Sunday, July 03, 2011

Your Sunday Recipe

If you want a break from all the greasy hot dogs and hamburgers this July 4th weekend and want a quick, light meal, here's a great recipe from the L.A. TimesSpinach soup with nutmeg and cream.  It's a delicately flavored soup so in order not to overwhelm it, serve it with a lightly dressed salad and a whole grain bread and you're good to go. Have a Happy 4th.

16 oz young spinach leaves
2 tb buter
2 large shallots, finely sliced
1 clove garlic, minced
4 c chicken stock (1 16 oz box)
2/3 c. cream (half &half, or milk) or creme fraiche if you have it
1/2 - 3/4 tsp nutmeg
Salt/pepper to taste, garnish with grated lemon zest before serving.
Makes 5 generous cups of soup.

Wash spinach, put in large pan over medium heat and cook until spinach wilts, about 2 min.  Drain into collander and squeeze out excess moisture.
Rinse out pan, add butter, saute shallots and garlic until soft (5 min).  Season generously with salt, pepper.  Add spinach and turn a few times to stir it all up. 
Add sock and turn heat up to high.  Bring to a simmer then remove from heat.  Don't overcook or it'll change color.  Coarsly puree the soup with an immersion blender.  (If you over puree the soup will be a bit thin, but it's still yummy.)  Add nutmeg, check seasoning, add cream., gently reheat.  Add lemon zest as a garnish before serving.


Alon Perlman said...
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Alon Perlman said...

On Sun morn. The fog was thick as pea soup, and that recipe was real mouth watering. By noon we entered the perfect hot 4th of July weekend, and Gazpacho seems more tempting.
Had to comment though, since the image of adding “Add sock and turn heat up to high” was just to delicious to let go. Usually for that pungent twist, a blue cheese works just as well.

This seems to be a basic recipe that will work well with any greens.

Sorry -not trying to threaten the Blog spelling police’s job security, but I may as well mention- “Immersion blender”. Did learn a new word though: “emersion” is what Neptune does, serving up Aphrodite on the half shell.

Happy Fourth, hope to see the fireworks reflecting on the Bay.

Sewertoons said...

Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha! Thanks Alon!

Ann, the recipe sounds great tho, I almost feel inspired to cook despite my loathing for that task. Somehow liking to eat and liking to cook were not cerebrally joined.

Bev. De Witt-Moylan said...

This soup is one delicious way to ingest the green food that will stave off the wrack and ruin of old age if you give it a chance. Yet another is good old kale salad in pita bread with hummus and avocado.

Churadogs said...

Alon, thanks for the spell-check. Add "sock" indeed. Yum! I'll leave the misspelling since it's too funny.

As for adding almost any kind of greens, a sharp, heavy-flavored, bitter green (mustard, kale, beet greens, etc.) likely wouldn't be as good. Spinach is very "soft" and it's amazing how many pounds of the stuff you can jam in there since once heated it cooks down to almost nothing. So even a cup of the stuff would give you 395720432893789% of your daily RDA for shrubbery.

Sewertoons said...

"…daily RDA for shrubbery." Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!!!! Perfect way to describe it!!!