Saturday, August 08, 2009

Tick, Tick, Tick

Now that most of the fooferaw over the Edge/Wilcock/Perry mess has settled down to a dull roar, will the County attorney finally get around to looking at the formal complaint against the county’s shortlist of sewer experts? The following posting alert from The Rock, below:

UPDATE: County Counsel That Can’t Count to 100 Should Be Fired
It’s been over 100 days since County Counsel Warren Jensen stated he would respond in two weeks to former LOCSD board president Lisa Schicker’s well-documented complaint against MWH and Paavo Ogren.(UPDATE: At the August 4 Board of Supervisors meeting, Counsel Jensen again refused to respond to the public’s request for his promised written response to the full complaint.) For the rest of the article, click here to read it on THE ROCK/Razor.

Los Osos Sustainability Group: Leading the Fight to Save the Basin
According to the water re-use reduction targets in the volunteer group's Basin Management Plan, the goal is to have each household use 33% less water, effectively reducing the monthly usage rates while aggressively reducing the effects of saltwater intrusion. “[Saltwater intrusion] is much worse than people think,” says the group's Keith Wimer. “We have a serious problem that can’t be avoided any longer—and the [County's wastewater] project has got to address it.”To read the rest of the article, view it on The Razor and post comments.

The Freestyle Magic of Tokyo Joe’s Sushi
Good news travels fast in Morro Bay. Since opening early summer, Tokyo Joe’s Sushi, the brainfood child of entrepreneur Joe Yukich and Chef Hiroki Ohata, has rapidly gained a following for its high quality sushi, its small, cozy, relaxed cafĂ© atmosphere, and friendly, attentive staff. But that’s only where Tokyo Joe’s begins, or takes off...
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