Friday, March 25, 2011

Exhibit 3-C or How Much Is That $8-million in the Window?

"Seven Disasterous Years Later: The County's Recently 'Accepted' Project Looks Awwwfully Familiar to SewerWatch."  at

Read it and . . . . laugh? Then ask, What the hell was the Coastal Commission smoking, anyway? Without any proof demanded, they bought the pre-recall CSD's SOC statement about how the community was demanding a sewer plant in the middle of town so they could build a tot-lot next to it, and now it appears they also accepted, apparently with no proof, a claim that there was no "financial incentive" to put  the sewer plant out of town (C-3), even though, when the County later took over the project, it was easily able demonstrate a variety of "financial incentives" on the two plant sites.  (Not to mention that CEQA demands that if there's a less environmentally sensitive alternative, it must be persued.)  But in this case, that wasn't done and nobody asked, even when the old "bait & switchy" red flag went down on the play.  So, let me ask again: What was Rob Miller smoking?  What was MWH smoking?  What was the Coastal Commission smoking? 

Meantime, I think maybe Morro Bay and Cayucos better wake up since the CC will soon be "reviewing" their sewer upgrades and if the Wallace Group (Rob Miller) and MWH are involved with that project . . . ? 

Woa. Hide the silverware, Boys!


Anonymous said...

No surprises here as you and Ron spout LON nonsense about a process you so not, or refuse to, understand.

The decisions have been made, the financing secured, and permits readied to build the sewer Los Osos desperately needs. The process at this point cannot be undone.

Accept your fate. Either move or sell figure out a way to stay.

Sewertoons said...

I have to laugh. Ron vanishes for months - and when he finally reappears he spends an entire, long column on ancient history and blowing hot air up his skirt! Oh well, some things never change…

He never "gets" that the recall had as much to do with dumping the gravity collection system as it did with getting the sewer out of town, so his cost BS is bogus.

Ron and Ann, we have moved into late March 2011. Morro Bay is not Los Osos. Although at some point, it will be "interesting" to compare costs of Tri-W vs. Giacomazzi and the MB sewer plant where it is vs. where it might be moved.

M said...

Sewertoons never "gets" that the town did not want the most expensive possible sewer in the middle of our town when there were cheaper alternatives available.
Sincerely, M
P.S. Hey anonymous, is that you Richard?

Sewertoons said...

M doesn't "get" that the town wasn't unanimously against the sewer mid-town, there was a mere 20-vote difference of opinion about that.

So M, how do you like the county project? It is out of town.

Sewertoons said...

Fourteen days to the next CSD bankruptcy hearing, BTW.

Alon Perlman said...

Well, I differ. Morro Bay has become Ososified, but perhaps not in the same sense meant by others. (Kind of like the Beetles arriving in the US for the first time- The Los Osos Invasion- I was the Walrus Ko Katchew )

Nothing that the Coastal commission will do with the MB/C sewer will make it cheaper. It is debatable if they will make it "Better".
As for moving it (MB)to a substantially new location: the JPA did not "get" that while they were moving the plant within the same "Lot" they were actually moving it to a substantialy new location from prespective of regulatory review. A problem of not knowing how to manage your regulatory agencies.
As with Los Osos, MB will learn that the costs come from dithering.
But On another note; Presented at LOCAC last night. Bruce Gibson has submitted a request to Waterboard re recession/ dismissal of 45 CDO’s.
For his efforts, he got asked the eternal Question/statement- “How can you build a Sewer, people can’t afford?”.

Sewertoons said...

Nice language Anon.

Here is what the Rough and Fine Screening reports had to say about Andre sites I and II.

Rough Screening
Andre 1
"The 32.4-acre Andre 1 property (APN 067-031-008) was also eliminated from further
consideration because a power line easement owned by Pacific Gas and Electric
Company prohibits structures, which would make construction of a treatment plant
on the remaining portion infeasible."

The Andre 2 site is an 8-acre triangular site off of Los Osos Valley Road. Due to the shape
and size of this parcel, oxidation ditches, BIOLAC Extended Aeration and partially mixed
facultative ponds are not viable treatment processes for the Andre 2 Site.

Fine Screening
Andre 2
9.87 acres
Narrow, triangular shaped
parcel bordering LOVR; site
slopes gently downward to the
north; one small building;
access provided from adjacent
parcel in common ownership;
one group of large trees that
follows an ephemeral drainage
that crosses the northerly
portion of the site; useable
area of site is about 9 acres,
but narrow triangular shape
limits development flexibility.

Anonymous said...

Geez, annonymous 9:08AM on March 25 sounds an awful like that horrible Lynette "trust the county" Tornatsky! Don't tell me there's another equally hateful person, just when I was HOPING the "mold had been broken" when she was "hatched"/found under a rock.

Spectator said...

I just love it when fools that do not have the ability to state facts to contradict someones position about anything, just throw names.

Anonymous said...

Just throw names...

Jon Arcuni as Crapkiller:

"And so the Socialist Trib does not count medical benefits or corporate/government contributions to pensions in their survey."
22 hours ago

"I guess that socialists don't like the UnAmerican Corporations and UnAmerican executives because they give their profits to stockholders and not to good for nothing slackards."
22 hours ago

"He is a combative lefty snob! He goes along with the rest of them."
5 days ago

"Seems to me that a bunch of socialist environmental fruit loops are trying to stack this commission."
6 days ago

"White House spinners in deception and lies, and yet demodumbs believe it!"

You pro-sewer SCUM are all the same: HYPOCRITES.