Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Git Out The Bait, Fellas

Calhoun's Can(n)ons for November 3, 2010 

The country’s 24-hour political pundit perpetual panic conflictionator did not cause our problems, but its existence makes solving them that much harder . . . If we amplify everything, we hear nothing.
                  Jon Stewart,”Rally to Restore Sanity and/or Fear” 

            Well, Jon, you could have fooled me.  These past months have been a time of creeping horror.  Angry, oddly uninformed, frightened people put a tri-corner hat on their heads, a gun on their hips, scribbled a Hitler moustache on a photo of  President Obama and called it a national political movement, unaware it was really little more than a useful corporate, lobbyist-fueled, Astroturf political tactic. Until it became clear it might backfire against the Republicans who sought to use its ramped up fear and anger. At which time the likes of Karl Rove sniffed and sneered and started backing away. But it was too late.  Frankenstein’s monster was loosed in the land and was running amok, knocking out “sane” conservative candidates and substituting extremist wackos babbling about headless bodies in the desert and declaring they weren’t witches.
            Meanwhile, the airways filled with hideous images and scary voices promising Armageddon should one politician or another get elected. Poor mailmen fell to their knees under the weight of glossy campaign flyers. Insanity roared through the land, terrorized people hiding under their beds, fingers stuck firmly in their ears, eyes scrunched shut against the bray.
            Except for brave Oklahoma.  Those courageous Sooners took a stand against the growing tide of terror.  Their Republican state Representative Rex Duncan authored a constitutional amendment initiative to ban Sharia law from being implemented in Oklahoma.  Says Mr. Duncan, “Oklahoma does not have that problem yet, but why wait until it’s in the courts.” Indeed!  There’s nothing more uselessly soothing than pre-emptive strikes against non-existent threats.  What’s next, a law making it illegal for flying dragons to use Oklahoma airspace?
            Well, why not.  That kind of silliness is what we Americans do when we get scared.  Theatre for children.  But now the election’s over, it’s clear that the worst of the games are over and now the terribly serious business of actually governing has to begin. 
            In California, the voters elected a “public servant,” over a wealthy CEO.  Perhaps  they understood there’s a world of difference between the two.  Plus, this particular “servant,” is a Pol’s pol, and not only knows where the bodies are buried, he’s swum with the Sacramento sharks so it’s likely he will know how to get something done in a state that’s been self-derailed and gridlocked. Maybe.
            Nationally, Republicans regained control of the House and will soon understand the dictum, “Be careful what you wish for; you may get it.”  For two years, they’ve had the supreme luxury of sitting on the sidelines like sulking children, lower lips out, pouty-eyes glaring, threatening filibusters and saying, No-No-HELL NO!
            That won’t cut it any more.  They now have the fishing pole, they have the bait, and they now have two ways to go: Get serious and work with Democrats to actually make critical changes. Or, focus their time and energy in setting up impeachment proceedings against our Kenya-born, Muslim-terrorist, illegal-alien President.  Oh, and waste time on the non-starter of rescinding the heath care plan so that people can once again get thrown off their policies, be refused coverage for pre-existing conditions and remove the provisions that insurance companies must spend at least 80% of your insurance dollars on actual health care, versus spending it on CEO bonuses.
            And, of course, totally ignore any commitment towards a sustainable green energy policy, even though a lot of corporations and individuals tinkering in their garages are just waiting for the signal from Washington that will give them the go-ahead to do what America does best – innovative investments in a future. 
            But that kind of commitment requires a government and a people that actually believes it has a future and is willing to work together to make that future real.
            Which makes this truly a fish or cut bait moment. And begs a question:  Why did it take two comedian/satirists to clarify the choices we face: Restore Sanity or Keep Mindless Fear Alive?
            And to remind us, as Jon Stewart did, that “The image of Americans that is reflected back to us by our political and media process is false.  We hear every damn day about how fragile our country is, on the brink of catastrophe, torn my polarizing hate, and how it’s a shame that we can’t work together to get things done.  The truth is, we do.  We work together to get things done every damn day.  The only place we don’t is here [Washington] or on cable TV.”
            Amen. Now, it’s time for our Pols to get back to work. And this time, let’s see if both parties can focus on what’s best for the country as a whole, not just on payoffs for the fat cats what brung ‘em.


