Monday, October 15, 2012

El Chorro Dog Park 11th Anniversary Celebration

If you have a dog, grab him or her and head over to El Chorro Regional Park (across from Cuesta College off Hwy 1) for the SLO-4-PUPs Off Leash Dog Park's fund-raiser and 11th Anniversary Celebration on Saturday Oct 20 from 10 - 2.  There will be hot dogs, sodas, cake and lots of dogs. The El Chorro Dog Park was the county's very first fenced off-leash park (there are now 8), and was built and is run and maintained by volunteers, donors, and dog park visitors.

So, grab the pooch and head over for a romp.


Anne R. Allen said...

Hot dogs? And really cool dogs, too, I'm sure. But maybe they should be serving hamburgers instead? :-)

Anonymous said...

I like snausages! --Fido

Churadogs said...

Fido, there'll be some yummy dog biscuits for you. Or maybe your owner will share his or her hot dog?

Anne, we tried veggie hot dogs once but they . . . sucked. And hamburgers end up too greasy and make a mess. So, hot dogs it is. And cake! An 11th anniversary cake. Chocolate with chocolate frosting.

and cool dogs. Lots of those. So if you're out and about this Saturday, stop by for a sniff and a nosh.