims if they disclose the abuse. Health care providers are legally bound to report such abuse of minors.

M said...

I'm curious. What does the prohibition zone, the CSD and money have to do with water conservation? Sounds like you are saying if there is no prohibition zone, there will be no WWTP. So if they can't stick it to only we 5,000 property owners they won't do it? Way back long ago this thing started so that Baywood Park/Los Osos could be developed to the maximum. Somebody figured out how to stick it to a small group of people to pay for it. That's when the real revolt started. Those responsible for continueing this relentless drive for this sewer cannot admit or stop now because it would mean admitting pollution wasn't the issue to start with. Adding 1100 septic tanks proves that.
Sincerely, M

Sewertoons said...

M, thank you for giving me something to respond to! You have a good question. Development to the maximum is off the table, so whatever went on in the past will have to stay there. The BOS has declared the basin to be in Water Level Severity III. That in itself puts limits on building now. And NOW is what matters.

The fact of a PZ under orders to get a WWTF has been the driver to get one - would you not agree? Prior to this there has been a lot of back and forth — we need one — we don't need one — we need more studies done, etc., but the main point there was that nothing happened.

Now just suppose there was no more PZ. Is AB2701 enough to keep the County going? I mean if the original reason to HAVE a WWTF is gone, who makes it happen? Obviously it would be the Water Board. What could they construct as a reason to build a WWTF? They would have to spend time to draft something new - which this time — you'd better believe — would be tested in court at the appropriate time.

Naturally, those who won the PZLDF lawsuit to crash the zone would come back with legal mumbo jumbo to fight having a WWTF - or at the very east, the one chosen by the County. No ZONE, no need for a WWTF. Meanwhile, while all these legal rumblings ensue, what is going on with the basin?

The Los Osos Sustainability Group has opined that water conservation monies need to be $5 million up front and that they are to to come from the WWTF project itself - NOW. The CSD has (at the moment— pre-BK rulings) $30,000 a year to donate to water conservation. Golden State does have more bucks to throw at conservation, but as they are a public company and must vet everything through the PUC, as we have seen, changes there occur v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y. And why would they have to do more than they are doing right now? S & T Mutual would continue on as they are, meter-less, but somewhat inconsequential with around 200 connections. SO, even at the million dollars the County has talked about using on conservation, we are about $970,000 short from really addressing water conservation the way the WWTF project - as conditioned by the CCC could do it.

The pollution in the upper aquifer now is such that blending is not working, and well head clean-up can only follow a WWTF. So we continue to over-pump the lower aquifer and upper aquifer water continues to be wasted into the bay. Do you see how that can't be the paradigm for water use much longer?

Whatever the mindset was for those extra tanks, that is long gone and supplanted by this new reality of lack of water.

M said...

Once again, how does money factor into water conservation?
Sincerely, M

Sewertoons said...

How does water conservation happen? People just spontaneously say, "Oh, I'm going to use less water!" and then DO it? People just spontaneously rip out lawns and put in drought tolerant landscape? Why would they if they can afford their water and didn't know about the overdraft?

No, it takes persuasion of differing sorts. So far the CSD has used tiered rates to discourage overuse. They mail out water saving tips on the bills. Right now they have a water auditor to go do water audits to show people how they, as individuals can test if they have leaks and to show ways of better conserving water. He is getting paid by the CSD.

But many more reminders need to be out there to alert the bulk of the town which is clueless that we are even in a shortage situation. Awareness is a big issue. Materials to raise awareness cost money. We can't even afford a sign or a Bear Pride or mailers or any of that. Awareness takes many tries from many angles.

Subsidizing programs that offer trade outs on high water use toilets to low water use toilets. Cash backs on old washers for trading to a high-efficiency washer. On-Demand hot water or hot water recirculating devices. All of these things cost money to implement. That's how money factors in.

The wastewater project covers a lot of this stuff as conditioned by the Coastal Commission.

M said...

5 million dollars just to start? You gotta be kidding me. When you say the WWTP provides this, does that mean those of us in the prohibition zone are paying for everyone elses water conservation as well? Nope, it sounds like just another layer of over cost.
Sincerely, M

Sewertoons said...

The County basically said the same thing you did M - only phrased it differently of course. They dialed back what LOSG wanted. So yes, the PZ is stuck paying for this stuff. Despite the fact that we are about 85% of the town, it still isn't fair - but it is what the enviros lobbied hard to get, both at the Planning Commission and at the Coastal Commission. You may thank them for upping the cost over what the County proposed.

Churadogs said...

Toonces sez:"How will our basin problems be addressed if the PZ is broken up?"

There's a difference between a "basin" and a "PZ." Since you keep stressing the importance of "Now", I don't understand your issue. The County has legal control the sewer project. The community has already voted for assessments to build a WWTP and by Dec 14, the additional Rates & Charges will be in effect. Shortly after that, I presume, the County will officially vote to "take the project," which will then go to bid, So, I'm not clear what this has to do with the PZ being "broken up." The POINT of the PZ -- no development without a sewer -- has now come to pass. The POINT of terrorizing The Los Osos 45 was to illegally electioneer the community into getting that 218vote, and that has come to pass. You seem to think that the assessment vote hasn't taken place? Or that it doesn't mean anything? Or that somebody can rescind an assessment vote somehow?

As for a "basin." That's always been a critical element that, unfortunately, has been ignored. At some point, it will have to be seriously considered, perhaps by the various water purveyors?

Sewertoons said...

Ann, then please explain the reasons for your continued pursuit of the PZLDF lawsuit where winning it would break up the PZ. Or has that lawsuit been terminated?