Sandra Gore said...

Unfortunately, whether the Rebumblicans have the House or not, whether nothing happens or not, the President always gets blamed.
Obama did too much.
Obama didn't do enough.
The guy can't win and therefore we all lose.

Mike Green said...

Screw the election results, it New boss same as the old boss,.
What should be todays screaming headline is that Carlock's Bakery sold!
First the Merrymaker and now this!!!!
We are Doomed!
Oh, Ya, I don't live there anymore, Carry on.

Anne R. Allen said...

What? Flying dragons from Oklahoma just bought the Merrymaker and Carlocks? I knew we should have passed that law! It's all Obama's fault!!

TCG said...

I watched and listened to our President trying to be humble this morning. Unfortunately, it is obvious that he still doesn't really get it.

It was interesting to hear the various White House press representatives finally, after nearly two years, asking the President some meaningful questions.

Carlocks is the best!

Watershed Mark said...

Bush did too much.
Bush didn't do enough.
The guy could't win and therefore we all lost.

I can see November 2, 2012 from my front porch.

Spectator said...

To Ann: Congrats on your well written opinion on the disastrous election results from a progressive/socialist viewpoint. Unfortunately it is a load of Obama. When will you understand that much of the voting public is smarter than you, and not dupes?

I am very happy to have Moonbeam as governor along with Newsome as sidekick. Brown started the ball rolling towards state bankruptcy back when he was governor by his very liberal public employee support for pensions, medical care better than anybody's, and salaries better than private industry.

It will be interesting to see the uprising, marching in the streets, and blame when a Federal Judge in Bankruptcy court cuts back the pensions and benefits of state employees.

This is sort of like the Los Osos bankruptcy. We will all have to pay for your support of the foolish five and the lies that perpetrated the recall.

I support Sharia law for Ann. Oklahoma was wrong.

Churadogs said...

Spectator sez:"When will you understand that much of the voting public is smarter than you, and not dupes?"

Here's how "smart" the voting public is. People SCREAMED because they were being thrown off their insurance co, couldn't get insurance because of pre-existing conditions, lost coverage once their kid reached 18, and saw big chunks of the money they sent to the insurance companies go, not to actual health care, but to huge CEO salaries and bonuses, & etc, etc.etc. SCREAMING!!!

So, here comes the Health Care bill and, Voi la! Their kids get to stay on their policy until they're 26, they can't be denied coverage, can't be rescinded for no reason, and 80% of their premiums must be spent on actual health care and they're thrilled. Yaaaayyyy! they say. This is wonderful!

Then they vote into office, a Republican who vows to --- REPEAL the health care bill that allowed them to keep their kid on their policy, not be denied coverage, not get rescinded, and etc.etc.etc.

This is a sign of intelligence? Really?

And, yes, Carlocks is changing hands. BUT, the new owners promise to keep the same wonderful recipes going (and let's hope they add some wonderful new products of their own -- keep it fresh and new).

And, most of all, BEST WISHES to the CARLOCKS. I hope you guys have a WONDERFUL retirement. You've earned it. And thanks for so many years of sinfully delicious baked good.

Watershed Mark said...

"We work together to get things done every damn day. The only place we don’t is here [Washington] or on cable TV.”

Many progressives who thought voting for a bill they did not read were eliminated from the equation. Very few Republicans who did not vote for the bill those who voted for it but didn't read it, were not.

As Chris Matthews recently reported, with that tingly feeling running down his leg: Elections have consequences. You BETCHA!

Watershed Mark said...

Therewas no bi-partisanship work on that lousy health care bill, now in the cross hairs of our newly elected leaders in the house.

That's where the money is...

Alon Perlman said...

Brave new world

Seems to be that the uniqueness that makes Carlock's what it is was will be maintained and appreciated. Cake decorator's talent kept on. The big winners here are Gary's knees, which won't have to brave lifting racks and 5 AM temperature changes much more.

