Thursday, August 20, 2009

Well, Hey, Don't Let Me Disturb You

So, I got a call from Greg McClure (Central Coast News Mission central, so to speak,) asking him to call so we could figure out how to rejigger the banner head and he tells me that there were something like 16 comments on my little squib telling readers that they were not to panic, that the redesign was a work in progress, not to worry.

But 16 comments??? On a design shuffle? Lordy, I never knew I had so many readers who were into layouts, design elements, maybe type face design? I know there's lots of talented folks in my Beloved Bangladesh By The Bay, but had no idea that so many graphic designers were reading the Can(n)ons!

Design Mavens or Hideous Los Osos Sewer Wars Afficiandos?

Well, when as Greg and I were walking, I clicked on the comment section to see if all my Art Center teachers had come back to life and were now signing on to comment on the layout.

Aw, I shudda known better. Everyone was signing on to chew on each others' ankles over the Tribune headline, "Conflict-of-interest charge dismissed," wherein former LOCSD director, Lisa Schicker, asked SLO County Counsel, Warren Jensen, to review a pile of documents to see if there was a conflict of interest in the Hideous Sewer Project's "short list" or previous employment/association of Paavo Ogren with the CSD and/or Motgomery Watson Harza or any other issues that are/were illegal, improper, conflicty or troubling.

Jensen answered that his preliminary review of the documents found no problems, (Yes, there was that back-dated contract matter, but the statute of limitations ran out on that one) and he may turn out a final report sometime, maybe.

Quick! Toss 'em a bone then head for the fences!

Well, apparently you've all had a wonderful time chomping on one another's ankles over that.

Then I wake up and turn on the computer, sip on my coffee while the machine wakes up and grumbles about the early hour. I go to the blog and it turns out that overnight Greg re-did the banner head and lettering, ka-ZAM! there it is. He even found and added a photo of our bear sign. How cool is that! Thanks, Greg. Looks great.


Alon Perlman said...

Well, Ann. You did say it was a work in progress. And it is good to see you grace your blog with your visage and your dogly friend. (many of your visitors don't know what you look like)
The primery picture, "Our" mountain, it's coastal view designation majesty, unmarred by WWTF, needs some more space. It is uncomfortable crammed up in UPPER LEFT in the briefly scanned Left to right reading note (banner). (photography 101, we are influenced by our reading habits we tend to view pictures left to right. Pictures have visual cues that lead our eyes to other elements within the picture.
Photographs and paintings of people tend to lead our eyes to the direction the characters are looking or pointing, occasionally directing us out of the picture. (wheras the mona lisa holds us transfixed
The great masters understood these techniques. In some of the religeous paintings a curved hand of a saint situated on the the viewers right leads the eye back into the main action.
Suggestion; If you can't unshrink it, try to set it to the right.

Alon Perlman said...

Or not. I'll get used to it.

Aaron said...


Let me know if you want any other graphics done for the site if Greg is unable to help you.

Ron said...

Ann wrote:

" I go to the blog and it turns out that overnight Greg re-did the banner head and lettering, ka-ZAM! there it is."

Looks great! And that picture of you, with your dog, is so damn cute.

Now, THAT's Hollister Peak from Turri Road, on the right, isn't it?

And, thanks for answering my Vespa-to-Death Valley question.

Wow... I AM impressed!

Churadogs said...

Ron sez:" "Now, THAT's Hollister Peak from Turri Road, on the right, isn't it?

The shot in the banner head is Hollister from Hwy 1. The new photo on the sidebar is Hollister from Turri Rd. Wanted him to use that one in the banner head, but it was too vertical and wouldn't fit.