Wednesday, March 02, 2011

It's Getting Downright Embarassing Out There

Mike Huckabee fashions himself to be presidential timber, possible darling nominee of the Tea Party, certainly the Republican right, and is being considered (and considering himself) as being fit to run for President, and if elected, serve as the leader of the (still) most powerful Empire the world has ever seen.

Mike Huckabee goes on a talk show and states that if there's one thing he's sure of it's that President Obama was raised in Kenya.  Then goes on to speculate that -- being raised in Kenya -- Mr. Obama would hold certain notions about the Brits and the Mau-Mau uprising, & so forth.

I despair that too much of the American public is just uneducated or poorly educated or considered to be "low information" voters.  Our ignorance is well known.  But just how ignorant or poorly educated or badly informed or "low information" should our elected leaders be? Do we have some standard below which we just draw the line and say, "Oh, sorry, that guy's just too dumb to elect to any office?" 

Or is there no bottom to our Dumbth now? 

Elect Mike Huckabee!  He thinks Honolulu is in Kenya.  God help him if he decides to bomb Libya.  He'll probably send the planes to Nebraska.


Mike Green said...

The "Huckster" will say anything he thinks the current audience want's to hear
He did an interview on the Colbert Report where he stated quite clearly that he was sure Obama wasn't a muslim but would not try to clear up that misconception to the somewhat large percentage of conservative voters
" I can't change what they believe" he said

The Great Weasel has (mis)spoken

Churadogs said...

Looking at the proposed possible Republican candidates, it's clear to me the Repugs have truly reached the bottom of the barrel. It's embarassing. But I guess not embarassing enough for a good chunk of the country. I mean, Donald Trump for Prez? C'mon. That indictes to me a party on it's last legs, totally UN-serious about anything. Heck, when they nominated I Can See Russia From My Front Porch Palin, I knew they had jumped the shark into TOTAL non-seriousness. Jeesh.

And you're right.. The huckster will do or say ANYTHING. And he's claiming to be a Good "Christian" man? Last refuge of the scoundrel. Feh.

Spectator said...

Apparently you both do not have anything good to say about Christians.

Certainly not Christian Republicans.

However you wallow in the fruits of their labors.

I love the rants of Calhoun: All my friends are very well educated and wealthy as mostly self made people.

This blog gives me opinion from the opposite and keeps my juices flowing so I have no trouble taking an Obama.