Change be a-cometh brave new world.
Keep trying with the video links Ann
Has coverage and more text of closing speech
The video is here and many more locations

This segment should be lazer inscribed on all remaining copies of the Constitution

"If we amplify everything, we hear nothing"
A moment of clarity in 21st century America
Sanity is in the eye of the beholder.

Churadogs said...

Mark sez:"Therewas no bi-partisanship work on that lousy health care bill, now in the cross hairs of our newly elected leaders in the house."

Actually, there was HUGE cooperation via Big Pharma and Big Insurance Companies coming to the table where they were handed the American people on a very, very profitable platter. (Don't forget, Bush and the Republicans cut a really sweet deal with Big Pharma via Medicare Part D forbidding negotiating for better prices & etc.) The Repubs started balking on this go-round when "conditions" and regulations were imposed on those companies, i.e. 80% spent on actual health care, no caps, no pre-existing conditions, cost control & etc. Those kinds of regulations are anathema to Repugs. As for repealing health Care? Don't bet on it. Too many people are finding out that these changes are actually benefiting them. They don't want to return to the bad old days of getting thrown off their insurance policy when they get sick, & etc.

The Razor said...

There was no bi-partisanship work on that lousy health care bill...


"Throughout the debate on health insurance reform, Republican concepts and proposals have been included in legislation. In fact, hundreds of Republican amendments were adopted during the committee mark-up process. As a result, both the Senate and the House passed key Republican proposals that are incorporated into the President’s Proposal."

Review a few of the Republican initiatives included in legislation passed by Congress... (SOURCE:

Watershed Mark said...

Get ready for the cutting edge from those who did not vote for that lousy health care bill.

No Republican voted for that lousy health care bill. Senator Snow voted it out of committe where bribes could be paid to get it passed. Stay tuned for the hearings.

I'm surprised you are swallowing and regurgitating Obama's propoganda. I thought you were a thinking man...

Aaron, you never did answer my question: "do you own or have you ever purchased health insurance?"

My prescription:
Remove Federally imposed barriers which prevent insurance companies from selling across state lines like Auto and Life insurance companies do.

Tort reform...

And the beat goes on...

Brazil's central bank chief Henrique Mereilles said the US move had created "excessive dollar liquidity which we are absorbing," forcing his country to restrict inflows. Mexico's finance minister warned of "more bubbles."

Global investors mostly accepted that the motive for QE1 was emergency liquidity, and that stimulus would later be withdrawn. But there are growing suspicions that QE2 is Treasury funding in disguise.

If they start to act on this suspicion, they could push rates higher instead of lower, and overwhelm the Bernanke stimulus. That would precipitate an ugly chain of events for the US.

Obama's "ugly chain of events for the US." Republican's control nothing no matter how many liberal progressives whine that they do...

Watershed Mark said...

Republican's have blocked nothing no mtter how many liberal progressives whine that they do...they don't have the votes.

Churadogs said...

Mark sez:"Republican's have blocked nothing no mtter how many liberal progressives whine that they do...they don't have the votes."

Technically, you're correct. By threatening a filibuster, the Dems back down. But it's a distinction with no difference. The end result is the same. Killed bills. And we'll see the same tactic for the next two years. Things that really need to get done, won't. And our national drift will continue. While China races ahead on, say, the green energy front. Us? We'll stay mired in 19th century technology so the Koch Brothers can continue to get even richer. Ah, yes, That's the American way.

As for health care, part of me really wants to see the entire thing thrown out so I can listen to people SCREAMING again when they get tossed off their policies, or have their treatment discontinued in the middle, or can't buy insurance anywhere because of pre-existing conditions, or see any and all attempts at reining in costs eliminated so their policies go through the roof and more and more employers dump health care for their employees and more and more people go bankrupt from medical care costs. The shrieking will be oddly glorious, methinks.

Watershed Mark said...

Ann, If you could only be as concerned about your health care dollars as you are for your toilet water dollars, then you would be exhibiting the common sense God gave you.

Watershed Mark said...

By threatening a filibuster, the Dems back down...

Like they did on health care???

Actually there never was an actual vote in the House on the Senate's version.

Watershed Mark said...

Killed bills.