Monday, October 22, 2012

Last Debate Tonight

If you're planning on watching the debate tonight, you might want to read Cesar Millan's comments at

So, prepare the popcorn, invite your best friend into the room, turn the sound down and watch Mitt Romney and President Obama's body language the way a dog would.  

To me, one of the very first things I noticed about skittery-jittery Mitt is how much he reminded me of skittery-jittery George Bush.  Here are two men who are very uncomfortable in their own skins, especially when under stress.  In a Commander in Chief, that can't possibly end well.


Alon Perlman said...

But a neutral article does not tell us how Pack leader Millan will vote and his reaction prior to these debates -He published on 10/15
After all; one candidate is the incumbent president.
Note the date
Proof that all presidential elections are going to the dogs at least as per blogs and attention to past behavior.

A dog with one ball that doesn't float- Reckless

And of course Barack ate dog in Indonesia or something.

So let us remember (as you have noted elsewhere) that most of what the hard hitter news makers, Talking heads, blathering bloggers, Kaizer machers spin meisters and damage controllogists will be saying tonight and tomorrow as they spin spin spin has already been typed earlier today or weeks ago.
Actually I formed some opinions based on body language but I am probably biased so I'll rather rewatch the part where Romney talked about Syria to see if he missed something important re content-context.

Again? Seriously? “But Moderator- I have to rebut the president’s rebuttal to my rebuttal”

I was simultaneously trying to see if my favored Political Party tonight (symbolized by the Bear) would defeat the other political party (symbolized by the Lion)
So appropos something else
Does Schrodinger's cat know that it is dead?

Anonymous said...

"skittery jittery"! nail on the head moment.
i've been trying to describe the uneasiness, nay, creepiness, i've been feeling when romney speaks.
nice wordsmithing, ann.