Friday, July 29, 2011

Nope, Republicans Reeeely, Reeeeely Aren't Fit To Govern, Nope, Nope, Nossir.

Poor John Boehner.  Stuck herding crazed extremist Republican/TeaParty right wing batshit crazy feral cats.  Crazed extremist Repbulican/TeaParty right wing batshit crazy feral cats funded by AstroTurf groups financed by folks like the Koch Brothers and voted into office by addled, misinformed and frightened voters who have been unhinged by 9/11,  by the horror! the horror! of having a black president (OMG), and with their final mental meltdown arriving with the bursting of the economic Wall Street bubble. Unhinged!  So unhinged, old grampy, grumpy John McCaine went on the floor of the Senate to crankily point out that the Tea Party mentality was now residing in "Lord of the Rings" fantasy land.  Which is perfectly illustrated by Presidential candidate, MoonBeam Michelle Bachman, blandly declaring that defaulting is no big deal, nothing will happen, don't worry, it's all a liberal lie, thereby proving that she is unfit to govern whatever office she's running for. 

So here we are: a nation unhinged, angry, bellowing like a blind bull, but still held hostage by elected crazed extremists -- economic terrorists if you will -- funded by corporate interests, a country self-destroyed by fake Republican "trickle-down" economics, fake "job creation myths," our wealth gutted out by outsourcing multinationals, the massive profits moved up into fewer and fewer hands -- America the Oligarchic, from sea to shining sea.  All supported and voted into being by the American people, the most astonishing suicide pact the world has seen.  An immolative auto de fe set alight when the twin towers fell.

Yee, haw!


Anne R. Allen said...

I thought John McCain was pretty cool.

But I think it's time to send in the SEALs. Those Talibanican one-party-rule, ultra-right crazies are doing more to wreck the US than a few guys flying planes into buildings. They want nothing short of a zombie apocalypse. Shoot them in the head, or they'll eat our brains.

M said...

You got a lot of nerve screaming it's the "horror of having a black president" that is in peoples mind. Talk about race baiting. Remember he is half white as well, and what experience does he have leading a country such as ours? And your friend Anne R. Allen suggesting we shoot them in the head. Ah yes, the party of peace. You and your friends are far scarier than the Republicans.
Sincerely, M

Churadogs said...

Oh, pluuueeeze, M, if you think this country's "race free" you don't know the history or dark heart of America. Or understand the dog whistle music of "I want my country back."

C'mon, M, Anne's being funny. But, Hey, I think the SEAL Team 6 idea is a pretty good suggestion.A small group of economic terrorists are holding the Congress captive; send in the team!

Realistic1 said...

And M - what president ever elected had experience running a country such as ours?

Realistic1 said...

Both sides should be horsewhipped for playing politics with the US (and world) economy at such a fragile time. This is nothing but a game of high stakes hot potato and nobody wants to be left holding the potato. It's political posturing of the worst kind and it's disgraceful to see Congress behaving like a bunch of schoolyard bullies and "I'm gonna hold my breath till I get what I want" spoiled brats. I don't care if they're red or blue - shame on every last one of them!

Billy Dunne said...

Sorry, but that "both sides should be horsewhipped" stuff is pure BS, only for those who want to appear smugly fair and impartial or those who just don't take the time to stay informed. The fact is this doesn't have anything to do anymore with "both sides now." The Democrats have given away the farm and the Repugs don't even put on the pretense that they negotiate in good faith. The loons have taken over that party and the well-being of the country be damned. How did Chuck Todd put it: "When you take a step back from the hour-by-hour movements in this debate, it’s obvious how much ground the White House and Democrats have conceded. First, they retreated on their push for a clean debt-ceiling raise. Then they retreated on the size of the spending cuts (now both sides say the cuts must equal or exceed the eventual debt-limit hike). Then they backed away from insisting that tax revenues be included in the final package (both the Boehner and Reid plans exclude them). And now it seems that their final line in the sand is insisting that the debt ceiling must -- in one step -- be raised beyond 2012, versus Boehner’s two-step approach, which would guarantee another debt showdown early next year."

I'll repeat what Carville said, The Dems waved the white flag long ago, they just can't find anyone on the other side to take it.

Can you name one concession from the Tea-bagging Republicans Real? You listen to Sarah Palin, or Michele Bachmann, or Jim Demint lately? They are practically begging for default. Do you see ANY talk of ANY revenue being generated, or do you see only cuts cuts and more cuts? And more pledges. And more attacks on entitlements. And the elderly. And continued help for the rich (oops, I mean "job creators.") And more bogus constitutional amendments. (for people who think the Constitution is sacrosanct, the baggers sure like to tinker with that thing, don't they).

This notion that both sides are at fault here is laughable. Give me a freakin' break.

Churadogs said...

I wonder if the cuts-only that are coming down the pike will finally wake people up? To date, for some weird reason,the average American thinks they're in the millionare class, so they think the proposed taxes will apply to them (it won't) and/or they will never lose their jobs/healthcare and will never be in need of any social safety net so they don't need any of those programs so sure, go ahead, cut them to ribbons or better yet, get rid of them all together. There's an amazing disconnect between reality and some weird perception that since we're all millionaires now, hey, we don't need no stinkin' government and certainly don't need to raise revenue. Let 'em eat cake, since we're all rich!

On the other hand, as one pundit pointed out, the Tea Party (even funded as it was by very wealthy folks running fake astroturf front organizations) still played by the rules of democracy: organize, get your guy elected, get him/her to write and pass laws you want to see passed. That's the game. So if Progressives want "real change," they've got to get off their butts, organize, get their guys elected, pass laws they want to see passed.

As one wag put it: "Politics is to find out what the people want, then give it to 'em good and hard. Well, this country's about to get it . . . good and hard. Yee-haw.

Realistic1 said...

Ann -

We thought we had done that when we elected Barack Obama and had control of both the House and the Senate. We voted for change and nothing happened. 23 months later we lost control of the house and people like Michelle Bachman found a voice - and are holding the country hostage.

Obama wimped out, pissing away the opportunity for a public option for health care and caving to the Wall Street banks. He wimped out again in the debt ceiling debate. Boehner said - "spending cuts or no deal." Did Obama say "revenue increases or no deal?" Nope - he just allowed the House to bend us all over the table once again. I have never been more politically disillusioned in my life. Will I vote for Repubs in the next election (or ever)? Hell No. But never again will I fall for the "audacity of hope". We got sold a bill of goods.

Billy Dunne said...

Amen Real, Amen. After years of shunning both these dysfunctional parties and voting with my heart, I fell victim to the Obama hype and went mainstream in 08. Boy am I sorry. And embarrassed. Community organizer or not, all consensus and NO conviction is the bill of goods I'll never buy again. Nor will I allow the "but if you don't vote for him you allow the other guy to win" BS to ever color my decisions again. In fact, I get a warped sense of giddiness at the prospect of this becoming a Tea Bagger nation. Let them eat cake. And let the anarchy begin.

Churadogs said...

Billy sez:"In fact, I get a warped sense of giddiness at the prospect of this becoming a Tea Bagger nation. Let them eat cake. And let the anarchy begin."

There IS a delicious, deeeeelicious feeling at the prospect, isn't there? Apres moi, le deluge!