Sunday, October 14, 2012

This wickedly sly bit from Pulitzer Prize-winning poet, James Tate, from "Selected Poems,"

Prose Poem

I am surrounded by the pieces of this huge
puzzle; here's a piece I call my wife, and
here's an odd one I call convictions, here's
conventions, here's collisions, conflations,
congratulations.  Such a puzzle this is! I
like to grease up all the pieces and pile
them in the center of the basement after
everyone else is asleep.  Then I leap head-
first like a diver into the wretched confusion.
I kick like hell and strangle a few pieces,
bite them, spitting and snarling like a mongoose.
When I wake up in the morning, it's all fixed!
My wife says she would not be caught dead at
that savage resurrection.  I say she would.


Alon Perlman said...


Churadogs said...

That last line. oooo, is right. Ouch.

Alon Perlman said...

Somehow thought this fits here though it is more to the archy and mehitabel era;
Today is the 107 th anniversary of "prince Nemo" by the illistration artist and one of the first animators; Winsor McCay
you can find the homage animation on google today and after the 15th
This one is rather somber as it is about the sinking of the Lusitania and he was creating realisem.