Tuesday, July 05, 2011


Friend of mine from Junior high, of all places, is now living in Oklahoma, on a hill in the middle of nowhere surrounded by out-of-the-blue thunderstorms and lightning strikes, and tornadoes and now drought, while writing about living on a hill in the midst of lightening strikes and tornadoes for a great non-profit Web site that features a whole bevy of writers writing on a variety of issues on affordible housing, sustainability, issues of econcomic and legal/justice concerns, issues on media and arts, plus a link to comic Brit David Mitchell's Video Soap Box, this week's all too apt topic, "Lying Liars," among other things.

You can even sign up for email notice when they post their new updates.  So, pay 'em a visit at happy brousing.


Sewertoons said...

Ann, thanks for the url - just finished reading "Scrupulousness" and loved it. I signed up!

Churadogs said...

That's from Donna's blog. Her daughter, Rebecca, also contributes on occasion. Rebecca used to be a columnist for the Orange County Register. She's hilarious and even has a book of her collected pieces called "Commie Girl in the OC." (She's a flaming commie/liberal who was living and writing in Right Wing Orange County. Hahahah)

Donna's pieces are always so wonderful, small interesting slices of day to day life at Chigger Lake, as she calls it. (Don't move to Oklahoma unless you like bugs along with the heat and lightening strikes and tornadoes and now drought.)

Your trip to Turkey sounds wonderful.

Sewertoons said...

OC is so right wing! Lou used to live in OC up in the hills in a community of about 1200 that thought of itself as a rebel, (from the politics and the pastel box mode of living ), Silverado. That's why we found Los Osos so appealing a place to move - politics and economics all over the map. (A new experience for me however.)

Thanks, yes, Turkey was great! Since we were (after Istanbul) on the Aegean and then the Mediterranean, I was surprised to find so many of the same plants that we have here (not that I know the names - other than the many oleanders - maybe from southwest asia - yes, saw eucalyptuses from Australia and tons of bougainvillea from South America. )Got some great shots of spiny plants that looked like something out of Star Trek. I'll bet those were natives.

I look forward to my first e-mail notification - but it looks like there is plenty of reading until that happens!

mom said...

not only did i get to read one of your best articles, EVER, on Norquistianism, but I also see that you generously recommended fourstory.

thank, you, ann. you are my sunshine.