Friday, August 21, 2009

Grab The Rock, Call Your Lawyer And Head For The Fences

The Rock has been busy, as you can see below.

County Counsel Tries to Bury Schicker’s MWH/Ogren Complaint
Warren Jensen’s belated response to Lisa Schicker’s MWH/Ogren complaint paves the way for MWH to move forward, without legal impediments, in the design-build phase of the wastewater project as No. 1 contractor on the County’s handpicked short lists for both collection and treatment. At the same time, Counsel’s disclaimer shields the board. Schicker’s reaction...» Read Article

Next Speaker... Shut Up! The Los Osos Public Comment Scandal
It’s not sexy like the Edge/Wilcox scandal, but the Los Osos Public Comment scandal and coverup will cost Los Osos and County taxpayers millions of dollars more in rigged contracts, costs increases, additional fees and charges, further damage to Los Osos' threatened drinking water supply and probable litigation. The man pulling the strings behind the scenes of both scandals could pay at the polls in 2010, if voters take a deeper look...» Read Article

Best of Summer Public Comment: Los Osos Residents Fight Back Against Gibson Gag With Wit, Knowledge and Advice
Public comment on the Los Osos wastewater project at Board of Supervisors’ monthly updates is the time when no good deed goes unpunished, as Supervisor Gibson and idling board sidekicks turn the vice tighter and tighter on critics of the County’s town-sweeping $200-million megasewer built on the flimsiest foundation of lies and fraud. Following is a just a sampling of the vital public comment from Los Osos residents at monthly project updates on July 14 and August 4—ignored or dismissed by a board that almost never responds. We bring back some folks for an encore because public comment passes too quickly and should not be so quickly forgotten...» Read Article
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Watershed Mark said...

Very good information and commentary located on these links to The ROCK. The work that organization is doing should help those who will study "the County's study process" for errors and omissions.
The comments culled from the BOS meetings will live on to serve as both advice and a warning to future projects all over the country.

I appreciate your work Ed, even as and because many hate it. You have exercised you right to Freedom magnificently.
Long live “The ROCK.”

Ed said...
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NewsstandGreg said...

I'll second that emotion. As a former Los Osos resident who moved out before it got cra-zee, the machinations are amazing to behold.

People reveal the truth about themselves by their own actions.

Reporters dedicated to the pursuit of accountable action help us all to see it. --Greg