Sunday, October 28, 2012

Your Sunday Poem

This is from  Life Prayers, an anthology of prayers, blessings and affirmations from around the world, edited by Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon.

If you have time to chatter
Read books
If you have time to read
Walk into the mountian, desert and ocean
If you have time to walk
sing songs and dance
If you have time to dance
sit quietly, you Happy Lucky Idiot.
                               Nanao Sakaki 


Alon Perlman said...

Sometime is laid
the Perfect Path.
I'm wondering now
which cycle rolls next,
do I heed to;
the call of the mountain
Abandon in dance
Or just skip to the end state
hoping not to overshoot it

(it is just a vehicle for some images, the best one is “Dance” click on it, and you can open to full window with F11 or Fn Key+ f11)

Anonymous said...


Now that the PZDLF lawsuit has been dismissed, what are the plans of PZLDF to pay the court-ordered legal fees due the State as stipulated by the dismissal?

In the past you have attacked and condemed TW for paying off the LAFCO costs too slowly (and now fully paid).

Do you realize that your credibility (and PZLDF's) is now on the line if payment is not forthcoming....not to mention that the State can now sue PZLDF if the funds are not paid to the State?

Just asking.

Anonymous said...

Shut the fuck up, Lynette.

Anonymous said...

Funny when Torsnotsky goes anonymouse. What a coward!

Anonymous said...

Sorry, not Lynette.

Is PZLDF going to pay the court-orderred legal costs or not, cuz if PZLDF doesn't then they are deadbeats.

TW paid all it's obligations. Every dime. It took 18 months to do so, but all TW debts are paid.

So Ann, are PZLDFiffers deadbeats or not?

And if PZLDF does not pay, believe me that there are folks in Los Osos that will hound PZLDF to meet their obligations.


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:08,

Stay on topic; or at least attempt to.

For example, try poetry

Hate the Water Board
If you have time to complain
Sue them
If you sue them
Hire a lawyer
If you lose to them
Pay the price quietly, you Happy Lucky Idiot.

Anonymous said...

Why is it that the only people in Osos who "hound" anybody is TW & fiends?

TW's "obligation" is to shut up and go away with rest of the recalled losers.

Anonymous said...

"Sorry, not Lynette."


Anonymous said...

Lynette never posts as anonymous. Do you still not get this?

Anonymous said...


That's a bold claim.

Anonymous said...

That's no Halloween witch mask, partner. She's the real deal!

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Actually I always post as myself, Anon 6:29 is correct. I have not posted here. I'm over on Ron's blog.

Anonymous said...

You're the only one that blogs about PZLDF now, Lynette. Nobody else cares.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

Believe what you want about that if it makes you feel better. This is my second post on here, I did not bring up the topic, but clearly it is on someone's mind besides mine. (I have talked to others that are interested too just to enlighten you, but I know this won't influence your convictions.)

Over at last, but clearly not forgotten.

Anonymous said...

Now wait a minute.

Why would anybody be unhappy or disappointed that PZLDF pay the court-ordered court costs?

Were we not happy (for whatever reason) that TW was forced to pay off the $32,000 LAFCO tab. As a taxpayer I had no problem with that arrangement.

Same in the case of PZLDF. Their lawsuit cost the taxpayers a lot of tax dollars to defend. PZLDF lost; and now PZLDF must pay the state for the tax dollars used and court costs. Fair to me; and fair for all taxpayers too.

Anonymous said...

Again, nobody else cares about PZLDF. N-O-B-O-D-Y. It's just another Taxpayers Watch circlejerk.

Sewertoons AKA Lynette Tornatzky said...

That's your opinion Anon 5:43 and if it makes you feel better, good for you!

Anonymous said...

It's Halloween! Get back in your coffin you pasty old whore.

Anonymous said...

I agree that nobody cares about PZLDF or it's failed lawsuit. That organization and it's lawsuit does not matter; never did.

What I care about is recovering the court ordered court costs from PZLDF to pay back the taxpayers. As it stands, PZLDF must (by court order) pay. PZLDF cannot just walk away from the ruling; they must respond. PZLDF can always plead poverty or whatever; and possibly the costs will be forgiven.

I guess we will know what will happen to PZLDF soon enough. I am sure Ann will keep folks informed as she was a party in (and a loud proponent of) the lawsuit. I am sure that Ann can rally the troops to raise the money needed to pay the court costs.

Anonymous said...

Who ever the immature anonymous poster is, must live in the PZLDF circle.

I'm laughing at those PZLDF fools because they got away with the CSD paying their BS lawsuit filings. Yup, they flat out lied to the community and never paid per the "agreememt". Thanks Lisa, you almost got away free.

Now, it is only fair that the State is coming after PZLDF to pay up for the legal cost of filing that failed garbage lawsuit. Maybe some home PZLDF homeowners need to look at how they personally are going to pay the State. And they have now opened the door for the IRS to look at those deductions they tried to use. PZLDF has never been a charity, just ignorant activists!

Going to be some fun times around Los Osos.

Anonymous said...

When Prop 30 goes down in defeat, maybe Julie can stand up with Ann and tell us how the State is too busy to worry about Los Osos?

Anonymous said...

Ann will never say a word about the PZLDF lawsuit, her involvement as a plaintiff, the lawsuit's failure, or the court order that PZLDF pay court costs simply because Ann is a coward who will not stand behind her convictions. She is all talk but no action and a deadbeat.


Anonymous said...

"Who ever the immature anonymous poster is, must live in the PZLDF circle."

Not all the zombies were killed this Halloween. You're still posting.

Remember kids, always aim for the head!

Anonymous said...

PZLDF lawsuit have cost the taxpayers of California over $500,000.00. I am not Lynette, I am not TW. I do care that the obstructionist efforts of people who live in LO continue to cost all of us money that no one who obstructs wants to add to the tab.

Answer up you wing nuts! Between bankruptcy and PZLDF & failed loans how much have you cost us? How have we benefited? $25,000 per property seems like chump change versus the rest of this garbage. Julie-organize a bake sale before you eat all the cookies this time.

Anonymous said...

"I do care..."

You're a fake.

Anonymous said...

"PZLDF lawsuit have cost the taxpayers of California over $500,000.00. I am not Lynette,"

That info is sealed but a distraught PZLDF'r told me the water board has asked for $1.2 million in legal fees, which means PZLDF members will likely enjoy liens on their houses for believing in Gail and Shaunna, the only ones who won.

Anonymous said...

"...a distraught PZLDF'r..." ?

I well remember the PZLDF folks and their cheerleaders ranting about how they were stopping the sewer. It's too bad they selected an incompetent lawyer, a lying former sewer treatment worker, and a dried up poet to try sueing the State. Maybe the State can get a big enough tow truck to drag a couple others into the court room.

I would not be surprised that they all lose their homes for their active community terrorism. Those few PZLDF certainly tried their best to drive the sewer cost so high that the rest of us would lose our homes.

Los Osos is tired of those obstructionists and are cheering the State and really cheering the installation of the collection pipes!

Anonymous said...

Wow - my $500,000 was a shot in the dark to see if anyone would spill the real number. I just rounded to about $100,000 a year just for kicks. If a "distraught" pzldf'r spilled what you said they did I hope for their sake there is some bargaining room because that's an awful big gamble. Glad the LOCSD had the sense to walk away when they did. They were smart enough to see a loser case and deal with the RWQCB directly. Phew on that!

As much as they have annoyed me and indirectly cost me money, I am sorry that they are now going to wrangle over fees. Some of the folks that kept getting dragged along really didn't want to be a part of it. I hope they got out in time.