Saturday, July 30, 2011

Archibald McDog, Almost Happy At Last

The stitches on Archie's latest surgery aren't quite ready to come out, but Archie's graduated from the large clear plastic Cone of Shame to the black, soft, smaller Cone of Shame, which is a bit easier to navigate with.

  So outside he went for some flower sniffing and an invitation to some boom 'n zoom from Zuri. 

A few more days and he'll be out of the cone and back to his old tricks.
Hooray for Archie.

Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch . . . A Much Awaited Press Release . . .

July 29, 2011
Santa Barbara, California 
  Please Contact Marshall Ochylski at 441--4466  for Additional Information

After a day-long hearing, Federal Bankruptcy Court Judge Robein Riblet approved the Los Osos Community Services District Bankruptcy Plan.
In order to get the Plan approved the District was required to present the court with a Plan that demonstrated that it had made its "best efforts" to maximize the return to its creditors. The Court ruled that the District had achieved that goal and approved the Plan.
In his testimony to the Court, Marshall Ochylski, President of the Los Osos Community Services District’s Board of Directors, explained the District’s efforts to come up with a Plan to meet that legal test. Marshall explained that the District took its obligations very seriously and had done everything within its powers to maximize the return to its creditors.
The Plan approved by the court resolves all the lawsuits and claims arising from the District's former wastewater project, and puts an end to over six years of District involvement in numerous legal proceedings. As President Ochylski stated, "The resolution of these lawsuits and claims gives the District a fresh start and allows it to focus on providing essential services to its residents such as water, fire protection and drainage."
Under the Plan, the District will pay in full over time the holders of the bonds issued in connection with the former wastewater project as well as loans the District has taken out to pay for improvements to the District's water system and other District property. The District will also pay the contractors and other creditors with approved claims arising from the former wastewater project between 35% and 40% of their claims. The District will not have to pay anything to the Regional Water Quality Control Board for fines it assessed against the District or to claims by the State Water Resources Control Board for loans it made to the District to build the former wastewater project.
President Ochylski, who has acted as the representative of the District in the bankruptcy proceedings since his election to the Board in 2008, expressed his appreciation to all those who had worked with the District to bring this bankruptcy to a successful conclusion. "Through hard work and persistence, the District was able to get its Plan approved and continue to moving forward to provide the services its residents deserve without the distraction of the bankruptcy."
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Sewertoons said...

Love the doggie pix! I'm glad the poor guy is healing! Amazing how well animals adapt to stuff - so much better than we do!

Churadogs said...

today I remove the Cone of Shame. Not that he seems to mind one way or the other. The only benefit is he won't keep crashing into things with the floppy cone. Wed the stitches come out. Hooray for Archie!